12 Best Proctoring Software for Cheating-Free Online Exams

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Online learning and examinations have become a growing trend among different institutions, especially when distancing has become the new norm. Online exams do not need an extra setup like pen-and-paper based exams and can be conducted easily with just a system and internet connection.

The only issue is maintaining the credibility and integrity of online exams. Since test takers are located remotely, there are no physical supervisors or invigilators required. Several market players have developed remote proctoring solutions to ensure tighter invigilation due to the growing need for remote online exams.

With artificial intelligence and machine learning, many of the proctored exam solutions give accurate and bias-free results. This article discusses some of the best online test proctoring software options to make your online exams cheat-proof.

What Is Proctoring Software?

Proctoring software is an online surveillance program that acts as a virtual invigilator during remote online exams to monitor test candidates. It helps prevent malpractice and ensure that test conducting agencies and institutions can fairly track test-taker’s performance.

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How Does Remote Proctoring Work for Online Exam?

Remote proctoring can work in different ways depending on the type of solution and online exam requirements.

For live online proctoring, dedicated proctors monitor the students and their surroundings remotely through a live feed. Based on their discretion, they can pause or terminate the test for a student(s) if they suspect suspicious behavior.

If you opt for recorded proctoring, test-taker’s data, including relevant activity logs, images, audio, video, and so on, are stored for review by a proctor later. The proctor does not have to sit through the entire exam in real-time to monitor students.

Auto proctoring software takes remote proctoring even further. It uses AI to flag and generate alerts for suspicious behaviour in audio/ video recordings with high accuracy. The proctor can review all such behavior like browser change and background noise to make the final decision.

How Does Proctoring Software Work?

Just like traditional invigilation at an exam center, exam proctoring software ensures that remote tests are conducted in a reliable, fair, and standardized manner.

Once candidates log in to online proctoring software, they use biometric authentication (like facial recognition, ID scan) through a webcam to verify their identity from the registered database. Once approved, candidates can begin their tests.

When candidates begin their test, it locks the browser to prevent students from accessing other tabs or applications during the test. Since online exams are timed, online test procuring software monitors the test taker’s screen, webcam video/ audio, room, etc. Based on any suspicious behavior flagged by the system or observed by the proctor, necessary action is taken.

Must-Have Features for Online Proctoring Software

While selecting a vendor, you must know the in-demand features for an online proctoring solution. Some of them are:

  • Ease of use

The goal of proctoring software is to automate the proctoring process. Working with it should not be time-consuming because of a steep learning curve or difficult user interface. A good online proctoring software must be customizable and enable easy assessment of remote exams.

  • Anti-cheating proctoring tools

To ensure strict invigilation, just like in-person exams, online proctoring software should have anti-cheating tools and features. For instance, there can be secure browsing to prevent on-screen cheating or live monitoring to flag and review suspicious movements of test-takers.

  • Security and privacy

The online test proctoring software must meet data compliance requirements while storing sensitive exams and users’ data. For end-to-end security, features like passwords encryption, role-based access, and so on are important.

  • Scalability

The purpose of proctoring software for online exams is to enable thousands of users to take tests remotely together. So, good proctoring software must have the capacity to handle large scale exams easily, whenever needed. Factors like time zones and geographical changes should not affect the online process.

  • Customization

Different users like educational institutions, online instructors, corporate organizations, and so on will have different needs. Based on the type of exams to be conducted, proctoring software for online exam must have customizable features for a smooth experience.

  • Integration with other services

The software should easily integrate with existing systems like LMS to streamline all tasks and manage the entire process from a single platform without technical issues. Many solutions are even available as plug and play to proctor exams without additional setup.

Benefits of Proctored Exam Software

With exam software, you can automate the process of conducting exams, including test creation, scheduling, grading, and all other steps. But since the candidates are more prone to cheating remotely, proctoring services are a must to guarantee fair examination. Some of the main benefits of proctored exam software are:

  • Accessibility

With proctored exam software, test conductors can allow any user with a genuine issue to take tests remotely. This means that any specially-abled individual or someone with travel restrictions can also take tests simultaneously as others.

  • No bias

A physical invigilator can be biased, but a proctored exam ensures the flagging of anomalies for every test taker without discrimination. With the use of AI and ML, every movement of the test taker and changes in the surroundings can be effectively monitored.

  • Review

Proctor software for exams helps in maintaining the credibility of exams. Any flags raised for suspicious behavior can be reviewed at any time. Invigilators and proctors can audit the records and take necessary action. The data is stored securely for some time to avoid issues later.

  • Analytics

Proctored exam software provides in-depth analytics for better insights so that institutions and other users can make better decisions for improvements in the exam process. Exam proctored software provides engagement patterns, behavior analysis, and other useful data to pinpoint challenges based on the tests.

Top 12 Remote Proctoring Software for Online Exam

  • Pearson VUE

VUE online proctoring software provides a single registration system for several test delivery platforms worldwide. Users can schedule any exam at home from the exam list available during registration.

Pearson VUE proctored exam software

You must simply sign in and select the purchased exam within 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment time to start the exam. If you choose to take the test at a test centre, you can use a whiteboard for taking notes.

Pearson VUE Features

  • Single dashboard with easy data visualization
  • Face matching and ID verification
  • AI-powered live proctoring
  • Session monitoring
  • Online whiteboard


  • Flexible exam scheduling/rescheduling
  • Compliance with global data privacy laws

Cons: Requires strong Internet connectivity (3Mbps +)

Proctoring capacity: On a one-to-one demand basis

End-user(s): Takers and conductors of certification and licensure exams like ICTPI, ITB, US military assessments, etc.

VUE Pricing: Pricing varies according to your test requirements.

  • Wheebox

Wheebox remote proctoring solution supports both live and auto proctoring. There are certified physical proctors to avoid malpractice in live proctoring.

It is easy for examiners to create and manage assessments with features like bulk uploading, analytics, customized white labelling, and so on. It can integrate with several third-party ATS, LMS and assessment solutions.

Wheebox Features

  • 360-degree test area scan
  • AI-powered face, voice, and object detection
  • AI-calculated proctor score
  • Safe exam browser to prevent screen sharing
  • Capturing/ flagging of the test window


  • Data privacy and security (GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, etc.)
  • Two-factor student authentication

Cons: Customer support service could be improved

Proctoring capacity: 30,000+ per day

End-user(s): Hiring/ development by Sector skill council, K-12 & higher education, enterprise, government, certification institutes.

Wheebox Pricing: Custom pricing is available on request at techjockey.com.

  • Autoproctor

Autoproctor is an auto proctoring software that enables users to initialize the software on their webpage and receive detailed performance reports of test-takers.

You can create a new assessment or use the one from other platforms like MS forms, Google Forms, Moodle, and more. This proctoring software for online exam monitors and records actions and the environment of test-takers in real-time to determine violations and malpractices.

Autoproctor Features

  • AI-calculated trust score to show test violations
  • Option to enable audio/ video tracking
  • Timer to set start time, duration, and end time of exams
  • Link-based test sharing
  • Export to spreadsheet


  • Integration with Google Forms
  • Custom branding

Cons: Chances of false positives

Proctoring capacity: 1000s at once

End-user(s): Teachers and other test/ quiz creators

Autoproctor Pricing: You can get 25 timer-only test attempts and 25 timers + proctor test attempts for free. Standard pricing starts at INR 1750 per quarter.

The premium plan for teams starts at INR 3500 per quarter. For developers, the software is priced at INR 3750. You can also purchase monthly subscriptions or add-ons.

  • ProctorU

ProctorU is an automated remote proctoring service that offers live and auto proctoring. With technology to track suspicious behaviors and actions, exam admins can even watch the sessions live.

ProctorU online exam proctoring software

Test-takers relevant data is saved in AES 256 encrypted servers and automatically removed after a year unless the request is made for a lesser period.

ProctorU Features

  • ID authentication
  • Screen and webcam recording
  • 24/7 on-demand/ scheduled access
  • Analytics dashboard and session reporting
  • Dedicated accounts team to help with exam setup and queries


  • Scalability
  • Integrations with LMS like Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, etc.


  • Lack of live human proctoring feature
  • Overtly noise sensitive

Proctoring capacity: 10,000+ exams per day

End-user(s): Enterprises, educational institutions, certification &  credentialing institutes.

ProctorU Pricing: You can request a demo of this online exam proctoring software. Pricing for this online proctoring software is available on request at techjockey.com.

  • Mercer

Mercer auto proctoring software is a trusted choice for remote and online proctoring for high-stakes exams worldwide. It uses Credibility Index for the validation of the integrity and credibility of test-takers.

With AI-based auto flagging of suspicious cases, you can ensure a fair test-taking experience. You also have the option of live in-person training, and a smart dashboard ensures full visibility.

Mercer Features

  • Candidate identification
  • Secure exam browser to avoid on-screen cheating
  • Geofencing
  • Self-service portal
  • Auto report generation and analytics


  • Multi-factor student authentication
  • Integrates with 250+ LTI compliant systems like edX and Blackboard

Cons: Scope for more new features

Proctoring capacity: 1,00,000 per day

End-user(s): Professional organizations, educational institutions, skill and certification providers.

Mercer Pricing: You can schedule a demo at techjockey.com. This online exam proctoring software offers a free trial. Pricing varies based on usage and feature requirements.

  • Talview

Proview by Talview is a global plug and play proctoring solution that can work with any website, test engine, or app as per the requirements. It monitors the feed to check for suspicious background voices or objects in video and triggers alerts.

Talview Exam monitoring software

The streams can be viewed for 6 months, after which they are removed. This exam monitoring software also has an in-built connection to ILIAS, OpenOLAT, Moodle, Inspera Assessment platform, among others.

Talview Features

  • Candidate management
  • ID authentication through facial recognition
  • Safe exam browser
  • Automated grading
  • Candidate blocking for invigilators


  • Data safety compliance
  • Detailed log of student browser activity

Cons: UI can get difficult to understand

Proctoring capacity: 1000s per day

End-user(s): Universities, E-teaching instructors, training and certification exam conductors, assessment providers.

Talview Pricing: You can schedule a demo. Pricing is available on request at techjockey.com.  

  • MeritTrac

MeritTrac remote proctoring software provides automated, recorded, and live exam proctoring to conduct online exams securely. The proctor software for exams checks browser changes, mouse movements, and other similar actions to generate integrity reports that are accessible to the proctor.

Its exam platforms like Pariksha, SmartTest, and CodeTrac allow proctoring both online and offline.

MeritTrac Features

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Audio/ video monitoring
  • Safe exam browser
  • Assessment and exam management
  • Automated grading


  • Sector-based software customization
  • Attendance management

Cons: Lacks free trial period

Proctoring capacity: 1000s at once

End-user(s): Government, educational, corporate institutes (training and placement)

Pricing: You can request a demo and price of this exam monitoring software at techjockey.com.

  • Examity

Examity proctoring software system provides auto and live proctoring so that tests can be conducted remotely. Test takers can begin the exam immediately after their validation. With its flagging system, you get the exact timestamp for all suspicious events during the exam.

Examity proctor software for exams allows import and export of exam data up to 60 days, unless a red flag by the proctor is raised, due to which it needs to be stored for a year.

Examity Features

  • ID authentication
  • Pause/ resume exam function
  • Dashboard for exam review
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Live review of test recording


  • Customizable
  • Secure student portal

Cons: Lack of live training

Proctoring capacity: 10,00,000 tests per year

End-user(s): Corporate institutes, universities, certification/ licensure and standardized testing providers.

Examity Pricing: This online exam proctoring software varies based on the needs of institutions and test-takers.

  • SpeedExam

SpeedExam web proctoring solution and multilingual exam software simplify the process of remotely conducting tests. The exam monitoring software is easy to set up and enables users to embed candidate sites to their website without coding skills.

SpeedExam web proctoring solution

You can even edit the role-based access permissions before every exam if needed.

SpeedExam Features

  • Self-registration
  • Automatic grading
  • Screen recording
  • Candidate activity tracking (browser, sign-in, sign-out, etc.)
  • Certificate templates


  • Customizable admin and candidate site
  • GDPR compliant

Cons: Scope for feature improvement

Proctoring capacity: 30,000+ at once

End-user(s): Educational institutes, enterprises

SpeedExam Pricing: It offers a free plan which allows 25 exam attempts per month. Pricing and free demo of paid versions are available on request at Techjockey.com. For further details, please get in touch with our sales team.

  • Questionmark

With Questionmark remote proctoring solutions, users have the flexibility to manage exams from anywhere and review the videos of exam sessions in case of any red flags.

Apart from online proctoring, you can use the proctoring service onsite at a test centre too. The data storage feature complies with local security and privacy laws.

Questionmark Features

  • ID verification
  • Real time audio/ video monitoring
  • Proctor control to start/ stop/ pause and un-pause tests
  • Flagging anomalies
  • Lock down exam environment to prevent cheating


  • GDPR compliant
  • Integration with Zoom for real-time communication

Cons: Installation requires assistance

Proctoring capacity: 1,80,00,000+ per year

End-user(s): Certification providers, academic institutions, enterprise hiring and training.

Questionmark Pricing: You can request a demo at techjockey.com. Pricing varies as per user requirements.

  • Conduct Exam

Conduct Exam online exam proctoring software enables live and human proctoring to prevent test-takers from cheating. It automates the complex process of creating different types of objective and subjective tests like JEE, CAT, SSE, NDA, among others.

Conduct Exam Software

This auto proctoring software takes images of test-takers automatically during tests. It even has a mobile app for proctoring.

Conduct Exam Features

  • Custom branding with theme and logo
  • Import/ export data
  • Random question generator to avoid duplication
  • Live reporting of students
  • Automatic result/ certificate generation


  • Data privacy and security
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons: Need for automatic update improvements

Proctoring capacity: 1000s per day

End-user(s): schools, colleges and universities, government and PSUs, certification providers.

Conduct Exam Pricing: Free demo is available. Pricing starts at INR 2360/year at techjockey.com. For more information, please contact our sales team.

  • Eklavvya

Eklavvya software

Eklavvya software uses audio, video, and image proctoring to ensure a fair assessment of candidates attempting online exams. Remote proctor identifies candidates through IDs and can pause, resume, or terminate the exam for anyone, if needed. Eklavvya is also suitable for areas with poor Internet connectivity.

Eklavvya Features

  • Webcam monitoring and image capture
  • Secure browser
  • Live chat with remote user
  • Reports and analytics
  • Certificate generation for individuals


  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile
  • Password protection for proctors

Cons: Lack of live support

Proctoring capacity: 1000+ at once

End-user(s): schools, training institutes, instructors, companies

Eklavvya Pricing: Free demo of Eklavvya is available. Pricing of this exam proctoring software starts at INR 35400/Year. For more details, please contact our sales team at techjockey.com.


Remote proctoring solutions can vary based on the features, importance of exam’s integrity level, proctoring capacity, budget, etc. Choosing the right proctoring software will help you ensure that exams are easily conducted fairly.


  1. What does proctoring mean?

    Proctoring is a term for invigilation of students during exams, be it offline or online. For online exams, proctoring software can monitor candidates and detect cheating.

  2. What is online proctoring software?

    Online proctoring software is a program that uses anti-cheating tools to supervise online exams. It eliminates the need for in-person invigilation and ensures cheat-proof exams.

  3. What is remote proctoring software?

    Remote proctoring software is a program that observes test-takers via desktop, webcam audio/ video, and other methods to detect malpractice and suspicious during a remote online exam.

  4. What are the best proctoring software?

    Mercer by Mettl, Eklavvya, and Wheebox are some of the best proctoring software options.

  5. Is proctoring software legal?

    Proctoring software that follows necessary regulations related to data privacy, security, and more can be used legally. A good proctoring software should not have bugs or vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited.

  6. How to bypass proctoring software?

    There are methods like using a virtual machine, an additional monitor, intercepting a video feed, and so on. However, the use of such methods is difficult and highly discouraged.

  7. How to cheat proctoring software?

    An advanced proctoring software will make it almost impossible to indulge in malicious behavior for cheating. However, there are methods such as intercepting video feed through software that might come to a student's mind.

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