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About Addmen Android EduAPPlet

Addmen Android EduAPPlet is an institute management software which is privately labelled. This means that it can be customized to show your institution name, branding, colors etc. It is developed for android based smartphones and tablets and has the capability to handle all the aspects of institution management. The variety of facilities like Attendance, Click Pix, Course Monitor etc. reduces work load of the institute by providing selective entry interfaces to teachers and students as and when required. It is the right software for institutions needing an affordable yet complete management solutions.



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About Addmen

Addmen is an OMR, OCR and ICR software solution company that provides complete modular Institute Management Software and Integrated Assessment Suite. These software suites help to fulfill the education and assessment requirements of the organization. Addmen is a 15 year old company which has crossed almost 4000 users for its software. OMR software’s are offered in over 20 countries to name some Middle East and Africa having our OMR users in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria, India and more.
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Alerts & Notifications
Stay updated with messages sent by your Institute to you or your group. Complete and cost effective replacement for Bulk SMS & Email services.No need of handwritten messages in school diary for small children. No complains of SMS or email not received. No botheration of DND & Non-DND compliance in case of SMS. No lag in delivery time
 E-Learning Management
Institute upload videos with ease at no cost. Students get restricted access to free or purchased videos. Restricted access with no possibility of copying or password sharing. The two prevalent methods i.e. CD and Online Account have their limitations. In case of CDs, the institute needs high volumes to get the CDs copy protected at an economical cost, so it is really difficult for startups. In case of online Accounts, password sharing cannot be stopped.
Technical and academic discussion forums have never before been a success because of the limitation of expression of technical figures and diagrams, formulae, equations and other illustrations. Eduapplet brings out a very simple solution to sharing technical content by using the same old most versatile and easy Pen & Paper and the advantage of Camera available at hand. Besides sharing typewritten responses, you can also work out the solution on paper and click images to share
Surveys & Feedback
With Eduapplet, the institute can reach out and stay connected all time to all its members whether student or staff. And so with this the information gap is also minimized. It is now very convenient to get quick feedbacks and opinion polls without planning any specific event. No need of OMR sheets. No need of Computer labs for taking online feedbacks. With the increased flexibility, reach and ease of operation you can quickly take surveys on anything and everything. Many ready to use feedback questionnaires are already available on the App like: Faculty Feedback, Institute Feedback, Hostel & Campus Feedback, Training Program Feedback etc.
Attendance management
Biometric and Smart card based attendance machines, are applicable only for School & College type of Institutions where the Student logs-in and Logs-out just once in a day. Also this mechanism is feasible only if the institute is willing to spend high cost. The data collected in the machines has to be imported time to time unless it is a very costly real-time machine
 Course Management
Teachers not covering all the topics in class or not giving balanced time and focus to all the chapters in the syllabus has always been an agenda of the issues raised by students. On the other hand, in case of multi branch or a multi class institute where there are different teachers teaching the same syllabus in their own order and pace, it is always difficult for the institute to judge whether all classes are at the same level of course completion and whether it is the right time to have a common exam. This feature leaves no scope for information gap. The students and the institute management will stay updated with everyday course progress in the class. The teacher follows a preset academic plan and update the chapter and topic covered in each class as he marks the daily attendance, thus minimizing the chances of students making wrong complaints and teachers not giving proper time to certain chapters.
Teachers & Students carry the updated Weekly class schedule in your pocket.
Search and reserve Books online. No need to go to the library to search for books. Get notifications on your device as soon as the reserved book is available in the library. Get notified and reminded for return dates and fines.
Get instant info about fee dues and receipts, make online paymentsGet instant info about fee dues and receipts, make online payments

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Addmen Android EduAPPlet


  • Notifications
  • Discussion Forum
  • E-Learning
  • Quiz Pad
  • Score Board
  • Feedback
  • Profile & Click Pix
  • Course Monitor
  • Attendance
  • Time-table
  • Library
  • Accounts


Introduction & Overview Addmen Android EduApplet






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