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  1. What is An Assessment Software?
  2. Most Common Features of Assessment Software
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  6. Advantages / Benefits of Assessment Software

What is An Assessment Software?

Assessment software is designed to help education professionals to evaluate student learnings. The online computer assessment software also referred to as e-assessment software includes a wide variety of tools and methods that teachers use to evaluate and measure the academic progress, skills, and needs of the students. It helps analyze progress patterns and implement techniques essential for the learning process.

The online assessment software is a process includes test designing and assessment that is done through computers, tablets, and other digital devices. Assessment tracking software provides educators with a format for writing questions and inserting answers. This allows students to answer questions through online portals and mobile applications.

Most Common Features of Assessment Software

Build Course Structure: Educators can use online assessment software for schools to make e-learning course structures and add images, videos, text, summary, practice questions, quizzes etc. to the lessons. Educators can create as many course structures as they want.

Instant Feedback: Online assessment system provides real-time feedback to learners. Evaluators can give instant custom feedback via emails or through personalized software assessment reports.

Improved Student Learning: Online assessment software helps teachers and administrators make secure, data-related decisions that positively impact student outcomes and maximize retention rates. The course designers can design courses in a way that minimizes any scope for student distractions and makes for a fruitful learning experience. It allows one to focus on the course content and learn maximum.

Explore Candidate Competency: An online assessment software collects several data points in a single assessment. Popular career assessment software ensures that right hiring decisions are made considering every candidate’s job-related competencies. Understanding every candidate’s competencies allows the recruiter to focus their time and resources on the most suitable candidate.

Customised and Timed Tests: Computer-based assessment software customizes test parameters and creates assessment tests based on learner’s ability, difficulty levels, test duration, etc. Timed tests require learners to complete their exams within the stipulated time. Online assessment software has the feature of time reminders wherein audio reminds the learners that it’s almost time for them to submit their papers.

Test Submissions and Responsiveness: Online assessment software facilitates learners with a variety of test submission options. They can either opt for submitting one question at a time or complete the entire assessment test and revise it thoroughly before finally submitting it. Online assessment software is completely responsive and can adapt to the screens of all sizes.

Clarity of Instructions: Thanks to online assessment software that ensures tests come with a clear set of instructions for the learners to refer to in case of ambiguities. Even educators can benefit as they will have a clear understanding of the standards to be met and can fill in any gaps identified, quickly and effectively.

Proctoring: Proctoring helps keep a check on candidates’ activities during the online exam process. This software records videos or photographs of candidates to ensure that they refrain from using any unfair means.

Learning Portal: This portal helps manage a lot of courses and participants. You can create multiple learning portals for the students with the assessment software for higher education. It provides for an integrated content sharing platform between students & staff.

Secure Payments: Online assessment software also ensures that payments are either made by payment gateways or by coupons and other methods as per the latest industry trends.

Auto-Generated Tests: Online assessment software auto-generates online tests for all subjects without the need for instructors to have subject-specific knowledge.

Timed Result Display: Online assessment software allows users to set an immediate or timed release of assessment results.

Why You Need Assessment Software

There are all kinds of online assessment software available today to make our daily tasks easy and interesting. Everything from evaluating student performances in exams to hiring job candidates is possible with the online learning assessment software. These efficient, user-friendly, time-saving applications are increasingly replacing pen-and-paper assessment techniques. Once the assessment test is complete, results are calculated by online student assessment software and shared instantly with students. 

How Assessment Software Works

Assessment results can identify the strengths and weaknesses of students to enable trainers, instructors or educators to provide specialised academic assistance to them. Employee assessment is another area where online employee assessment software is used. This application program helps an organization select the right candidate for an open position.

Online skill assessment software also helps organisations gauge a candidate's personality traits and evaluate the skillset and knowledge of the potential candidate. Online assessment software helps plan quizzes, discussions, blogs, self-assessments and other assessment activities. Once the test is complete, online assessment software compares the candidate’s answers to an ideal set of scores. The software then ranks the potential candidate accordingly.

Uses of Assessment Software

Helps Attract More Website Visitors: Quiz-based video programs and videos make assessments engaging and fun. Assessments of surveys and quizzes provide learners with a score and custom feedback. These methods of assessment are better than standard multiple-choice questionnaires. These are interesting ways to attract visitors and increase website traffic.

Strengthens Visitor Relations: With an assessment software, evaluators can work towards a smooth relationship between website visitors and can understand their issues and goals better.

Fitness Club Memberships: A wide variety of fitness assessments reflect on a person’s strength and performance. These fitness assessments guide gyms and members about the health goals to be attained. These assessments also reflect on the level members should attain after a certain amount of time.

Helps Identify the Right Candidate: Assessment software creates a set of questions to screen and spot the right candidate. Candidates with higher scores are preferred for employment.

Annual Performance Reviews: Assessments done using the skill assessment software are a great way to evaluate employee performances. It can also help in tracking the knowledge and skills of employees to frame their career ladder.

Self-Analysis: Assessment is a great way to analyse oneself.  In organisations, self-assessment software increases employee development and improves productivity. It reduces performance anxiety as employees can evaluate themselves at home, office or anywhere. This evaluation increases self-awareness and helps employees improve their performance. Self-assessment software also eases your work as it uploads invoices and receipts regularly. It provides on-screen preview of tax calculation summary and self-assessment tax return reports. This makes the entire process of Self-Assessment quick, convenient and very reliable.

Psychological Assessment: Psychological assessment software is designed to help psychologists and mental health practitioners serve their clients better.

Safety Risk Assessment: As a key element of every safety program, safety risk assessment software identifies any risks and makes the workplace a safe environment.

Health Assessment: Online health assessment software allows health professionals to produce personalised health status reports for their clients. This fitness assessment software ensures wellness of the clients by providing a constant update about their health in an easily readable format.

Nutrition Assessment: Nutrition analysis Software is a powerful tool to manage healthcare, sports and food service. It helps with recipe analysis, exercise tracking, menu planning, nutrition tracking and much more.

Advantages / Benefits of Assessment Software

Easy Assessment: The online assessment software makes evaluation and ranking quick and convenient. It saves institutes, corporates and other organisations from the tedious paper and pen evaluation process.  This method is time-saving and uncomplicates the complex task of assessment. You need lesser effort to prepare the tests; and the flexibility of designing and attempting assessments from anywhere, anytime becomes a reality. 

Ease of Designing the Test: Teachers can mix and match the question styles while designing the assessment test. Educators can make tests more interactive by adding graphics. Lesser time and effort are needed when the questions are randomly placed and included in other similar topics.

Customised Assessments: Online tests are dynamic and can be tailored to as per student capabilities. With this online test app, the tests can be designed at different difficulty levels in keeping with the student’s caliber. These are personalized tests and can be modulated as per the learner’s caliber.

Eliminates Cheating and Frauds: One of the biggest advantages of online assessment software is that it negates the scope of cheating and frauds. Evaluators can distribute multiple versions of the examination papers with a different sets of questions and assignments without the need to manually monitor the question papers that students get. This cuts down on cheating.

Electronic Assessments and Instant Grading: With electronic assessments, teachers can quickly evaluate the performance of students and share feedback. Most assessment tests can be evaluated almost instantly, allowing learners to see their performance and work towards improvements.

Voice Feedback: Voice feedback tools allow evaluators to provide voice feedbacks that make communication quick and convenient. Video feedbacks are another great way for instructors to provide performance related feedback to the learners. Video feedbacks provide information that is instrumental in the overall improvement of the learner’s performance.

Reduces Paper Wastage; Online assessments are prepared digitally which means that there is no need to use paper for designing assessment tests and assignments.

Tests Decide Progress: Based on the tests, the evaluators can decide where the learner should be at the end of the year. Online programs are available that track a learner’s growth over time.

Less Storage Space Required: All data related to assessments are stored on a single server. This implies that online assessments take up less storage space for record-keeping as compared to the pile of papers that gets stacked while using the traditional pen and paper method.

Verify Identity: The learner’s identity can be verified online with login security options, such as ID, password, etc. These tests are usually timed which means that these need to be completed within the specified time limit.

If you’re looking to buy assessment software, there are certain criteria to consider before making the final decision.

An assessment software should be efficient, easy to use and should create real-life examination experience. Accessibility is another key concern for training institutes and recruitment agencies. Online assessment software should be easily and securely accessible by the assessor and the assessee. It must allow a user to login from anywhere, anytime just using a computer and internet connection.

Online exam software is apt for a buyer if it conveniently creates and takes tests. It must also offer the ease to use test variables such as the number of questions, time limit to complete the test, total marks, passing marks, etc.

A buyer greatly relies on this software to quick and convenient test analysis. With the help of online assessment software, the test scores are calculated automatically, and results are shared almost instantly with the learners as well as assessors.

Good online assessment software is one that can be easily integrated with a learning management system.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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ConductExam Web Based Online Exam Software

By Conduct Exam

4.5 (10 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Web-based online exam software is an online test conducting software powered by ConductExam. This online exam software... Read More About ConductExam Web Based Online Exam Software


Realcoderz Assessments Solution

By Realcoderz Technologies Pvt Ltd

Price On Request

Realcoderz Assessment Solution is an AI based assessment platform enabling organizations to create and administer onlin... Read More About Realcoderz Assessments Solution

Think Exam

By Ginger Webs Pvt. Ltd.

Price On Request

Think Exam is an online exam software offering a seamless test creation process, synchronised user interface and hassle... Read More About Think Exam


By Splashgain


Eklavvya is a cloud-based online examination management system for schools, training institutes, companies and single e... Read More About Eklavvya

A. E-assessment software, also known as online assessment software is a cloud-based software designed to manage online assessments. It can be used for various forms of assessment such as educational assessment, health assessment, psychiatric assessment, psychological assessment etc.

A. It's important to consider the organization's budget, business needs and learning requirements before selecting the right software. Ensure that the software is easily accessible, reliable and user-friendly. . A good online examination software should be scalable. It must support multiple users across different locations and should have a high response time.

A. Any software that caters to all your requirements automatically becomes the best software for you. Online assessment software fulfils the needs of K12 students. Other talent assessment software may be targeted at recognizing the best talents under corporate recruitment.

A. Here are the steps to create an online exam portal to manage online tests and assessments with ease and convenience. •    Register your account with an online exam portal to create online tests. •    Create the questions of the online assessment. •    Design the test by deciding the format of the test. The assessors must know whether they want to add objective or subjective questions in the question paper.   •    Assign the test to the learners. The test is usually timed and must be completed within a stipulated time-period.

Ways MCQ Online Exam Desktop Application

By Ways Software

4.3 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

MCQ online software is best designed for conducting examinations the paperless way. Conduct these exams to give learners... Read More About Ways MCQ Online Exam Desktop Application

Qualsoft OMR

By QualSoft

4.5 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

Read or evaluate any kind of OMR sheet that is, it may be admission form or test paper answer sheet or psychometric test... Read More About Qualsoft OMR


By Jupsoft Technologies

4.5 (1 reviews)


iExam is a web-based examination software that helps you conduct online assessments, examinations, recruitments, tests,... Read More About iExam

Qmarksoft Test Series Software

By QmarkSoft

4.8 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

Test Series Software is specially designed for students to prepare for various competition examinations like Banking, Ra... Read More About Qmarksoft Test Series Software

Addmen Android EduAPPlet

By Addmen

4.5 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

Addmen Android EduAPPlet is one of the best online assessment solutions for educational institutes. It provides featur... Read More About Addmen Android EduAPPlet

Addmen Question Bank Solution

By Addmen

4.6 (3 reviews)

Price On Request

Get all exclusive combo of Addmen Question Bank Solution at best prices. The combo contains Integrated Assessment Suite... Read More About Addmen Question Bank Solution

Addmen Online Test Solution

By Addmen

4.6 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

A smart assessment solution for institutions, Addmen Online Test Solution is equipped with an array of features such as... Read More About Addmen Online Test Solution

Addmen Integrated Assessment Suite

By Addmen

4.4 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

Addmen Integrated Assessment Suite is an online assessment tool developed for the evaluation of SAT, PSAT, and ACT. The... Read More About Addmen Integrated Assessment Suite


By TBI Technologies

4.5 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

Exam4u is an online test platform used extensively by those in the education sector. This online exam software is impor... Read More About Exam4u

NLET Online Exam


4.5 (5 reviews)

Price On Request

Want a testing software for your students? Want to decrease your workload? Wanna connect your internal software to the... Read More About NLET Online Exam



Price On Request

Tagscores is one of the best online exam software that can be customized as per the organizational requirements. Curren... Read More About TAGScores


By Phio Technologies

4.8 (1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

MegaExams is an online examination solution that helps students prepare for a number of different competitive tests. Th... Read More About MegaExams


By VibrantMinds Technologies

4.3 (1 reviews)

Price On Request

TestGrad is a web-based online assessment platform that can be used to create multiple tests and evaluations as per the... Read More About TestGrad



Price On Request

Questy is a cloud-based online assessment software using which enterprises can streamline employee hiring processes wit... Read More About Questy

GiS CBSE-CCE Report Card Software

By Global Intelligence Software Limited

Price On Request

GiS CBSE-CCE Report Card Software is a complete Assessment Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies.... Read More About GiS CBSE-CCE Report Card Software

Mettl Online Assessment

By Mettl

Price On Request

Mettl Online Assessment is test taking software designed specifically for industries for hiring requirements. The onli... Read More About Mettl Online Assessment

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What is Assessment Software?

The online assessment software is a process includes test designing and assessment that is done through computers, tablets, and other digital devices. Assessment tracking software provides educators with a format for writing questions and inserting answers. This allows students to answer questions t

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FAQs About Assessment Software

A. Educational assessment helps teachers evaluate and improve learning. It can be focussed on a single learner or a group of learners. Online assessment tool is important for teachers to manage every assessment stage efficiently.

A. Depending on the purpose, there are several types of assessment. These are: •    Formative assessment – It refers to a range of formal and informal assessment procedures to monitor student learning.  •    Summative assessment – It measures the effectiveness of learning and reactions on the instruction. It helps fill any gaps in instruction and education. It records and reports the learner’s overall achievement.  •    Diagnostic assessment – It helps with diagnostic assessment and analyses what the learner already knows. It is used before teaching or at the time any problem arises. •    Criterion-referenced assessment – In this form, each learner’s achievement is judged against specific criteria. 

A. Online assessment software can efficiently handle talent assessments. These assessments help employers understand the potential of candidates and shortlist the ones to be interviewed. Talent assessments are usually taken online and prepared using online talent assessment software.

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