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23 Best Construction ERP Software in 2021

What is construction ERP software?

Construction ERP software is designed for contractors, builders and the real estate industry. It helps to automate the construction process and save time and increase productivity. It is easily integrated with the existing systems. Construction ERP manages 11 major problems in one hand.

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Real Builder

Real Builder

By RVZION Infotech

(2 reviews)


Real Builder is one of the leading software solutions for the construction industry. It is integrated with features such... Read More About Real Builder
Enterprise Resource Planning CRM Sales +6 More


By ABC Info Soft

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Biz Ace Bhoomi is a construction ERP software used predominantly by architecture and construction firms. The software... Read More About Bhoomi
Customer Relationship Management Inventory Management Economical +6 More
Citta Construction365cloud
As a fully-integrated construction solution, Construction365cloud – Construction ERP Software offers a variety of... Read More About Citta Construction365cloud
Accounting Job Costing Project Management +4 More
Astral Construction Management Software
As an IT company, our aim is to ensure that IT simply works for our clients, assisting them to achieve business objectiv... Read More About Astral Construction Management Software
Site Master Synchronisation Special Features +9 More

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Real Estate Solution
Aarvi Real Estate Solution is a business management software for large real estate companies having a wider reach. The... Read More About Real Estate Solution
Customer Engagement & Lead Management Budget & Expense Management Voucher Management +22 More
Tactive Construction Management Software
Tactive Construction Management Software is designed specifically for Construction & Infrastructure Companies. Tact... Read More About Tactive Construction Management Software
Project Management Tender Management Procurement +8 More
Trigent - Scaffolding Management Software
Trigent Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading enterprise software development and implementation company who provides customiz... Read More About Trigent - Scaffolding Management Software
Daily Reports Daily & Monthly Reports GST Report +8 More
iQ-Metallika ERP Suite

iQ-Metallika ERP Suite

By iQ-Metallika

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

iQ-Metallika ERP Suite is a complete ERP Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This ERP Software... Read More About iQ-Metallika ERP Suite
Accounting & Taxation Audit Mangement Maintenance Management +12 More

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Blue Marble Professionals Construction Management

Blue Marble Professionals Construction Management

By Blue Marble Professionals

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Construction Management software by Blue Marble Professionals is helping builders, developers and contractors to manage... Read More About Blue Marble Professionals Construction Management
Accounting Service Management Project Management +3 More


By BusinessX


BusinessXis a complete CRM Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This CRM Software for Web-Based... Read More About BusinessX
Accounting Financial Management Asset Management +6 More
Infraconsoft, has emerged as the sole solution provider for Road and other construction industry to manage their operati... Read More About Infraconsoft
Material Management Project Management Integration +4 More
Construction Project Management
Construction Project management procedures so project managers can easily enter data, site events, labor activities, mat... Read More About Construction Project Management
Cloud Based Installation Easy to use, quick to setup Real Time Updates +7 More

Top Products

Astral Construction Site Tracking System
The Construction Site Tracking System helps track Inventory lying at the site from Head office. Head office can manage d... Read More About Astral Construction Site Tracking System
Inventory Management Billing & Invoicing Incident Management +4 More


By Realty Redefined

(1 reviews)


RQube is a comprehensive real estate ERP platform for Builders/ Developers to help them manage all their organisational... Read More About RQube
Lead Management Booking Management Purchase Management +2 More
Simplify ERP

Simplify ERP

By Newton Software

(1 reviews)


Newton provides ERP for Construction Industries. Simplify ERP is the best in class software for construction industries.... Read More About Simplify ERP
Payroll Management Financial Accounting Contractors Management +7 More
NAVBUILD is built on top of the popular ERP Suite, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which makes it the preferred choice whenever... Read More About NAVBUILD ERP SUIT
Project Management Financial Accounting Workflow Management +4 More

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Qsuite ERP

Qsuite ERP

By Quadra

(2 reviews)


QSuite seamlessly integrates with all major operations and is Quadra’s ERP solution for large enterprises in the C... Read More About Qsuite ERP
Land Management Legal Management Liaison Management +6 More
Autosteel Enterprise
Steel forms a major portion of the cost incurred by any builder or contractor. It is crucial to have an exact estimate o... Read More About Autosteel Enterprise
Financial Accounting Material Management Reports & Dashboard +4 More
QS Plus Builder Plus
QS Plus Builder Plus Import bills from QSPlus, WinQs or your own spreadsheets or simply enter the measurement directly i... Read More About QS Plus Builder Plus
Billing Pricing Management Material Management +3 More
Contractors Cloud
Contractors Cloud is a construction ERP software. The software assists construction contractors in the management of t... Read More About Contractors Cloud
Data Management Production Management Sales Management +9 More

Last Updated on : 18 Oct, 2021

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Construction ERP Software Reviews


Ramesh kumar

review for Real Builder


"Used them once. Had problem which was resolved in no time. Would use again"

See All Real Builder Reviews


naresh punekar

review for Bhoomi


"Great company! Excellent customer service and just generally smooth sailing. Would highly recommend."

See All Bhoomi Reviews


"First time buyer from Techjockey. Will be looking for a couple of other downloads soon. Techjockey will be the first one i use. 100% good."

See All Astral Construction Site Tracking System Reviews


Rahul Ghanchi

review for RQube


"So, great idea - and the problem doesn't necessarily come from Techjockey itself, but a few things could be smoothed out with the follow-up from the vendors.?"

See All RQube Reviews


Sachin Goyal



"I purchased a software, excellent value for money, all worked as per the instructions, Very cheap way to buy software."


Buyer's Guide for Top Construction ERP Software

Found our list of Construction ERP Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Construction ERP Software?

Construction ERP software is designed for contractors, builders and the real estate industry. It helps to automate the construction process and save time and increase productivity. It is easily integrated with the existing systems. Construction ERP manages 11 major problems in one hand.

Key Features of Construction ERP

  • Purchase
  • Accounting & Payrolls
  • Billing Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Material Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Order Management
  • Project Management
  • Taxes & Statuatory Year-End Financial
  • Human Resource Management
  • Reports & Dashboard 

The Need for Construction ERP Software

The construction industry is the pillar of a moving economy. New roadways, commercial and residential buildings, bravura architecture, etc. are coming up every day, thanks to the construction industry. However, to ensure quality in every construction work, companies need to sweat day and night. But, the business approach is changing rapidly as more and more companies are incorporating construction ERP software to relieve their pain areas. Difficulties that construction business encounters are poor productivity and profitability, project performance issues, skilled labor shortage, and sustainability concerns. Construction ERP software assists a business in getting over these challenges efficiently. 

Benefits of ERP in the Construction Industry

In today’s fast-moving world, everything is progressing rapidly and much of it depends on the smooth functioning of the construction industry. But even a construction business can face challenges, which is streamlined with the help of a construction ERP software. For the effective development of projects, such companies rely on strategic planning and management of resources. A construction ERP software helps a manager in the process of formulating a plan for a civil engineering project.

These are some of the other prominent benefits of construction ERP software

1. Assimilation of data: Within an organization, there are several departments, which work simultaneously and generate information that gets stuck in various departmental silos. A construction ERP software integrates all the operations, thus eliminating the silos and storing the information in a centralized system that can be accessed for getting comprehensive information on all ongoing processes. Benefits that a construction business derives from a construction ERP software are dynamic analysis of financial and operational data. This helps a manager fetch real-time data that is precise.

2. Planning and analysis: Proper planning is a business necessity, be it for the construction industry or for any other. An improper plan leads to untimely completion of projects; resulting in loss of clientele and excessive cost burden due to increased labor costs. Apart from the revenue loss, project delay also affects the goodwill of a company. A construction ERP software provides an accurate analysis of the required raw materials, labor required and architectural design for effective and desirable management of resources.

3. Streamlining of data: Construction companies handle more than one project at a time. With the help of a comprehensive construction ERP software, such companies can track, handle, and store data related to different projects in a centralized system. Thus, Best ERP software for the construction industry streamlines the flow and data storage.

4. Increased System Efficiency: With the assistance of construction ERP software, information can be accessed easily and quickly prior to decision making. ERP software for the construction industry helps employees correlate information from variegated sources. Without an ERP software for the construction industry, interdepartmental correlation and sharing of information would not be possible. Real-time exchange of information and monitoring of ongoing processes increase the efficiency of organizational systems.

5. Estimation of Construction Cost: Almost every construction company works on a contractual basis. Prior to acquiring the tender, a construction company has to bid on the project with a cost estimation of the entire project. Different clients have different preferences; they choose a bid based on the submitted design, goodwill of the company, and most critical, the cost feasibility. Therefore, effective and strategic planning of cost is an essential part of a construction business to stay afloat in the industry. Thankfully, ERP software for the construction industry can be utilized for an accurate estimation of the cost of a project.

6. Diversity of Business Processes: A comprehensive construction ERP software consists of various modules that automate different operations within an organization. The industry is becoming more and more conscious about devising strategies for cost-effectiveness and risk management. In this endeavor, they are largely benefitted by ERP software for the construction industry. A construction ERP software with its diversified modules helps in effectively managing various operations such as project phasing, inventory management, architectural design, HR management, contract management, marketing, accounting, and financial management.

7. Execution of Marketing Strategies: The objective of any company in the construction business is to deliver quality products and gain a large number of reliable clients. In the absence of construction ERP software, contractors would struggle to manage various operations effectively. They would also face difficulty in effectively implementing marketing strategies to manage customers, projects, etc. For a company to stay afloat in the construction business, concrete marketing needs to be created with the use of ERP software for the construction industry.

8. Job costing/estimation: This is the core function of any state-of-the-art ERP software for the construction industry. Construction projects; whether internal, external, renovation or other developmental projects, all begin with some sort of cost estimation. Elements such as time and material tasking, overall cost estimation, job-based category management, variable cost estimation, comparison between actual and estimated cost, and more can be managed with ERP software for the construction industry.

9. Flexible accounting: Apart from the typical functions, construction ERP software must provide a granular approach towards financial management. A sophisticated construction ERP software consists of modules for contract management, contractor indexing, materials management, equipment management, time and billing, taxes and state/federal policy, operational inventory management, and more.

10. Granular payroll capabilities: ERP software for the construction industry also supports the payroll feature and streamlines functions such as real-time payroll processing, labor costing, summary labor cost analysis, unit cost reports, unit productivity reports, direct labor cost control reports, tax, insurance, EEO reporting, etc.

11. Materials and equipment handling: A construction ERP software must ensure smooth handling and maintenance of construction equipment, such as specialized engine-powered hand tools, bulldozers, earthmovers, dump trucks, water trucks, road graders, asphalt trucks, etc.

12. Comprehensive financial reporting: Financial reporting is essential for business managers; it enables them to make informed decisions based on comprehensive financial reports. An advanced ERP software for construction business must provide a real-time view of a company’s financials. Besides generating a financial report, the construction ERP software should also provide maximized resource utilization analysis on a multi-company and multi-location basis. ERP software for the construction industry should also provide Profit & Loss reports by unit, location, and product mix.

Features of a Construction ERP Software

Implementing construction ERP software is easy with SaaS tools developed to manage the day-to-day operations. ERP software for the construction industry comes with specific modules to make everyday operations smoother. These are some of the features that must be there in ERP software for the construction industry.

1. Purchase Management: The procurement solution or purchase of raw materials is one of the core functions of any construction company. An ERP software for construction industry ensures comprehensive purchase management through control over purchase orders, vendor payment, procurement process, cost accrual, etc. The best construction ERP software also provides a separate module for streamlining processes and purchase cycle, order closing and cancellation, quality check, etc.

2. HR & Payroll Management: These days, a growing number of SaaS tool developing companies are integrating the HR management module in the ERP software for the construction industry. This can help the HR department of a construction company in getting rid of the large amount of paperwork and managing employee data efficiently. The HR module also includes an employee portal that makes it easier to store and access employee data.

3. Tender and bid management: The construction industry is diverse and highly competitive at the same time. In such a circumstance, accuracy and speed of bid estimation are crucial for a company to secure a project. A reliable construction ERP software helps a firm in effective and efficient tender and bid preparation.

4. Inventory management: A sound inventory management solution module ensures that the supply chain and financial health of a company remain in check. Construction ERP software helps in maintaining sufficient stock in the warehouse. Essential components of inventory management are maintaining an optimum level of stock, managing materials rejection, quality control based on set parameters, sub-contracting, etc.

5. Financial management: construction ERP software studies and analyses the financial components of a business. It helps in compiling comprehensive financial reports that support decision making. Construction ERP software should also empower the managers with real-time reports on the financial standings of a company.

6. Engineering: This feature of the ERP software for the construction industry is designed specifically to manage staff work and engineer projects that require approvals and reviews. The ERP software for the construction industry provides flexibility to accommodate vast projects and ensures access to critical information. The software is designed to support unique requirements during the development process.

7. Sub-contractor payment: This feature of ERP software for the construction industry helps manage subcontractors during the entire project. ERP software for the construction industry allows individual managers to effectively communicate with the subcontractor from any time and anywhere. The construction ERP software is effective while managing projects of different sizes and scales.

Construction ERP software is an innovative approach toward streamlining operations and bringing about efficiency. Choosing a construction ERP software can be a tough task; therefore, we have listed things you should look for in an ERP software for the construction industry. These days more companies are adopting this revolutionary solution to stay ahead and lead the competition.

FAQ iconConstruction ERP Software FAQs

This construction ERP system is can make better planning and effective payment system with suitable modules which used on daily basis in the construction industry.

  • Sage ERP for Construction
  • Penta Contrsuiction ERP
  • Essindia ERP for Construction
  • Epicor ERP
  • Maestro ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • Penta Construction ERP
  • Vista ERP by Viewpoint

As per the Google Search most used construction

  • Procore
  • PlanGrid
  • Aconex
  • Autodesk
  • WorkflowMax
  • BuildTools
  • Buildertrend
  • Monday
  • B2W Software
  • Jonas Construction Software
  • Heavy Construction System
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