Adddmen Question Bank Solution
Adddmen Question Bank Solution
Adddmen Question Bank Solution
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Addmen Question Bank Solution

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about_details_pp About Addmen Question Bank Solution

Get all exclusive combo of Addmen Question Bank Solution at best prices. The combo contains Integrated Assessment Suite that includes Standard Question Paper Generator (SQ) (Question bank S/w), Online Question Bank Feature, Standard Computer Based Test (Online Test), Standard OMR Answer Sheet Checker, Integration of Manually Scored Tests and Online Score Board (Result). The available variants of question bank are Question Paper Generator, Professional QPG and Advanced QPG. Each variant works differently and contains the questions of different courses.

Sold By : Addmen

about_specification_ppAddmen Question Bank Solution Specification

Organization Type :

  • SMEs

  • Mid Market

  • Enterprise

  • Startups
No. of Employees
  • 1-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-200
  • 201-500
  • 501-1000
  • 1001-5000
Platform :
  • win Windows
Deployment :
  • Web-BasedWeb-Based
  • PerpetualPerpetual
Suitable For :
  • Education
  • English

about_features_ppAddmen Question Bank Solution Features

  • Generation of Question Paper

    The question paper generation software can create question papers with different types of questions. Be it multiple choice, fill in the blanks, theoretical, numerical, etc. This software chooses questions from the question bank software as per the specifications of the user. It makes sure that the questions are not repeated. The software also generates the answer key along with the question paper. You can create different versions of the same question paper with just a click. The software automatically shuffles the questions and comes up with different sets of the same question paper. Language is not a barrier for this software. You can create bilingual question papers using it. It is possible to customize the filters for question paper generation according to your requirements. Once you get the final output of the question paper, you can make changes by adding a water mark or the logo of your institute. There is not limit on the number of shuffled sets to be produced. It is possible to shuffle questions and options together It is also possible to shuffle only Questions or only Options It is possible to exclude some questions from shuffling or option shuffling It is possible to exclude some sections from shuffling or option shuffling Shuffling of questions is done within the section, unless otherwise planned

  • Indexing and Coding

  • Question and Options Shuffling

  • Output Templates

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icon694 People added this product in their cart

icon1634 People requested to call back

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