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About Kaldin

What is Kaldin? 

Kaldin is an open source online examination software for educational institutes and corporate companies. The solution’s open source design provides endless capabilities for the organizations to customize the modules as per their requirement. It also makes the task of integrating with other software easy. The online exam software offers a highly customizable interface for organizations to make changes such as adding their personal logo, create customized question papers etc. 

This online examination software provides question papers on a wide range of topics including analytical skills, English language, general aptitude, technology and is consistently updated with new topics all the time. Users can add their subjects and update the questions by themselves as well. 

Kaldin also offers options for selecting the type of questions. Users can setup single choice answers, multiple choice answers, define complexity, and specify correct answers. For personal convenience, organizations can create subcategories as well for question paper management. The in-built scheduler enables organizations to specify the date of the examination and invite users through their email IDs. 

How does Kaldin exam software solutions work? 

Kaldin online exam software works in three simple steps:

  1. Questions: Use existing questions or create personalized question papers completely new. 
  2. Exam: Setup the date of an examination and send invites or email link of the exam for participants to join easily. 
  3. Results: The software will automatically make assessments of the question papers and generate results for every participant. 

What are the features offered by Kaldin software? 

Here are some notable features offered by Kaldin: 

  1. Multi-user interface 
  2. Mailing list for one-click invitation 
  3. Instant paper checking 
  4. Test creation and configuration 
  5. Randomized questions and answers 
  6. Paper navigation during exams 
  7. High-quality security system to safeguard question papers

What is the price of Kaldin test software? 

The price of Kaldin test software depends on various factors such as, the number of exams, hosting type, features required, etc. Please request a call for further inquiries regarding the price of the software. 

Sold By : Kaldin

Get Kaldin support 37 Chatting right now

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Kaldin Features

The software allows users to schedule and conduct online examinations with ease.
This online examination management software can host all the participants’ information and provides access to it within few clicks.
Educational institutes and corporate organizations use this software to conduct online tests and assess the test papers with the help of the software.
This online exam software enables organizations/institutes to build question papers as per their requirements. Users can add multiple formats of questions in a single test with ease.

Get Kaldin support37 Chatting right now

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Kaldin Specifications


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Kaldin FAQs

A. Yes, online tutors can use this software to conduct online tests as well. Kaldin is completely scalable for use.
A. You will be provided with question paper templates to try making a few question papers by yourself.
A. No, the participants who are taking part in the online exams will not be charged for access.
A. It takes few seconds to a minute to fully deploy Kaldin as it uses a plug and play system.
A. Kaldin is a web application which can be accessed through an internet browser.
A. Interested buyers can request a call at Techjockey to get the demo for Kaldin exam software. They can also get their doubts cleared regarding the software during the demo session.

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