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About Telephone Diary

What is Telephone Diary? 

Telephone Diary is a contact management software designed to meet the business requirements with respect to saving and managing contact information. The software allows users to save the contact in different categories. The software can be used by individuals for their daily use as well. Users can create customized categories and save contact information with ease. The software also enables users to input more details to contacts like email ID, birth dates, websites, personalized annotations, and much more. 

One of the key features of Telephone Diary is how seamlessly it allows users to incorporate business-specific details with contacts like supplier rates, customer sales prices, etc. It assists in smart business management. This contact management software generates reports on contact interactions to get better insights for the people using the software for business reasons.

What features does Telephone Diary offer? 

Here are a few features of Telephone Diary listed below to get a quick overview of the software:

  1. Contact Storage
  2. Contact Related Data Entry 
  3. Dashboard
  4. Advanced and Basic Search
  5. Personalized Annotations

What is the price of Telephone Diary? 

The price of Telephone Diary is Rs. 4,500/-. For more inquiries, please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest possibility. 

Sold By : Sahiwala

Get Telephone Diary support 30 Chatting right now

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Telephone Diary Features

The software saves contact details of all the customers, friends, and families seamlessly. It allows users to create categories for contacts. 

Get Telephone Diary support30 Chatting right now

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Telephone Diary Specifications


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Telephone Diary FAQs

No, Telephone Diary is not available for smartphones. Please watch this space for updates.
Telephone Diary is a web-based software that can be accessed through the web browsers. Hence, there are no essential system requirement for the Telephone Diary.
Yes, Telephone Diary provides demo for interested customers to get a better understanding of the software.
This contact manager software automatically detects contacts from emails and enables users to save the contact.
When you delete a contact from the software, all the workflows and the details related to it will be erased automatically

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