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Why is TestGrad? TestGrad is a web-based online assessment platform that can be used to create multiple tests and evaluations as per the needs and requirements of businesses. The software features a friendly Graphics User Interface enabling its users to operate multiple recruitment procedures within a single platform. TestGrad also serves as a training and self-assessment platform for the students, helping them to prepare for multiple exams. It features specially designed tests by qualified content writers. The best part of TestGrad is that it can be availed by the users in both online and offline modes. Further, users also get access to personal counseling sessions and individualized support technology by using TestGrad. How does TestGrad help companies in their recruitment process? TestGrad helps corporate houses with their employee screening and hiring process. Companies can plan out intuitive online test papers for candidates screening, as online tests are more efficient in comparison to normal pen and paper-based test formats. They can generate quick results and fast forward the whole recruitment process. Further, TestGrad also offers multiple ready to use test papers as per the IT recruitment module, enabling the recruiters to hire managers, freshers and employees based on their skills and IQ levels. Pricing of TestGrad The pricing of TestGrad is available as per the needs and requirements of its user. In case you want to use the services provided by the software, send us a callback request. Compatible Platforms for TestGrad TestGrad is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from any web browser operating on Windows and Mac OS platforms. It is also compatible with Android and iOS operated mobile devices. What are the benefits of using TestGrad? Offers special guidelines: TestGrad offers special guidelines within multiple areas related to the training and development of students and employees. The training can be accessed in online and offline modes as per the requirements of the schools, colleges and industries. Qualified team of professionals: The software houses a team of highly qualified professionals and technicians who offer counseling sessions and technical support to the staff and students within the user’s organization. Worthy Recruitment Partner: The software helps out the HR team of large corporate houses in their lateral, fresher and bulk hiring procedure. Users can create their own test schedules or opt for pre-scheduled IT tests to assess the skills and abilities of potential candidates. Security: TestGrade understands the importance of data security. It safeguards all the confidential data of corporate houses under strict encryption rules. Admins also get access to specific authoritative rights regarding data access and modification. TestGrad is a web-based online assessment platform that can be used to create multiple tests and evaluations as per the... Read More About TestGrad
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021