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45 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software in 2022

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By Whatso

4.6 (14 reviews)

Starting Price

₹1,533/Year ₹5,899/Year 74% off

Inclusive of all taxes

Whatso is a WhatsApp marketing software that is specially designed for small businesses. It is widely used by coaching... Read More About Whatso



By Innojar Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

iRocket is a WhatsApp marketing software that assists businesses in sending bulk marketing messages on WhatsApp for bra... Read More About iRocket

Best Seller

Smsgatewayhub Whatsapp API


Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

SMSGATEWAYHUB™ is a comprehensive message communication service offering customized Bulk SMS and WhatsApp API solutio... Read More About Smsgatewayhub Whatsapp API


By Rap Booster

4.6 (7 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

RapBooster Pro is a fully featured WhatsApp marketing software designed to help businesses establish efficient communic... Read More About Rapbooster


By Wapp Blaster

4.5 (4 reviews)

Price On Request

WappBlaster WhatsApp Marketing Software is a bulk message sending program. It allows the users to send customized messa... Read More About WappBlaster

Whatsender Profile

By WhatSender

4.6 (1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Users can strategically plan and represent their brand with the help of WhatSender Profile in the following ways: Custo... Read More About Whatsender Profile

Lead Myntra

By Lead Myntra

Price On Request

Lead Myntra is a web-based WhatsApp marketing software that integrates with WhatsApp and helps its users in generating... Read More About Lead Myntra


By WhatsHash

Price On Request

WhatsHash is a WhatsApp business web-app, equipped with advanced CRM features that help its users to semi-automate thei... Read More About WhatsHash

WhatsApp Myntra

By WhatsApp Myntra

Price On Request

WhatsApp SMS Myntra is a WhatsApp marketing platform that enables users to send text messages in bulk to several potent... Read More About WhatsApp Myntra

Hot Deals

Meshink WhatsApp Marketing Pro

By Indian Mesh

4.4 (1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Meshink WhatsApp Marketing Pro is an AI-powered, fully featured WhatsApp marketing software designed to serve start-up... Read More About Meshink WhatsApp Marketing Pro

Wegus WhatsApp Marketing Software

By Wegus InfoTech

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Wegus WhatsApp Marketing Software is a complete WhatsApp Marketing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and A... Read More About Wegus WhatsApp Marketing Software

pickano whatsapp marketing

By pickano softwares

Price On Request

whatsapp marketing Software can send Bulk Messages directly from your PC for marketing purposes mainly, Bulk whatsapp so... Read More About pickano whatsapp marketing

WA Sender

By WASender

1.0 (1 reviews)

Price On Request

WASender is a WhatsApp marketing software built by Indian developers. It allows users to automate their outreach commun... Read More About WA Sender

Viral Whatsapp Marketing

By Viral Marketing Tools

Starting Price

₹1,770/Year ₹5,899/Year 70% off

Inclusive of all taxes

Viral Whatsapp Marketing is a complete WhatsApp Marketing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies.... Read More About Viral Whatsapp Marketing

Q Sender

By Bikana Solution

Price On Request

Q Sender is a WhatsApp marketing software for Indian businesses. It allows users to create and broadcast personalized... Read More About Q Sender


By Whappend

Price On Request

Whappend is a WhatsApp marketing software for businesses. The software assists in increasing customer engagement rates... Read More About Whappend

Whatsapp Sender

By winhubsolutions

Price On Request

Whatsapp Sender is a complete WhatsApp Marketing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This What... Read More About Whatsapp Sender


By TigerVikram

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes


Kubic WhatsApp Marketing

By Kubic Technology

Price On Request

Kubic is one of the best marketing software that helps you connect and market your product swiftly and smartly. It’s... Read More About Kubic WhatsApp Marketing

Best Seller

Meshink Whatsapp Marketing

By Indian Mesh

3.9 (8 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Meshink Whatsapp Marketing is a marketing automation software using which enterprises can generate potential leads, sha... Read More About Meshink Whatsapp Marketing

Last Updated on : 25 Jan, 2022

What is WhatsApp Marketing Software?

WhatsApp Marketing Software is a bulk message sending tool that allows you to automatically send bulk WhatsApp messages to millions of customers. It helps you to interact with your customer easily. You can attach images, documents and any sort of multimedia to promote your product or service.

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WhatsApp Marketing Software Reviews


Priyal Gajjar

review for Whatso


"1. Very user-friendly and easy to install. 2. It helps you to send a WhatsApp message to unlimited numbers without saving them in your contact."

See All Whatso Reviews


Manisha Jain

review for Rapbooster


"Customer Service and Support is Good. They always there for me, when I need their help."

See All Rapbooster Reviews


Mukesh Thomare

review for WappBlaster


"The software is both easy to use and understand. Because of its user friendly interface, sending messages is easy."

See All WappBlaster Reviews


Tirumanyam Nadamuni

review for Meshink Whatsapp Marketing


"The software is definitely easy to use and the best for sending promotional WhatsApp messages in bulk."

See All Meshink Whatsapp Marketing Reviews

Buyer's Guide for Top WhatsApp Marketing Software

Found our list of WhatsApp Marketing Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

How To Use Whatsapp Marketing Software?

WhatsApp marketing software allows businesses to effortlessly communicate with their customers by utilizing tools to automate, categorize, and quickly respond to messages. 

WhatsApp has caught up to social networks, and businesses are making an effort to use this to their potential. WhatsApp provides an incredibly engaging rate of 98%. WhatsApp is a professional and beneficial platform to engage more people. Small to medium scale industries can thoroughly use it to their advantage.

WhatsApp marketing software can send bulk messages to your targeted audience, can keep updating customer service and advertise them about your new products. It also lets the current customers receive alerts about the status of their orders and customer service. WhatsApp can be used tactically to create a vast brand persona. With your targeted demography, you can strengthen the buzz around your product.

WhatsApp marketing software can help you send messages in bulk to start online campaigns. For small businesses, it also provides free of cost, one on one customer service. Along with this you can spread your schemes, advertise and news about your product and services. WhatsApp is also a perfect tool to organize events with your customers and your employees.

WhatsApp Marketing Software Features

  • Bulk Messaging

WhatsApp Marketing Software gives bulk messaging service to you. This feature saves you from the hassle of messaging contacts individually. It also has an added benefit of increasing the number of people to broadcast your message from 256 to unlimited. It is a great way to market your products with your customers to retain them as your valuable customer; all you have to do is to create a message and send it through the WhatsApp bulk SMS software. 

  • WhatsApp Campaign Software

To boost your sales, WhatsApp bulk message sender software can be utilized. Providing them with constant updates of their shipment tracking and taking reviews from them can help you grow your business. As stated above, WhatsApp gives a 98% response rate which is very good for getting new customers and spread your business.

  • Customer Communication

To boost your sales, bulk WhatsApp message sender software can be utilized. Providing them with constant updates of their shipment tracking and taking reviews from them can help you grow your business. As stated above, WhatsApp gives a 98% response rate which is very good for getting new customers and spread your business.

  • WhatsApp Number Filter Software

One of the critical functions of bulk WhatsApp sender software is that it helps stay connected with your active customers and segregate them as per their requirement and activity. And WhatsApp marketing software’s number filter feature does that. It can filter out contacts who aren’t responding, who have probably blocked or changed their numbers and take them out of the list and declutter the process.

  • WhatsApp Advertising Software

A business that wants to flourish will have to advertise their products, and WhatsApp marketing software provides all the necessary tools for it cost-effectively. You can advertise through flyers and videos. WhatsApp gives you an interactive platform to boost your interactivity with your customers. You can send bulk messages to your targeted audience and gather responses. You can also organize events where you can directly send customers an invitation. WhatsApp has a robust response rate.

  • Automatic Replies

This feature allows setting up automatic responses, to keep customers engaged even when your service champs are away. This feature is quite similar to that of Facebook messenger, making it possible to display professionalism.

  • Digitalized Marketing

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software enables you to automate your messages and permit you to get control over it. By programming your WhatsApp Marketing campaign occasionally, you allow the software to do the pending work. This is the part of Digital Marketing Software.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Software

  • Improved Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is an important factor for any kind of business to flourish. WhatsApp marketing creates a direct communication channel between the customer and the business agent. WhatsApp’s assimilation as a marketing tool increases your response rate to all your customers. WhatsApp also gives you the option to send images and videos for a full-scale engaging marketing campaign.

  • Easy Number Accessibility

WhatsApp marketing software lets you connect to any WhatsApp user, despite of location. This helps you boost your business in any geographical area of your interest.

  • Interactivity with Customer

Bulk WhatsApp marketing software boosts interactivity between the business and customer through the means of media. You can now broadcast all your media content to your contact list with a single click.

  • Promotion and Advertisement

WhatsApp bulk software is a spectacular tool that lets you endorse your product to your customer without any issue. You can also inform numerous customers about your discounts and sales at once, in real-time. It is a great advertising tool, where you can share eye-catching creatives or videos.

  • Marketing Survey

WhatsApp marketing software is a splendid tool for advertising your new line of products (or services) and offers. You can inform them about all the discount rates on products.  You can send all the details quickly and in detail for the concerned products. The bulk WhatsApp software allows you to run analytics of all your WhatsApp chats and create a dashboard to read into the data and give insightful reports for your business to prosper.


Author: Kalpana Arya

WhatsApp Marketing Software FAQs

WhatsApp Marketing in itself is not illegal as marketing coverts of an array of different practices, some legal and some not legal. Some of these practices are deemed unethical while others can be used ethically.

Practices such as spamming and mass or bulk messaging in WhatsApp aren’t allowed, if numbers are not in your contact list and if they are unsolicited. Hence, it is advisable to send messages if you have a subscribers’ list with permission given by each individual.

If you would like to send greetings to your family and friends or messages to your customers regarding offers, you can use the bulk WhatsApp sender software solutions mentioned above. These solutions not only help you sent messages but also help you manage your list, send automatically modified messages and much more.

Using bulk WhatsApp sender software is really easy and saves the extra effort and time taken to send messages individually

Businesses require to employ various marketing strategies to reach target audiences through a number of online and OOH media platforms. One of the most efficient online marketing strategies is through a well-equipped WhatsApp Marketing software. Open source and free bulk WhatsApp sender solutions are available in abundance today, making it easy for small businesses to tap into the WhatsApp consumer-base while also ensuring compliance. Due to low to no charges for these bulk WhatsApp sender tools, small businesses who are just beginning their entrepreneurial journey, can increase their visibility.

WhatsApp when put to creative use is not just a great tool for internal communication but also marketing different products. The social media platform becomes all the more useful for the fact that most people today are well accustomed to using this application for communication, both personal and professional.

From advertising existing products to launching new products, WhatsAppsuccessfully caters to the audience that relies on such forums for exchanging knowledge and information. Moreover,if used wisely for connecting with existing customers,WhatsApp is an advantageous platform for promoting your product. These existing customers serve as good links for connecting businesses to newer customers.

Currently, India is one of the biggest markets in the WhatsApp world with a total of around two hundred million users depending on the application for communication purposes.

Given the wide user base the application has, it is beyond doubt that WhatsApp has full capacity for expanding businesses. Further, there are good number of active internet users in the country thus giving a further boost to the multiple marketing/promotion activities that could be done using WhatsApp.

The messaging platform has also been regularly updating itself with new, interesting features so that its active users continue relying on WhatsApp for communication purposes. Businesses and companies also keep coming up with interesting ideas to keep the audience engaged. Rewards and coupon are being used to lure customers further in.  

WhatsApp Bulk Sender helps send text messages along with images, videos, sound and pictures. Promoting your business is important as most other organisations too depend on WhatsApp to promote their products. So it is necessary to keep pace with the times and utilize WhatsApp Bulk Sender as a marketing tool.

Easily share promotional plans, business addresses, and information about re-launched products. It is also possible to send business cards, real-time coupons and audio information.

First, download the bulk WhatsApp sender. Next, click on the Import option to load contacts from txt or csv file. Third, type the text after clicking on the message option. You can also attach files through the file attach option given right under the box meant for typing messages. Lastly, use the send option to send messages to the respective contacts.

Make use of settings option to set delays in sending messages. You can easily check whether or not these messages have been read by checking the column on the extreme left corner of the screen.   

You can create customised messages for WhatsApp marketing. Either import contacts to load them into software or avoid importing them altogether. Both ways you can send messages to different WhatsApp numbers. In other words, it is possible to send messages through bulk WhatsApp sender without saving a number. Open the chat window in WhatApp software or application, type the message and send it.

It is also possible to create multiple accounts within the software to send messages to multiple users from these multiple accounts. Again, this feature can be used for sending messages to even those numbers not loaded into the software by using the chat window for typing the desired message.

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