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Brand: Edbase

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Edbase Software Overview

What is Edbase?

Edbase is an online exam management system that features a wide range of flexible and powerful tools, enabling users to plan and schedule online exams with ease. The exam software is suitable for university professors, teachers and company HR, enabling them to plan, administer, and grade exams without any complications. The online exam management system offers a friendly user interface, enabling the test creators to spend significantly less time on grading, assessing and report creation. 

This online exam software can be operated in both online and offline modes. It offers semester-based reports for individual students along with a detailed report on their performance. Further, with Edbase, you can add intuitive graphics and multimedia within your questions to enhance the engagement level.

How does Edbase help maintain academic integrity?

Edbase online examination software enables users to implement various types of control measures to prevent students from cheating.

  1. Time Limitation - Users can set a specific examination time to prevent the candidates from searching for answers in an offline manner. The timer starts counting as soon as the students begin with the exam.
  2. Lockdown of the screen - The screen gets locked once the candidate starts appearing for a particular exam. They are restricted from visiting other pages until they complete or quit the exam. 
  3. Randomizing questions - Users can create their own exam pattern through the software, ensuring that all candidates have access to the same questions, yet their orders are different. 

Pricing of Edbase Exam Software

The pricing of Edbase student assessment software varies as per the customization required. You can request a callback, and our experts will connect with you at your convenient time with a negotiable quote.

Compatible Platforms for Edbase Assessment Software

Edbase is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from any web-browser across multiple devices with a stable internet connection.   

Benefits of using Edbase Exam Management System

  1. Time Manager - Edbase saves 55% of the teachers’ time spent on exam-related management and administration. They can archive all the tests and even grade them in a proper manner.  
  2. Security Checks - Edbase ensures time limitation,  screen lockdown and randomization of questions to stop candidates from abiding by illegal measures while appearing for a particular test. 
  3. Efficient Manager -  Universities and educational institutions can save up a significant amount of resources through the software and can also bring down their paper usage as well.
  4. Question Database - HR of an organization can create question and exam pools specially designed for hiring candidates and employees. They can also schedule exams for an entire department or for specific employees within their company. 
  5. Auto Grading - Edbase’s advanced auto-grading feature saves in a lot of its user’s time and allows the HRs to test their employee’s skills from remote locations. It also offers visually rich reports to analyze employees’ performance.

Edbase Features

  • Exam Management With Edbase, users can manage exams, plan out question sets, grade, and post results without any hassle.
  • Handling records of examinations & assessments Edbase allows its users to maintain the archives and records of assessments on the cloud, that can be accessed any time.
  • User Defined Exam Pattern Admins can set up questions with different patterns for every individual student to prevent them from adopting unfair means while
  • Examination & Assessment Users can select topic relevant questions out of their own question database and arrange them as per their own needs.
  • Candidate Management With Edbase, users can manage their candidates' data, the number of exams attended by them and average scores in an accurate
  • Online Test Edbase allows the admins and teachers to schedule visually appealing online exams for their students. They can set specific
  • Quizzes Users can create topic related interactive quiz sessions for their applicants, employees and students to test their knowledge on
  • Unlimited Questions & Exams With Edbase’s intuitive exam management tools, users can create their own question database and create exam-specific schedules
  • Reporting & Analytics The intuitive exam based reports offered by the software helps analyze the individual performance of a candidate appearing for a

Edbase Plans & Pricing

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Why should you choose Edbase Professionals for your ACCA?
Exam Management
Handling records of examinations & assessments
User Defined Exam Pattern
Examination & Assessment

Edbase Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based, Perpetual
  • Education, Corporations
  • School/Colleges/Coaching
  • English

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Edbase FAQ

Q. Can I work while offline through Edbase exam software? arrow

A. The online exam management system allows its users to work in an offline mode and restores the data on the server after the connection is restored.

Q. Does Edbase exam management software require any plug-in to run? arrow

A. No, the online examination management system does not require any external plug-ins to function in a proper manner.

Q. Can I get a demo of Edbase examination software? arrow

A. Yes, Techjockey can provide you with an online demo of Edbase. You are required to send in a demo request mentioning a fixed time slot of a particular date.

Q. Can I send direct feedback to my students with Edbase? arrow

A. Users can type feedback and send them to a particular student directly from Edbase.

Q. Does Edbase have a mobile app? arrow

A. No, Edbase does not have a mobile app.

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