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about_details_pp About Web Based Online Exam Software

Conduct exam is a web-based online software. This online exam software allows the administrator to create an online exam or questions at any time which can be further shared with all users of the system. The users can give the test anytime and anytime. And, it allows an administrator to analyze test by using this online system. This software quickens the process of analyzing tests while maintaining accuracy. This software can be easily used by the institutes, companies,  universities, and organizations to conducti online exam for students.

Sold By : Conduct Exam

about_specification_ppWeb Based Online Exam Software Specification

Organization Type :

  • SMEs

  • Mid Market
No. of Employees
  • 16-200
Platform :
  • win Windows
Deployment :
  • Web-BasedWeb-Based
Suitable For :
  • Education
  • English

about_features_ppWeb Based Online Exam Software Features

  • Online Assessments

    Synchronization of online test on Web and Mobile/Tablet which is accessible 24/7 Instant scorecard after submitting the online test

  • Question Bank

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Test Creation

  • Image Capture

about_faq_ppWeb Based Online Exam Software FAQs

Web based Online Exam software conducts exam does an incremental back-up of all data every day. Our website is hosted in a 24/7, high-security computer servers which are hosted at a secure location that maintains multiple power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators and battery backup to ensure the highest level of security for your data. All passwords are fully encrypted when stored in our system.
Yes, you can share a test on your website.
Yes, at Conduct Exam we take your data and privacy seriously. All the data that you add is private to your account only. You can also remove your data at any time.
Conduct Exam online exam software runs on commonly used browsers like Chrome 8+, Firefox 3.0+, Opera 10+, Internet Explorer 8+.
Software installation is not required for conducting online examinations on web
We will integrate our online testing software with your website so that users can give online test on your website.
Yes, you can analyze the test results and view/export the different reports.
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icon754 People added this product in their cart

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