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QSuite seamlessly integrates with all major operations and is Quadra’s ERP solution for large enterprises in the Construction & Projects industry. Custom-developed to meet the operational challenges of large builders, the suite comes with 25 process specific modules. QSuite integrates seamless with the existing operations at a large engineering & construction enterprise and helps bring cohesion and robustness to the operations. With over 25 process specific modules it covers all areas of construction & real estate functions.

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About Quadra

Quadra suite of Products is a robust ERP solution for Construction and Real Estate Sectors. It enables cross department integration and helps optimize time and cost. It helps efficiently manage Material, Labour, Equipment, Sub-Contractors and Overheads (MLESO). It has in-depth analytics tools and provides intelligent reports. Quadra offers a wide range of products in the form of QNeon, QSuite and QLite addressing varied ERP solution needs.  With over 25 years of experience in this field, Quadra aims to be your long term trusted partners addressing your ERP pain points and needs.
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Features of Qsuite ERP

Land Management
Streamline all activities & processes with regard to purchase of land. Manage multiple operations from single source and administer post-sales activities as well!
  • Land Definition
  • Land Visit & Feasibility details
  • Broker Details Entry
  • Land Purchase agreement details entry
  • Land Registration Details entry
  • Land Payments Schedule Definition
  • Land Payment Request, Approval and Payments
  • Broker Payments
  • Land Sales
  • Land Sales Receipt
Legal Management
As a developer & builder you are constantly dealing with legal issues and procedures, now streamline all your legal operations from a single source.
  • Case Details entry
  • Case Hearing Schedule
  • Follow-up Allocation
  • Lawyer definition
  • Legal Consult definition
  • Case hearing scheduling
  • Hearing details entry
  • Lawyer and other legal Consultant payments
Liaison Management
Liaise with different parties and procedures involved in your construction business. One stop solution to a track of all liaison and required follow-ups.
  • Define several statutory activities
  • Follow-up Allocation
  • Notification set up for date tracking
  • Statutory payments
  • Pollution control board liaison
  • Electricity board liaison
  • Water & sewage liaison
Track your incoming enquiries and understand the efficiency of the sales processes. Improve your sales pitches, sales processes and sales personnel based on accurate analysis and performance data.
  • Prospect Registration
  • Lead distribution
  • Prospect follow-up
  • Schedule for the next follow-up details
  • Competitors project details entry
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Department hierarchy definition
  • Confidentiality of data based on the hierarchy
Manage your end-to-end bidding process from a single, robust module. Prepare, invite and analyse. For contractors this provides ease of use & integration with MS Excel with enhanced functionality; and comes with tracking mechanism to ensure there are no gaps in the processes.
  • Notice inviting tender
  • Tender preparation
  • Tender approval
  • BOQ activity linking
  • BOQ rate analysis
  • Bulk updation of rate, coefficient, replace of resources
  • Projected cash flow for the tender
Manage client-relations based on objective data & reports. Provide incentives & track work completion; besides implementing an objective evaluation criteria and appropriate incentive structures.
  • Client booking process
  • Client payment management
  • Demand letter generation
  • Client extra work management
  • Client Car park Management
  • Transfer of customers
  • Legal formalities
  • Possession hand over
The module helps you stay away from excesses thereby control costs & improving cash-flows. Aside from cost savings with proper planning save implementation timelines, thereby moving projects quickly from planning to implementation mode.
  • Activity master
  • WBS template
  • Estimate preparation
  • Estimate editing
  • Direct estimation
  • Estimation bulk editing
  • Sundry material estimation
  • Estimation versioning
  • Estimation stage closing
  • Estimation releasing
  • Budgeting/costing
Manage cash & inventories flow better with the purchases management module. Get a real-time view of stock requirements for each project & site and ensure your cash is not blocked in idle-inventory.
  • Indent preparation by site
  • Quotation entry and comparison
  • Purchase order preparation with link to estimate/budget
  • PO approval process
  • PO amendment
  • Direct expense payment
Keep an up-to-date record of all inventories and resources. Manage movement of inventory and issue of materials with additional features to account for site-to-site transfers
  • GRN at site with freight details
  • Materials issue
  • Site-to-site transfers
  • Material-returned-to-vendor account

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Qsuite ERP


  • Land Management
  • Legal Management
  • Liaison Management
  • Inquiry Management
  • Tender Bid Management
  • Client Management

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Md Akram

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  • My time is very valuable as are most executives. The Techjockeyteam gave me several great companies and helped me begin my search for Software. I also had the opportunity to chat on line as I was conducting the search, so my questions were being answered in real-time. I also received follow up phone calls with continued efforts to help me find what product fit my specific needs.?
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Chirag Narula

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16th September, 2017

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

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  • Techjockey gathered what I wanted from a software and presented me with many options. As well as, contacted many companies for me to set up appointments to review each software company individually. I found a software company that works perfect for my company. Most importantly, they save you time and show you options that you may miss!
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