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What is MegaExams? MegaExams is an online examination solution that helps students prepare for a number of different competitive tests. The software is relied upon by academicians, educators and those in the field as part of the daily syllabus for evaluating students and helping them perform their best. It also helps students get more accustomed to online examination patterns for their near future. For conducting online tests, the software helps with: Creating question papers Sharing question papers Evaluation of answer sheets The instant feedback system for a better learning outcome Into the software, you would find a configurable wizard for preparing online exams using the built-in question bank system. Tracking performance and identifying key focus areas is another feature helpful for educators, etc. in conducting instant evaluations. The customized feedback system is also critical for gaining better insights on what all improvements need to be done in teaching and learning to help students perform well. How does MegaExams login help examiners? Examiners can use the software for generating and evaluating exam's results instantly. All key exam-related tasks are boiled down to single/two clicks for quick management. The online exam software automatically also arranges a progress report of the students based on their admit card or roll call number. This is important for easy generation of report cards. MegaExams provides support for developing detailed exam results so that teachers can elaborate areas of strength and weakness of their students and plan the teaching curriculum accordingly. What's even better is its interface, which is user friendly. What are the features offered by MegaExams online exam portal? Here are some of the notable features of MegaExams: Conducting exams Developing customized exams using a few simple clicks Sending exam papers directly to all the students Deep and detailed insights for each student Access to a pre-built question bank What is the price of MegaExams online exam software? MegaExams price starts from Rs.10000 per 10 users per annum. For further inquiries please request a call. MegaExams is an online examination solution that helps students prepare for a number of different competitive tests. Th... Read More About MegaExams
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021