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Remember those long hours that you often spend in preparing question papers for recruitment tests and assignments for your educational institute? And that is not the end of the toil! If you work in the examination department of your coaching institute, you also have to proofread questions, check for repetitions, and decide a test venue. And finally, you need to collect test copies and assess the performance of individual students. Phewww!! That’s a lot of work to do manually. Isn’t it?

It’s the story of many teachers, trainers, coach and recruiters who are still handling the entire examination process manually. The staff at Smart Achievers Learning Points had something similar to share until they switched to an online exam software.

The Client in Question

Smart Achievers Learning Point is a tuition centre in Ghaziabad that provides coaching for IIT-JEE, Medical Entrance, CSIR NET and other competitive exams. They also offer tuition for Call XI & XII, so that a strong foundation of knowledge is created. It has branches in multiple cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and more.

The Business Challenge

The institute wanted to focus on the holistic learning of students, which continues even beyond classroom sessions. As they provide regular classes and crash course at the institute itself, they were facing challenges in:

  • Staying connected with their students beyond classroom hours to resolve their queries and asses their performance.
  • The idea of conducting pen-paper based assignment tests in the classroom was proving cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • Collecting physical papers and evaluating errors manually often resulted in delayed results and impacted the scope of improvement for students.

The Solution

Teachers and administrative staff at the Smart Achievers Learning Point wanted to simulate real-world examination processes and move over tedious manual tasks. Considering their requirement of examination automation, our experts suggested Conduct Exam software. This software for conducting online exams also assists in performing assessments and organizing surveys online.

What Makes Conduct Exam Software a Right Choice?

  • The institute can conduct computer-based offline test, without the use of pen and paper.
  • Their students can download assessment tests from the website and upload it once done to check performance results.
  • Teachers are having an easier time grading OMR sheets, as computer-based exams tabulate results automatically.
  • Along with computer-based offline test, the software also allows online web-based tests. This helps the coaching institute in organizing regular assessment tests for students, which they can take any time and from anywhere to ensure ongoing learning.
  • Students get notified about test results in real-time with a detailed analysis of their performance.

In Dhirendra’s words, who is the POC for Smart Achievers Learning Point, “With Conduct Exam Software, our teachers are finding it easy to grade the performance of students, as computer-based exams tabulate results automatically. Students get notified about test results publications, in real-time.”

Key Learnings

Just like Smart Achievers Learning Point, many other coaching institutes can opt for Online Exam Software, and bring lasting benefits to their assessment process.

  • Accessibility and Flexibility: Using online exam software, you can create questions for multiple subjects and courses quickly and efficiently. Also, you can create tests that can be configured 24/ 7, allowing students to take exams at their own convenience. OMR software further makes it easy for teachers to evaluate answer sheets easily and with higher flexibility.
  • Time Management: Computer-based examination systems help teachers and students skip lengthy formalities involved in the examination process. Teachers can create question papers in lesser time and students can register online and take the test without those cumbersome paper formalities. Also, they get results quickly with an assessment on failed attempts.
  • Cost Saving: When an exam is conducted online, it results in a significant cut down on the cost of paper. Also, copying and distribution expenses are reduced significantly, making it a smarter decision to switch from paper assignments to online examinations.
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