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Apparel Management Software

List of Top Apparel Management Software



By Smart Solutions


Price: 32160.00 INR /user/year

Easy to use best apparel software for designer studios and outlets that serve their customers with custom made garments i.e. as per their size, required fit and fabric of their choice. The solution is easy to implement, cloud based, safe and secure.

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gayatri g fab

G-FAB (Fabric Management Software)

By Gayatri Software


Price: 24999.00 INR

G-Fabric Management Software is a feature-rich apparel software that will help you manage fabric and garment business effortlessly. It comes with an intuitive dashboard and multiple modules facilitating accounting, product management, vendors and.

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Garments Software

ModernWebz Garments Software

By Modern Webz



Modern Webz Garments Software is a best apparel software and garment erp software which manages inventory, accounts, purchase, customers, sales, stylist, and measurement. This ready-made garments software, Penny, comes with a scalable SQL database..

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Evision Textile Business ERP

Evision Textile Business ERP

By Evision System



Evision Textile Business ERP is an best apparel management software that provides you with effective weaving management. This Fashion & Apparel ERP software is equipped with some advanced features that can effectively manage your purchase orders.

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Evision Embroidery Unit ERP

Evision Embroidery Unit ERP

By Evision System



Evision Embroidery Unit ERP is a comprehensive garment erp software solution to cater the all financials needs of Small to Large Enterprises effectively and efficiently. Financial Management goes beyond the basics of accounting and focuses on.

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PunjabBulls Garment Solution in Tally

PunjabBulls Garment Solution in Tally

By Punjabbulls



PunjabBulls Garment Software provides Color mapping with the item, Size mapping with the item, Purchase color wise / size wise, Sales color wise /size wise,  Stock report color wise / size wise, Auto email & SMS, Barcode. View More

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What is an Apparel Management Software?

Managing products, orders, sales and operations can be extremely difficult if done manually. That is where an apparel management software can come to your rescue. It helps streamline and perform the most complex tasks that otherwise eat up your entire day. Apparel is a fast-moving industry which deals with multiple variations of colors and sizes requiring an immense amount of planning. Since this industry changes its trends with each season, it needs a software that could manage its day-to-day processes effectively.


Why Do We Need Apparel Management Software?

From sampling to shipment, as a merchandiser you should have full visibility of each and every order. You need to meet the delivery timelines without adding to the cost. The last minute shortage of a product can affect the entire consignment. Or, you can even lose that customer forever. That is why you should have an apparel inventory management software that could meet all these challenges.

It can help you handle your business processes, finance and accounting, warehouse management, efficient manufacturing process, supply chain management, customer relationship management and business analytics.


Features of Apparel Management Software

There are a variety of features that an apparel inventory management software provides. Be it supply chain management or tracking your finances, you don't have to use pen and paper, or ask your employees for every little information anymore. It can do a lot of things to ease you day-to-day tasks. Here are some of the features that you will get with any apparel ERP software.

  1. Inventory Management: It automatically receives and transfers orders, and distribute goods. It also generates sales forecast for you to be prepared beforehand.
  2. Track Your Costs: You can track each and every penny you spend, right from maintaining costs for material purchases, cutting, and manufacturing to monitoring transportation and duty expenses. You can also control the prices that are shown to the customer. 
  3. Sales Channel Support: From EDI to direct-to-consumer, you can track and analyze all aspects of your sales. Apparel production management software enables you to access any information online. It makes things easier for you as well as your customers.
  4. Supply Chain Management: Apparel management gives you and your suppliers a detailed insight about your supply chain. Be it tracking raw material or finished products, you can have all functions integrated in the apparel production management software.
  5. Warehouse Optimization: If your warehouse productivity is decreasing, consider getting an apparel manufacturing ERP software. Apparel manufacturing ERP provides accurate data with real-time transactions reports.
  6. Finance Management: Integrate the apparel ERP software with your payables, receivables and general ledger modules for effectively understanding your finances. You can also track your financial data with the help of apparel manufacturing ERP software.
  7. Business Analytics: Apparel ERP software provides you detailed analysis, deviations and comparisons. This analysis is configurable to your business needs. You can use these reports to various situations and analyze different consumer purchase patterns according to the market.
  8. Document Management: You can now stop searching for physical documents finally! That's because the garment software lets you store images of your products, customer receipt, vendor invoice and everything else in the software itself.
  9. Supply Chain Visibility: Many apparel management software gives the option to every stakeholder to participate. Distributers and retailers can connect with each other. Even buyers can login to check their orders.
  10. Technology Enabled Manufacturing: Apparel management software connects all the units and departments online with the help of barcodes and RF based technology. Any production delay or shortage of labor can be tracked easily with the help of a garment software.


Benefits of Apparel Management Software

There are a variety of benefits of using apparel ERP software. This includes flexibility, security, customizability and much more. Let's look at a few of these benefits:

  1. It provides flexibility: Apparel Management software gives you the flexibility to configure your workflow, choose your database and develop your own user defined reports. All the good apparel production management software applications are platform independent.
  2. It provides easy implementation: It can be implemented easily into any process. You can use it on the same day of installing the software, and you will not have to install or manage each client or process manually anymore.
  3. It is highly scalable: Apparel ERP software has a multi-tiered architecture owing to which it is able to handle the growing number of users, transactions, departments and divisions. It makes it ideal for a growing business.
  4. It is customizable: Apparel management software is designed to adjust to specific business processes and needs of customer with quick and easy customization.
  5. It offers extreme security: Apparel ERP software ensures that only relevant data is available with the desired user. Some of the apparel management software applications also provide auto data back-up which can provide additional security against any data loss threats.
  6. It supports database integration: Apparel management software can be easily integrated to your current databases. Once the system is installed, it will easily blend with your current traditional system.
  7. It assists in customer management: With apparel ERP software, your processes will get automated for capturing and storing customer data, their activities and preferences.
  8. It improves sales: Sales are generally affected by three factors: price, order and delivery. An apparel management system will help in improving these factors as well.
  9. It reduces machinery downtime: Because of inefficient planning, a lot of machine downtime is connected with the non-availability of proper raw material. Apparel ERP software can help you bring down your machinery downtime.


How to use apparel ERP software?

Apparel ERP software is extremely easy to use. Each software at Techjockey has a different set of functions which is user-friendly and easy to remember. You will also be provided with a demo on how to use the apparel management ERP software.

Who should use apparel management software?

Apparel business owners who want to utilize their time in a better way. It will help you keep track of each and every order, manage your finances and documents easily. You can also handle your business processes like warehouse management, supply chain management, and customer relationship management with the use of this software.

What an apparel ERP software does?

Apparel ERP software helps you with your day-to-day operations which results in your business growth. You can control and manage every aspect of your business including sales, invoices, inventory and shipping.

How to install apparel management software?

Apparel management software is very easy to install. You can either install it on your own or you can take the help of a product support executive. You can use it on the same day of installing the software. You will not need to install or manage each client or process individually.


Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Apparel Management Software

Finding the right apparel management software may seem like a difficult task. But once you get a software with all the essential features, it will ease your day-to-day tasks. Before buying an apparel management software, make sure you follow the given points:

Fix your objective

Every business has different needs. Make sure you select the kind of software which is suitable for your business. Figuring out the expectations from an apparel management software and then ordering the most suitable one is the way to go.

Ease of use

Most apparel ERP software tools are easy to use, but make sure that you are able to understand and operate the software easily once it’s implemented within your process. If there are features which you can’t use, it will result in the waste of both time and efforts.

Vendor support system

If you face any issue with the software, you would need a vendor support executive to fix it. Make sure the vendor has an efficient after sales service because any delay in fixing the issue can take a major toll on your business.

Ask for a demo

Before buying an apparel ERP software, make sure that you ask the vendor to give you a free demo. This will help you understand the software better and let you make a sound judgment of buying or rejecting the software.


List of Best Apparel Management Software

Here are the best apparel management software available in India:

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