Best Bulk SMS Software in 2023

What is Bulk SMS Software?

Bulk SMS software is a computer application that is specially designed for SMS marketing with bulk SMS sender features. This software mostly used in schools, education, business promotion, eCommerce, and Banks industry. It is used by advertisement companies, enterprises, banks, e-commerce etc. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Bulk SMS Software

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Shree Tripada Bulk SMS

Shree Tripada Bulk SMS

Brand: Shree Tripada


5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Shree Tripada Bulk SMS software serves both national and international businesses. This bulk messaging software is ideal for individuals and SMBs across i... Read More About Shree Tripada Bulk SMS img

Price On Request



Brand: MSG91


3.6 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

MSG91 is a bulk messaging software powered by Walkover enterprises. It offers a robust and scalable system that works organization of any size! You can be... Read More About MSG91 img

₹1,250 /quantity

View Plansimg

MediaTech Bulk SMS

MediaTech Bulk SMS

Brand: MediaTechTemple


4.8 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

MediaTech Bulk SMS is a complete Bulk SMS Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Bulk SMS Software for Web-Based has a simple i... Read More About MediaTech Bulk SMS img

Price On Request

Campaign Labs

Campaign Labs

Brand: Rightful Labs


4.7 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

Campaign Labs is an all-in-one Bulk SMS Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Bulk SMS Software has a simple interfa... Read More About Campaign Labs img


View Plansimg



Brand: Digimiles India

Be the first to review

Promotional SMS is a long drawn strategy adopted by businesses to attract their customers with valued offers. Moreover, it drives instant engagement resul... Read More About Digimiles img

₹800 /Lifetime

View Plansimg

Bulk SMS Software Product List Top Banner - 1
Bulk SMS Software Product List Top Banner - 2


Brand: IMIMobile


4.6 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

TextLocal SMS provider is one of the best Bulk SMS Software available in India. It is a multi-award-winning software that offers easy to use & powerfu... Read More About TextLocal img

Price On Request

Atomic SMS Sender

Atomic SMS Sender

Brand: AtomPark


4.8 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

Atomic SMS Sender is a bulk SMS software that enables business owners to communicate with their customers. It is a cost-effective solution for sending tex... Read More About Atomic SMS Sender img

Price On Request



Brand: 3m Digital

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MOBtexting is a high quality, user-friendly bulk SMS software. Built by Indian tech minds from Bengaluru, MOBtexting is used across four different contin... Read More About MOBtexting img

₹12,000 /3 Months

View Plansimg

MsgClub Bulk SMS

MsgClub Bulk SMS

Brand: MsgClub


4.1 out of 5

(203 user reviews)

MsgClub is a bulk message sending software. The application helps business people establish a communication chain between their businesses and customers.... Read More About MsgClub Bulk SMS img


View Plansimg



Brand: clicksend

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ClickSend is a bulk SMS sending software. This software also consists of business-specific modules for MMS, email, fax, etc. It synchronizes all lines of... Read More About ClickSend img

Price On Request

Last Updated on : 01 Dec, 2023

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Best Bulk SMS Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Bulk SMS software is a tool that is used to send text messages to a large number of people at once.

Bulk sms software provides a cost-effective and convenient solution for businesses to send sms messages in large quantities to customers and prospects. It is easy to use and offers several features such as message personalization, auto-responders, and tracking.

The cost of bulk sms sender software varies depending on the options and features you require. Some providers offer a pay-as-you-go model, while others charge a monthly fee.

MSG91, Sakshi Bulk sms, and TextLocal are a few best software for bulk SMS.

Bulk sms can help the software industry in promoting their software to existing customers, send otp sms for login or subscription renewal notifications. It can also be used to promote new software and send personalized welcome sms when customers start using their services.

The software not only helps with not only lead generation but also in targeting new & unknown consumers, who could turn into potential customers.

On purchasing this software, you & your employees will be trained by professionals on how to best use the solution. So, no- there’s no need not to dedicate a lot of resources to training your employees.

Yes, contacts from excel spreadsheets and most other data sources can be imported to the bulk sms software for pc.

Bulk sms software for schools helps in sending information through sms to parents & school staff.

Implementation time for sms software is usually 3 – 5 business days. However, if there’s a need for customizations to be done, it can take slightly longer.

Companies eith integrate an SMS API with their bulk sms sending software through gsm device. or opt for a cloud based bulk sms software.

Bulk SMS Software Reviews




“The best part Is one can send from both mobile and desktop and even you can save the templates even for quicker actions.”

- Rajashekar

See all MSG91 reviewsimg

MediaTech Bulk SMS


“Functionality of Mediatech has a lot of amazing features, but its biggest and useful advantage that I have used is an all-in-one solution.”

- Anuj

See all MediaTech Bulk SMS reviewsimg

Campaign Labs


“Designed keeping the user in mind. Additional features make it a wonderful experience.”

- Sakshi Mehta

See all Campaign Labs reviewsimg

Atomic SMS Sender


“No more cutting down my recipient list! Atomic Mail Sender allows me to send emails to as many people as I want. This feature is gold for marketers like me.”

- Mike

See all Atomic SMS Sender reviewsimg

Bulk SMS Software Price List In India

Bulk SMS Software Cost
Top Bulk SMS Software Starting Price Rating
Campaign Labs₹500.00 4.7
MsgClub Bulk SMS₹3000.00 4.1

Buyer's Guide for Top Bulk SMS Software

Found our list of Bulk SMS Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What Is Bulk SMS Software?
  • How Does Bulk SMS Software Work?
  • Why You Need Bulk SMS Software?
  • Importance of Bulk SMS Sending Software
  • Features Of Bulk SMS Software
  • How To Use Bulk SMS Software?
  • Best Bulk SMS Service Providers for SMS Marketing
  • Benefits of Bulk SMS Software
  • When Can Businesses Use Bulk SMS Sender Software?
  • Factors To Consider While Choosing A Bulk SMS Solution
  • Top 10 Best Software For Sending Bulk SMS
  • Who Often Uses Bulk SMS Software Communication?

What Is Bulk SMS Software?

Bulk SMS software is a platform that enables organizations to send text messages to multiple customers/prospects at once. It allows marketers to prepare and schedule campaigns, set up auto-responders, personalize messages, track delivery rates, and analyze results.

Businesses use bulk SMS sender software for various purposes, such as marketing, customer engagement, appointment reminders, and notifications.

How Does Bulk SMS Software Work?

Bulk SMS software works by following the given steps:

  1. Compose the message you want to send to your recipients
  2. Personalize your SMS to target your audience
  3. Upload the list of all the receivers
  4. Validate all the recipients’ numbers
  5. Preview the message content
  6. Schedule the time you want to send the bulk SMSs or send it directly
  7. Receive the delivery report
  8. Measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

Why You Need Bulk SMS Software?

Bulk SMS software allows businesses to design, deploy, and manage text messaging campaigns. Approximately 98% of SMSs are opened and read by people, which proves that this communication is the best if you want to engage and interact with customers.

Bulk SMS sender software comes with several tools and applications to help businesses effectively perform SMS marketing. These are mainly used to spread a promotional message to many people at one given time. Not only this but it can also be sent to users to notify them of notifications, offers, updates, reminders for quality customer experience & so on. Most importantly, companies can use this software to do SMS marketing in a controlled and scalable manner.

Businesses Need Bulk SMS Solutions to:

  • Create potential leads & increase conversions with the integration of messaging services into marketing activities
  • Deliver business communication on a grander scale, using limited resources and low investment, to the potential advantage of improving sales and business.
  • Perform targeted marketing based on certain pre-defined tags.
  • Promote customer engagement by delivering important data, deadlines, due dates, notices, and information
  • Improve public relations by communicating achievements.
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Communicate with the customers about upcoming events, changes, payments, etc.

Importance of Bulk SMS Sending Software

Bulk SMS Sending Software can help businesses accelerate their marketing strategies. With this, they can quickly send promotional messages, welcome emails, and features info to multiple bulk users. It imports all the recipient data and eliminates the need to send the SMS to every recipient manually.

Moreover, users can also customize their SMS to target a specific audience group. Businesses often use bulk SMS solutions to send SMS for multiple purposes, such as alerts and reminders for subscription expiration or renewal, password confirmation, order confirmation, order status, etc. Users further get detailed analytics for delivery rate, click-through rate, etc., to measure the SMS campaign’s effectiveness.

It can increase your open rate as people are more likely to view SMS over email as they are short and to the point. Therefore, an effective tool to reach your target audience.

Features Of Bulk SMS Software

  • Mass Text Messaging Solution: A Mass SMS sender lets marketers simultaneously send text messages to large groups of customers. Messaging & collaboration software can also help segregate customers into smaller subgroups for effective marketing.
  • Scheduled Messaging: The software can send texts individually or to a group at predetermined times. This allows your business to communicate with customers at the right time without getting ignored by the latter.
  • Message Personalization: Using SMS software, you can personalize messages to resonate with the target audience.
  • Automated Responses: The software provides automated reply functionality confirming when customer messages are received and read.
  • 2-Way Messaging: This feature identifies and cumulates individual messages into separate conversations, which can be stored as a database record in your CRM or other marketing management software.
  • Picture Messaging (MMS): Using a Bulk SMS system, you can send MMS texts, allowing customers and businesses to receive & send multimedia messages such as photos, videos, and audio recordings.
  • Contest and Polling Tools: The software also provides relevant tools and templates to run contests and polls via text message. These are great ways to increase engagement and grow an audience.
  • Reports & Analytics: SMS sender software also has in-built report generation & analytic capabilities, with which you can view details of sent and received SMS messages and compare them to lead conversion rates. Furthermore, you can check for customers who've marked you as spam or blocked your number.
  • Integration Capability: SMS sender software can be easily integrated with your existing marketing automation &/or CRM solution . This allows you to compile data from different software (Bulk SMS, email marketing software, etc.) into a single dashboard.

How To Use Bulk SMS Software?

Bulk SMS software is a digital marketing solution that helps businesses hone their customer communication activities. Its highly effective communication software plays a crucial role in business marketing activities. The software, as its name implies, can send SMS to a large group of people in a single shot. The effective use of Bulk SMS software for delivering excellent business marketing & communication makes it the perfect mix of crucial business and financial solutions.

Here are the Steps to Use a Bulk Text Messaging Platform

  • Set up an account: Once you've selected a service provider, you'll need to set up an account with them. After setting up an account, create and manage your Bulk SMS campaigns.
  • Upload your Contacts: The next step is to upload your contacts into the Bulk SMS marketing software. You should upload or paste the required data in the format specified by the software. Make sure that the contact list is accurate and up to date.
  • Create your message: Now it's time to create your message. Keep the message concise (within 160 characters) and to the point. Make sure to personalize the message using fields like name and preference. The software will automatically extract the relevant fields from the database to make up the tailored message.
  • Send the message: Send the message to your contacts at the scheduled time or immediately if you want.
  • Track results: Track the results of your campaign to see how many people received the message, how many of them opened it, and who responded to it.

Best Bulk SMS Service Providers for SMS Marketing

  • Skyzone - Bulk SMS software
  • Rushda - Window SMS Software
  • TextLocal - Multi SMS Sender
  • MOBtexting - #1 Bulk sms providers in India
  • TextMagic - Business SMS software.
  • Digimiles Bulk sms - Cheapest SMS Solutions
  • MSG91 - Best sms marketing software
  • Atomic SMS Sender - Online bulk SMS Sender

Benefits of Bulk SMS Software

  • Affordable Marketing Solution: Bulk SMS is an affordable form of marketing communication that helps get the word out about your product/service at a relatively inexpensive price point.
  • Increased Targeting: One of the benefits of Bulk SMS is an increase in mobile phone usage has made SMS marketing an essential communication technique. Bulk SMS sender software lets users target more people as long as their phone number is on an accessible database.
  • Improved Brand Awareness: SMS marketing helps businesses in improving their brand awareness and enhance their image. Every SMS you send is ultimately valuable to your marketing if it's optimized to attract enough attention.
  • Real-Time Marketing: The text messages you send are delivered instantaneously, allowing for more spontaneous communication. If you're facing technical difficulties such as website loading troubles or server problems, you can inform customers and stakeholders immediately.
  • Easy Segmentation & Categorization: With Bulk SMS sender software, categorizing your customers becomes simpler. You can differentiate customers based on those who read your messages, respond, and ignore your messages. This way, you can create a campaign around each to turn your audience into leads and customers.
  • Automated Report: Automated report generation of SMS data reduces your team's workload and allows them to spend more time on analysis than curation.
  • Excel & Worksheet Integration: The software can pull data from Excel sheets, including messages, process them and send them to your customers. This reduces the time spent copying a message to the software's dashboard.

When Can Businesses Use Bulk SMS Sender Software?

Here are some examples of when a business can utilize bulk SMS software:

  • Send quick reminders: In today's modern world, consumers always look for reliable and fast communication from businesses they interact with. Sending quick reminders about anything, be it your order confirmation or upcoming delivery, helps create a good impression of your business!
  • Keep customers up to date: Bulk SMS delivery allows businesses to engage with customers through a convenient channel. It can keep loyal customers in the loop with all the important information about your business, like the launch of new products/services, price updates & more.
  • Send alerts in case any problem arises: For instance, in case of a customer service issue that can directly impact your customers, you can inform them in advance using bulk SMS software. This will help customers be prepared for any inconveniences that may occur in the future!
  • Boost sales: Bulk SMS software is a great way to reach out to clients inexpensively. It helps send SMS alerts to the right customers and thus increases sales for your business in the long run! Hence, marketing your new products/services through SMS is affordable yet beneficial.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Bulk SMS Solution

Before choosing a Bulk messaging platform, you must consider many factors to ensure that your pick is the right one. Some of the important things to look out for before buying bulk SMS software are: -

  • Delivery Rate: The delivery rate is the percentage of your messages successfully delivered to the intended recipients. A delivery above 90% is considered good for SMS marketing. Make sure to ask your service provider about their delivery rate before deciding.
  • Number of SMS Per Month: Quite a few SMS solutions limit the number of SMS you can send in a month. This can hamper your work, especially if you have an extensive mailing list. Opt for a solution that allows you to send unlimited messages to maximize your customer base.
  • Cost Per Text: Bulk SMS platforms charge you based on the number of texts you send. So, it's important to check the price per SMS and calculate your estimated monthly volume of texts.
  • Bulk SMS API: Any SMS software must have a robust API that allows you to integrate the SMS service with your existing business tools like CRM, making it easier to automate your SMS campaigns. Additionally, the SMS software should allow you to import/export CSV, txt, and other standard file formats.
  • Message Personalization: With Bulk SMS software, users must have the option to personalize the messages based on pre-existing data and preferences of customers. The software must be able to send tailored messages with customers' names and requirements.
  • Auto-Responders: Another important feature to look for in Bulk SMS software is the option to set up auto-responders. This feature allows you to send replies to incoming messages automatically. This can be useful for the sales team and customer support to route your prospects to the right representative.
  • Ease of Use: Any SMS software of your choosing should be intuitive & easy to use.
  • Feature Set: It is advisable to opt for a solution that checks all the boxes in your requirement list. Make sure to compromise on features, as missing features will diminish your marketing potential.
  • Free Bulk SMS Software: Some Bulk SMS Software providers offer open source and a free trial version for a limited time. So, the users will be satisfied before buying the premium plan with unlimited SMS sending features.
  • Number of SMS Per Month: Many SMS solutions have a limit on the number of SMS you can send in a month. This can hamper your work, especially if you have an extensive mailing list. Opt for a solution that allows you to send unlimited messages to maximize your customer base.

Top 10 Best Software For Sending Bulk SMS

Here is the list of best bulk sms software in India for business .

Top 10 Bulk Sms Software in India
Bulk SMS Tools Price
MSG91 Bulk Messaging Software ₹1,770/Quantity
Campaign Labs ₹750/Month
MsgClub Bulk SMS ₹3,540
Wegus Bulk SMS Software ₹260
AndroSMS ₹2,360
Static King Bulk SMS ₹2,360/10000 SMS
Skyzone bulk SMS software ₹2,950/Lifetime
Sakshi Bulk sms Price On Request
DRPU Bulk SMS Free
Daanav bulk sms software Free

Who Often Uses Bulk SMS Software Communication?

The Use of Bulk SMS Software in Different Industries has grown to a great extent. Most of the larger companies have adopted the ulk SMS Software as a cheap and effective tool for marketing strategy to deliver their messages to their customers. Here is the list of various businesses that typically use bulk SMS for communication.

  • Salons: Salon SMS marketing software increases bookings and helps customers schedule their next appointment.
  • Restaurants: Restaurant sms marketing software can be used to spread the word about their latest meal deals via text message.
  • Schools: Bulk SMS software for schools lets you send out important information such as exam schedules, meeting invitations, emergency alerts and attendance notifications.
  • Small Business & Retailers: Engage new customers and retain existing ones with bulk SMS software for small businesses. Send them attractive offers, encourage them to sign up for membership programs, and notify them when a favorite brand introduces a new product.
  • E-commerce: From order placing and tracking updates to complex marketing and feedback campaigns, bulk SMS software for E-commerce: makes your interactions with the customer better.
  • Advertising & Marketing Agencies: Design and send SMS marketing messages containing Coupon Codes, discount vouchers, and personalized offers. You can even track the effectiveness of your offline as well as online advertising campaigns when you use bulk SMS software for business promotion!
  • Banks: Banks can use Bulk SMS software for banks to communicate about balance inquiries, bank payments, and withdrawals in real-time.
  • Software Industry: From notifying customers when their password needs reset to informing the company team when their servers are down, Bulk SMS for software industry plays a crucial role in communication.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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