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7 Best Open Source Exam Software for Online Assessment

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You have all kinds of software applications to ease our day-to-day tasks. Be it booking a cab or finding your soul mate. Why not let it help you with your exams as well? Did you know there are software applications available for free, that can ease the lives of both the examiner and the examinee? These applications are replacing our good old pen-and-paper testing and are extremely easy to use. Let’s have a look at some of these open-source online exam software applications:

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List of free open source exam software for online assessment

  • TCExam
  • VirtualX
  • Moodle
  • TAO
  • Kaldin
  • Papershala
  • Edbase

Open source and free exam software for examiners make the process of evaluation so much easier, and it lets the students take their exams online.

  • TCExam

TCExam is a free open source exam software which do not require any additional hardware to run. This application contains a large number of modules, and these modules contain an even larger number of topics. Furthermore, these topics contain an immense amount of questions. This software provides equal opportunities to people with disabilities. It has an option of generating printable OMR sheets which can be filled and scanned later to TCExam. It supports translation in several languages, even right to left languages like Arabic.

TCExam has simplified the evaluation process of schools, universities, recruiting firms and huge organizations, enabling them create and manage exams, test, quizzes and surveys efficiently.

TC Exam Assesment Software 

Features of TCExam

  • It is configurable according to your requirement
  • You can import and export data into this software
  • It has an option of generating printable OMR sheets
  • You can add multimedia content

  • VirtualX

VirtualX is a fully automated, free open source exam software which can be used in colleges, companies and e-learning organizations. It supports 12 different types of questions such as multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, yes or no, drag and drop and so on. It also generates five different types of reports, both graphical and textual, which is beneficial for the examinees for further analysis. An option of manual evaluation is also provided for descriptive questions in VirtualX.

It’s available in three different versions, fulfilling diverse needs across different organizations. :

i) Hosted VirtualX: You can run VirtualX without stressing about any hosting related issues.

ii) Integration of existing School Management Systems: You can integrate any existing learning management system with VirtualX.

iii) Customizing VirtualX: You can customize VirtualX according to your organization’s needs.

VirtualX also has a Pro version with a basic plan, basic plus plan and premium plan.

Virtual IX Assesment Software

Features of VirtualXPro

  • Supports 14 different types of questions.
  • Enables the creation of question banks.
  • Provides filtering of questions with respect to question types, question tags and question banks.
  • Used for giving negative marks to questions.
  • Provides an extension of time for homework

  • Moodle

Moodle is an open source Learning Management System (LMS) coded in PHP and distributed under GNU General Public License. It has a strong and integrated system which is suitable for educators, administrators and learners. Moodle is one of the most trusted, secure and easy to use software available in the market. This software can also be used to create customizable websites with online courses for educators and trainers to achieve learning goals. Moodle can be scaled depending on the number of people using it. So, its suitable for managing a bunch of few students in a coaching institute or hundreds of employees in a large organization.

Moodle Assesment Software


Features of Moodle

  • Provides collaborative tools and activities for group learning
  • Offers an all-in-one calendar to keep track of your events
  • Provides an easy file management system
  • It has a simple text editor
  • You can receive automatic notifications and can the progress of examinee alongside.


  • TAO

TAO provides an open structure for computerized test taking. It is an open source exam software which provides a modular framework for collaborative test development with features like subject management, group management and result management. It is a multilingual application which also ensures subscription management between different modules. You can assign tests to a group of examinees for different subject modules and later export the results available in the form of tables to MS excel files.

Tao is available in three editions: Community, premium and enterprise. While the community edition is available free of cost, the other two can be availed with a few additional features by paying certain amount.

TAO Assesment Software


Features of TAO

  • It is a multilingual application
  • Can be integrated to several multimedia resources
  • It can handle easy integration of new resources
  • You can access it in every operating system be it Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Runs the tests both online and offline
  • It is convenient for language exams as you can record and submit short audio clips
  • Use it grant extra time to test takers even if the exam has already begun.
  • Kaldin

This open source exam software provides services to schools, colleges and corporate companies. It generates instant test results and backs up data in every 30 minutes. This application is highly secure and customizable. There are two kinds of users that can operate it: admin and general user. The teachers and lecturers can log in as admin. They can add question or deny access, whereas, a student can only log in as a general user. You can also find various question categories with ready-made and customizable questions on Kaldin.

You can schedule an exam by specifying the exam date, inviting users and announcing it via email. It releases new versions every month with new features and enhancements. You can also get instant real-time results and reports after completion of your test.

Kaldin Assesment Software


Features of Kaldin

  • Offers a lot of ready-made questions to choose from
  • Provides a scalable platform to handle several assessments at a time
  • Contains multiple choice questions, true-false questions and yes-no type questions
  • Can be used to manage questions and give instant results
  • Runs on mobile platforms as well.
  • Papershala


Papershala is an open source exam software that completes all your needs with respect to education; be it online examination or student analysis.  It is platform independent and can run on desktop, tablet and mobile with different operating systems. It has a multifunctional question bank and a student dashboard where students can check their subject-wise results and their overall performance.

The advantages of using Papershala is that your account can get activated or deactivated in just one click and you are able to check your results immediately after taking the exam. You can run the exam in your domain or you can use the free domain available with Papershala.

Papershala Assesment Software

Features of Papershala

  • All its features are completely online
  • It provides a question bank with unlimited questions which are reusable
  • You can pause and resume exam paper at any point of time.
  • It has a multifunctional question bank
  • Edbase

Whether you are a school teacher or a company HR, you can now create exams with enhanced graphics and multimedia. You can also use auto-grading and create visually rich reports. You can assess the capabilities of a candidate before hiring them for your company, and cut down your assessment time by 55% with the help of Edbase.

It supports both online tests and paper tests. You can also conduct surveys and quizzes with this software.

Edbase Assesment Software


Features of Edbase

  • Creates questions with videos and images.
  • Works both online and offline.
  • Contains a pool of questions to choose from.
  • It can assign a test to one or many.
  • You can send feedback to students for improvement.

These were the easiest software applications to create or take online exams. Save your time and money by not using pen-paper anymore. Make your examination process easier by using open source exam software because online exams are going to change the future of assessment in education.


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