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Sahiwala Poultry Software

by : Sahiwala


4.58 (2 Reviews & Ratings)

Brand: Sahiwala

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Sahiwala Poultry Software Overview

What is Sahiwala Poultry Software?

Sahiwala poultry software helps one to efficiently manage his or her broiler business, check the broilers and their weight. You can also count the number of broilers automatically with the help of this software. Users can keep a record of the individual lorry of broilers through Sahiwala poultry software. This poultry breeding application works for full lorry purchase of broilers and chickens. After clearing of the lorry, the broilers and chickens are added to the stock and the retail and wholesale prices are made on that.

How can users view the sales made through Sahiwala Poultry Software?

One can track the balance of livestock after clearing the lorry while entering the sales made. You can also enter the total weight of the stock while unloading the broilers from the lorry. In order to view the sales made, one needs to enter the date for which he wants the record. You can enter the individual lorry numbers and calculate them accordingly. You need to scroll down to view the details of buyers, the number and the amount of chicken purchased. The rate of per kilogram broiler can be seen followed by the amount paid by the individual retailer or wholesaler. 

One may also see the description of the type of chicken bought like leg piece, boneless or lungs. At the bottom of your screen, you will see the total revenue earned which is automatically displayed after the addition of the total transactions by the software. One may also see details at the top right corner of the sales window regarding the purchase, sales, etc., and track the quantity of the same. To see subsequent records, one needs to press the F2 key; and to browse different records, one needs to press the F5 key. You may add or delete records as per your wish.

How can users see weekly billing through Sahiwala Poultry software?

The software shows the outstanding of both suppliers and buyers and along with the weekly billing. One can take a printout of the weekly bill and see the number of birds purchased, kilograms bought, rate and amount for each day. The amount of cash paid by a retailer gets deducted and the total amount is calculated based on that. The software also has a collection and a payment register to keep track of the customers and suppliers. Sahiwala automatically shows the weight loss of live chickens of a particular lorry as well as the dead ones to coincide with the purchases made from it.

Pricing of Sahiwala Poultry Software

Sahiwala Poultry Software price starts from Rs. 27799/-.

What Types of Screens can Users see in Sahiwala Poultry Software?

There are different screens in Sahiwala Poultry software. 

  1. Buyers Data Entry Screen lets you view the name of the buyer along with all kinds of contact details. 
  2. The Supplier Data Entry Screen lets you view the details of the seller along with all their contact details. 
  3. The Purchase Data Entry Screen lets one view the amount of purchase made, rate and the total amount. 
  4. To view new drivers, one just needs to press the F3 button. 

There are two types of sales screens that are Single and Multiple Data Entry. One may also see the Weight Loss Data screen to view the weight loss of the live chickens due to shrinkage as well as the dead ones of a particular lorry. There are also other types of screens such as goods data entry, multiple collections, payment to farm, weekly collection and weekly billing print out. There is also a lorry wise report screen to view the lorry and broiler details in it.

Sahiwala Poultry Software Features

Manage Broiler Business

The software helps manage your broiler business by checking the broilers and their weights. It can also count the broilers

Record Tracking

You can track the balance of livestock against the lorry while entering the sales made. It asks the lorry number and subsequently

Account Management

The software has collection as well as payment register features to keep a tab on the customers and suppliers.

Customer Management

The software shows the dues of customers and the amount paid, thereby comprehensively managing them with ease.

Supplier Management

You can keep a tab on the suppliers through the inbuilt collection as well as the payment register of the software.

Sales Management

One can view the sales made on a particular date through the sales screen. If you want to view any record, you may use the sales

Purchase Management

Users can see the purchase history through the purchase data entry screen of the software.

Inventory Management

Goods Return Data Entry Screen and the Lorry Wise Report Screen help users to keep a thorough tab on the inventory of broilers.

Billing & Invoicing

You can track the payments made via the farm data entry screen. It also generates invoices through the weekly billing print out

Sahiwala Poultry Software Plans & Pricing

Sahiwala Poultry Software
  • Manage Broiler Business
  • Record Tracking
  • Account Management
  • Customer Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
    • Quantity
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Sahiwala Poultry Software Specifications

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  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • Agriculture
  • Poultry Farms
  • English

Sahiwala Poultry Software Reviews


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Hariom jagannth tirole







“No unnecessary steps to be followed ”

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Posted - Feb 13, 2019


veekshit math







“This is a genuine great company”

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Posted - Jun 19, 2018

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Sahiwala Poultry Software FAQ

A. You can see the entire purchase history of your supplier or customer through the purchase data entry screen of the software.
A. Sahiwala poultry software manages the broiler business by checking the broilers and their weight. The software even automatically counts the number of broilers.
A. Users can keep a thorough report of the inventory through the Goods Return Data Entry Screen and the Lorry Wise Report Screen of the software.
A. You can view the sales record through the sales screen. If you want to view a single record, you can use the Single Sales Entry Screen while for multiple records you need to use the Multiple Data Entry Screen.
A. The software works for the full lorry purchase of broilers and chickens, thus managing the unloading processes. The broilers get added to the stock and against that the retails and wholesales are made.

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