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Textile ERP from Bigdbiz is a holistic software solution that allows textile manufacturing companies administer and manage various crucial operations starting from production planning to sales and distribution. This easy to use software facilitates automation of Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management along with other processes. With this, enterprises can keep a track of all the operations and activities taking place in the entire lifecycle of product planning till sales. The software integrates all processes including inventory, lorry receipt management, production planning, yarn dyeing, weaving, spinning, sales/distribution, finance and accounts, business intelligence, HRM and CRM thereby enhancing the overall productivity effortlessly.



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About Bigdbiz Solutions Private Limited

Bigdbiz is an IT company providing end to end solutions for web application development, web application integration, ecommerce services, BPO Service and solutions catering to the requirements of global business enterprise. Along with developing state of the art software solutions with advanced technology including .Net (C# and VB .Net, Silverlight), Java, J2EE and Open Source, Microsoft SharePoint, Content Management Server, PHP, Flex, Cold Fusion, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, PostgreSQL, Cloudscape, MySQL, etc.

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₹ 125000.00

  • "Master: This module enables the information pertaining to categories
  • brands
  • products
  • groups
  • contacts (supplier/customer/dealer)
  • banks
  • expenses
  • ledgers
  • price lists
  • etc. which can be stored centrally and accessed easily. The module also keeps the updated record of the stock including raw material
  • semi-finished goods and finished goods. LR Management: LR Management deals with lorry receipt management and deals with order form
  • invoice
  • inventory such as LR stock
  • direct stock
  • bale stock and sales stock. Inventory: The details of all sales orders
  • invoices
  • sales returns
  • purchase orders
  • purchase returns
  • delivery notes
  • opening stock and stock internal transfer can be well maintained effortlessly within the Inventory module. Accounts: This module allows companies to store the accurate information about payments
  • receipts
  • journals
  • credit/debit notes
  • cheque books and other accounting operations. Production: Production planning i.e. wraping/sizing
  • reaching
  • preparatory and weaving
  • quality assurance including inspection and packing
  • cloth manufacturing etc. activities can be managed effectively by using this module in the software. Marketing: Crucial tasks such as billing management
  • tracking agent
  • tracking client
  • SMS/email alerts
  • lead management etc. can be executed conveniently by using the automated marketing features in the software. HRMS: The HRMS module integrated within the textile management software facilitates seamless Personnel Information Management (PIM)
  • leave/time off management
  • attendance management
  • task tracking system
  • payroll and documents management in the enterprises. Reports: Powerful reporting tool integrated within the software helps in generating various reports including inventory (current-stock
  • stock-ledger
  • stock statement)
  • daybook
  • ledger
  • profit & loss
  • balance sheet
  • sales
  • purchase
  • outstanding
  • product history
  • lead tracing and messages sent to customers
  • dealers and suppliers. These reports help companies takedata driven decisions."


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