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MSG91 is a flagship product of Walkover an enterprise bulk SMS solution provider designed for small, medium or large sized businesses, which works as a communication bridge between organizations by providing them enterprise messaging solutions. Other than the web application, MSG91 provides several tools and add-ons to send bulk SMSs’. Text messages and long codes are the new generation means of communication and have proved to be the shortest and swiftest way to communicate with millions of people in one go. Using MSG91 bulk SMS services, a user can endorse their brand anywhere in the world.
Product Features
MSG91 is a SMS gateway which enable e-commerce companies, retailers, banking companies and various other organizations connect with the customer through SMS and keep in touch with them, share updates on delivery, send promotional offers and a lot more. The software is robust enough to ensure messages are sent to the customer anywhere and anytime as at the company has deployed a strong algorithm which retries multiple times in case of delivery failure to ensure that the SMS is sent anyhow.
Below are certain specific features of the software:
  • Global reach in 90+ countries
  • Supports multilingual operation
  • Retry route ensuring delivery
  • Open template and sender ID
  • Lifetime validity of SMS
  • Easily configurable APIs
  • Automated operator switching
  • Servers handling peak traffic @ 2500 TPS
  • Unique algorithm
  • Monthly sustained traffic of 500 Million
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Real time SMS monitoring
  • 24X7 support
  • Retry algorithm
  • Robust Infrastructure
  • Reports
  • API integration
  • Geographical coverage
About The Company
MSG91 began their journey 6 years back with the aim of becoming the most trustworthy bulk SMS service provider across the globe and are working continuously towards it. They are among the top 5 companies of bulk SMS in India and across the globe. 

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