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What is Questy? Questy is a cloud-based online assessment software using which enterprises can streamline employee hiring processes with ease. The software can be used to organize multi-level pre-employment evaluation procedures in an efficient manner. Moderators can generate a diverse set of questions having different difficulty levels by using the wide variety of templates available within the library of the software. Further, the online proctoring services offered by Questy helps moderators in retaining the credibility of a generated test and select the most deserving candidate in real-time. Uses of Questy’s Remote Recruitment Programs? Reduces the Overall Hiring Time: The software saves a lot of time for individual HRs and their recruitment team. It eliminates manual screenings, evaluation processes, and reports generation tasks in an efficient manner. Live Interview: Questy is equipped with a live interview feature, using which recruiters can conduct remote interviews of candidates and make smart hiring decisions for their company. Widen Outreach By Overcoming Geographical Barriers: By using Questy, organizations get access to a wide variety of features. The recruitment team can eliminate the challenges faced while interviewing outstation candidates. Further, they can also work around the time zone difference. Detailed Evaluation: The software offers in-depth analytical reports related to skills, attitudes, and knowledge of a particular candidate based on which enterprises can evaluate individuals and take the necessary steps in real-time. Pricing of Questy The pricing of Questy is available on request. You can request a callback our dedicated support team will get back to you within one or two business days. Benefits of Questy Generate Tests in Categories: With Questy, enterprises can generate three different categories of tests, namely Skill Assessment, Technical Coding and Psychometric Tests. Recruitment teams can evaluate individual candidates on the basis of their situational and analytical skills, check their mental abilities and can even measure their technical coding skills in real-time. Remote Tests: Enterprises can schedule remote assessments for potential candidates, irrespective of their global location. Intuitive Evaluation: Moderators can assign negative and positive markings to individual questions, increasing the complexity level of the individual test as a whole. Online Proctoring: The software makes the entire hiring process a lot more flexible for the recruiters with its online proctoring tools. Enterprises can capture images of the screen of an individual candidate to ensure proper integrity of the entire assessment, making it cheat-proof. Questy is a cloud-based online assessment software using which enterprises can streamline employee hiring processes wit... Read More About Questy
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021