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Best Poultry ERP in 2024

What is Poultry ERP Software?

Poultry ERP software helps farmers in their everyday operations in poultry farms and processing plants. It can streamline tasks like stock management, financial planning, billing and invoicing, etc. Let’s understand what exactly poultry ERP is, its uses, features, and top platforms available in the market.  Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Poultry ERP in 2024

  • top product arrowOdoo ERP
  • top product arrowSahiwala Poultry Software
  • top product arrowPoultryOS
  • top product arrowSigma Poultry ERP
  • top product arrowAeros ERP

Best Poultry ERP

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Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP

Brand: Odoo


4.7 out of 5

(23 user reviews)

Odoo is a comprehensive ERP software that integrates diverse features from Accounting to CRM to providing a user-friendly platform.... Read More About Odoo ERP read review arrow

₹580 /User/Month

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Sahiwala Poultry Software

Sahiwala Poultry Software

Brand: Sahiwala


4.5 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Sahiwala poultry software helps one to efficiently manage his or her broiler business, check the broilers and their weight. You can also count the number... Read More About Sahiwala Poultry Software img


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Brand: PoultryOS

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PoultryOS is a cloud-based poultry software which has all poultry operations modules integrated in single solution. It covers Breeder Management Software.... Read More About PoultryOS img

Price On Request

Sigma Poultry ERP

Sigma Poultry ERP

Brand: SigmaIT

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Sigma Poultry ERP is an all-in-one software for poultry farmers, helping you manage your flock, inventory, finances, and more so you can focus on what matt... Read More About Sigma Poultry ERP read review arrow

Price On Request

Aeros ERP

Aeros ERP

Brand: Aeros

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... Read More About Aeros ERP img

Price On Request

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PoultryCare ERP

PoultryCare ERP

Brand: PoultryCare


4.4 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

Run your poultry farm like a well-oiled machine with PoultryCare ERP software, seamlessly integrating all aspects of farm management.... Read More About PoultryCare ERP read review arrow




Brand: PoultryPlan

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PoultryPlan is the ultimate ERP solution for poultry farmers, streamlining operations, boosting profits, and ensuring flock well-being.... Read More About PoultryPlan read review arrow

Price On Request

JustFood ERP

JustFood ERP

Brand: Aptean

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JustFood ERP streamlines food/beverage manufacturing operations, reduces costs, enhances efficiency, and improves profitability through automation, data in... Read More About JustFood ERP read review arrow

Price On Request



Brand: Techence IT Solutions

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If you're looking for a comprehensive ERP software solution that can help you streamline your operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability, then Pol... Read More About Poloxy read review arrow

Price On Request

Certus Food ERP

Certus Food ERP

Brand: Certus Food ERP

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A comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed specifically for the food and beverage industry. It helps businesses manage all aspect... Read More About Certus Food ERP read review arrow

$70 /Month/user

Last Updated on : 27 May, 2024

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Best Poultry ERP FAQ’s

Software questions,

ERP software can help the meat and poultry industry in various ways such as supply chain management, inventory and stock tracking, billing and invoicing, reporting & analytics, and much more. 

Currently, there is no free poultry ERP software. However, there are some cost-effective solutions available such as Odoo ERP and PoultryCare ERP that offer a comprehensive set of features and won’t make a dent in your pocket. 

Yes, you might require IT support to use Poultry ERP initially. The poultry industry needs technological support to meet its challenges, including the breeding, hatching, and maintenance of poultry farms. Once you have a good knowledge of the system, you can do it without the need for an IT expert, unless there is complex troubleshooting required.

The security of Poultry ERP software depends on several factors, including the vendor's security practices, the features of the software itself, and how you implement and use it. In general, many vendors offer robust security features like data encryption, secure login protocols, data backup and recovery, security audits and more. So, it is safe to say that Poultry ERP is secure to use.

Poultry ERP Reviews


Odoo ERP


“Now I can easily keep track of my inventories and materials, as well as manage my finances to keep my business running smoothly.”

- Durgesh Bhatt

See all Odoo ERP reviewsimg

Sahiwala Poultry Software


“Sahiwala Poultry Management is so easy to use, takes care of every process without following unnecessary steps. ”

- Hariom jagannth tirole

See all Sahiwala Poultry Software reviewsimg

Odoo ERP


“I can easily keep track of my inventories and materials, as well as manage my finances to keep my business running smoothly.”

- Akshay Mishra

See all Odoo ERP reviewsimg

Odoo ERP


“It has many modules like sale and purchase, inventory management, manufacturing, purchasing, accounting, inventory management, project management, customer managemen...”

- Anish Arora

See all Odoo ERP reviewsimg

Sahiwala Poultry Software


“I received immediate and very credible assistance with vendor selection”

- veekshit math

See all Sahiwala Poultry Software reviewsimg

Poultry ERP Price List In India

Poultry ERP Cost
Top Poultry ERP Starting Price Rating
Odoo ERP₹580.00 /User/Month4.7
Sahiwala Poultry Software₹27799.00 4.5
PoultryCare ERP$79.00 4.4

Buyer's Guide for Top Poultry ERP

Found our list of Poultry ERP helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Poultry ERP?
  • Why Use Poultry ERP?
  • Must-Have Features of Poultry ERP Software 
  • What to Look for in Poultry ERP Software?
  • Top 10 Poultry ERP Comparison 
  • How Do We Rank and Review Poultry ERP Software?
  • Poultry ERP Price in India

What is Poultry ERP?

Poultry ERP, also known as Poultry Farm Management Software, is a specialized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed to streamline and manage all aspects of poultry farming business. It can handle everything from stock management, sales and purchase to financial management. Poultry ERP is a valuable tool for poultry farms of all sizes, from small family-run operations to large-scale commercial businesses. 

Why Use Poultry ERP?

Poultry ERP software can help users (generally poultrymen) with day-to-day operations to easily handle their business. This platform enables them to track their inventory, manage data, and make informed decisions. Here’re some of the reasons why business should prefer Poultry ERP software: 

  1. Better Reporting: Poultry ERP can centralize all your poultry farm data in a secure and accessible location. This eliminates the need for manual record keeping and spreadsheets, improving data accuracy and reducing the risk of errors. 
  2. Automates tasks: Poultry ERP automates repetitive tasks that can consume significant time, such as record-keeping, inventory management, and data analysis. This frees up valuable time and resources for you to focus on other critical areas like flock health management, strategic planning, and more. 
  3. Financial Management: Poultry ERP software automates financial processes such as invoicing, billing, and payroll, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with accounting standards. It also provides financial forecasting and budgeting tools to help businesses manage costs and optimize revenue. 
  4. Enhanced Traceability: With ERP software, businesses can track the entire lifecycle of poultry products, from hatchery to processing and distribution. This traceability is essential for compliance with food safety regulations and allows businesses to quickly identify and address any quality or safety issues. 

Must-Have Features of Poultry ERP Software 

ERP software for poultry must include several features to make your daily chores more efficient and effective. These must-have features include flock management, inventory tracking, supply-chain management, billing and invoicing assistance and much more.

  • Flock management: Flock management in ERP software helps users to register birds upon arrival, track their movement, and maintain detailed records for each bird. This information can be regarding breed, age, vaccination history, etc. Moreover, it can also monitor growth rates, egg production, and mortality rates to assess flock health.
  • Supply-chain management: Supply chain management (SCM) within Poultry ERP software focuses on optimizing the flow of goods, materials, and information throughout your poultry farming operation. It oversees the information from the very beginning—bringing in chicks or hatching eggs to the processing and delivering your final products (eggs, meat) to customers. 
  • Income and expense tracking: ERP software must track all income from poultry product sales and other sources, as well as the farm expenses for feed, medication, labor, and utilities. It should also help in generating reports to understand farm profitability, identify areas for cost savings, and make data-driven financial decisions. 
  • Reporting and analytics: It generates reports on various aspects of your farm operation, including flock performance, inventory levels, sales, and finances. This allows you to analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions. 
  • Remote access: ERP poultry software must allow you to access and manage the important features remotely through a mobile app for on-the-go convenience.  

What to Look for in Poultry ERP Software?

By implementing Poultry ERP software, you can gain a significant competitive advantage in the industry. It can help you run a more efficient, profitable, compliant, and bio secure business, ultimately leading to long-term success. 

  1. Stock Management: Look for features like flock registration, performance tracking, breeding management, and vaccination scheduling to optimize flock health and productivity. 
  2. Inventory Management: Ensure that the software tracks feed, medication, equipment, and other farm supplies effectively to avoid stockouts and waste. 
  3. Sales and Purchases: Look for software that can manage poultry product sales (eggs, meat) with features like order processing, invoicing, and purchase management for feed, medication, and equipment. 
  4. Instant Recall Functionality: This allows for quick retrieval of data on specific birds or products in case of food safety concerns, enhancing traceability and regulatory compliance. 
  5. Scalability: Choose the software that can grow with your business as you expand your operations. 
  6. Ease of Use: ERP poultry software must offer an intuitive user interface for smooth adoption by your team members. Consider the available training and support resources by any vendor. 
  7. Reporting and Analytics: Poultry ERP software should be able to generate reports on various aspects of your farm to identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and improve performance. 
  8. Cost and Pricing Models: Compare pricing structures of different options to find a solution that fits your budget. Consider if the software offers free trials or demos. 

Top 10 Poultry ERP Comparison 

Here is a comparison table of the top poultry management software along with their key features and pricing plans.

Best Poultry ERP Comparison
Softwares Features Poultry ERP Pricing
Odoo ERP Built-in website builder, Open-source platform, No vendor lock-in, Highly customizable, Inbuilt CRM, Purchase and inventory management, Marketing management, Finances and invoicing Starts at $7/month/user (approx.)
PoultryOS Scheme management, CBF production cost, Single-point data entry, Dashboard and analysis, Alerts and notification, Hatchery management’, Agreement management, Mobile application Available on request
Sigma Poultry ERP Feed and inventory management, Sales and supply management, Record tracking, Billing and invoicing, Track rearing, Parameter control Available on request
PoultryCare ERP Feed requirement planning, Better data collection, Farm management, Supply chain management, Retail POS, Farmer agreement, Feed mill management, Batch-wise P&L and analysis Starting at $79
PoultryPlan Get relevant data insights, Smart data analytics, Record tracking, Billing and invoicing, Inventory control and management, Material and production planning Available on request
Aeros ERP End-to-end system integration, Accounting and invoicing management, Enhanced risk management, Supply-chain management Available on request
Sahiwala Poultry Software Buyer and seller data entry, Flock’s weight management, Accounting and invoicing, Breeding management, Livestock management, Purchase data entry system Starting at $299 (approx.)
Poloxy Hatchery management, Feed mill management, Real Time Availability of Data, Interlinked modules to keep control on production, Live 12/7/365 support, Android applications, Full business digitization Available on request
NewGen Poultry ERP Manage chicks' procurement, Analyze flock performance, Manage hatchery lifecycle, Feed requirement planning, Dashboard and analysis, CBF production cost, Mobile application Starting at $1100 (approx.)
NAVFarm ERP Multi-farm operations, Feed processing, Monitor your farm health, Easy data entry, Record your sales automatically, Smart inventory management, Monitoring and reporting Starting at $20/month

How Do We Rank and Review Poultry ERP Software?

When we were reviewing and ranking poultry management software, we considered several key factors to ensure that you're selecting the best solution for your specific needs.  

Firstly, we evaluated the features offered by each ERP system, focusing on functionalities such as flock management, inventory tracking, supply chain management, and financial capabilities. Next, we investigated the user experience and interface intuitiveness to ensure that the software is user-friendly and accessible for your team members.  

Additionally, we also considered factors like scalability, customization options, and integration capabilities to ensure that the ERP system can grow and adapt alongside your business. After that, we explored the feedback and customer reviews so that we can provide valuable insights into the real-world performance and reliability of each ERP software.  

Poultry ERP Price in India

Poultry ERP or chicken ERP software price in India can depend upon factors such as features, scalability, and vendor pricing models. Some entry-level software may start from a few hundred rupees per month, while more extensive packages can go up to lakhs. It's essential for businesses to carefully consider their specific requirements and budget constraints when evaluating the cost-effectiveness of Poultry ERP solutions in the Indian market. 

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