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by : WhatSender

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Whatsender Profile

by : WhatSender

Starting Price ₹4130 Inclusive of all taxes
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Brand: WhatSender

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Whatsender Profile Software Overview

About WhatSender Profile 

WhatSender Profile is a WhatsApp marketing software that can be used for sending messages to WhatsApp contacts in bulk. The software uses WhatsApp Web technology to help its users with their whatsapp marketing strategies. Users can customize all the messages before finally sending them. They can create their contact base either by manually adding the numbers or by importing them from a file. It supports all major file formats.

WhatSender allows its users to send messages to even those contacts which are not saved within their address book. The software also enables users to manage multiple accounts within a single platform. Finally, users can check the performance of their campaigns with the help of the report provided by the software. The latest version of WhatSender Profile was launched on 27th of March 2020.

How does WhatSender Profile help users with their brand marketing?

Users can strategically plan and represent their brand with the help of WhatSender Profile in the following ways:

  1. Customized Messages: End users can use the software for customizing messages so that your customers receive personalized messages based on their choices and requirements.
  2. Multiple Accounts: You can use a single platform software for operating multiple accounts. As a result, sending messages on a rotational basis is easy and convenient.
  3. Import Contacts: Manually adding contacts is easy with the software. You can also select specific WhatsApp groups for sending messages.
  4. Bulk Messages: Bulk messaging is hassle free and the best part is end users have the freedom for timing messages so that they reach the recipient’s inbox and not spam/junk folder.

Pricing of WhatSender Profile 

The software is available for Rs. 2299.91, for 1 year and supports one PC. You can initiate a callback request if you are interested. 

Compatible Platforms of WhatSender Profile 

The software is compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit) versions of the Windows operating system. Users can also use the software from their macOS by downloading the WhatSender Chrome Extension in their system.

What are the benefits of using WhatSender Profile 

  1. SpinTax: SpinTax feature of the software allows the users to set multiple words with similar meanings. The inbuilt programmer will randomly select those words while sending messages to the contacts. Thus, ensuring that different messages are sent to each contact and the user will not be reported as spam by the recipients. 
  2. Multiple Accounts: Users can add multiple WhatsApp accounts within the software and send messages from them in a rotational form (eg: 30 messages per account).
  3. Contact Grabber: Users can grab all the contacts from a selected WhatsApp group using this feature. They need to open WhatsApp on their phone and select a group from where the software will automatically extract the contacts that will be listed on the ‘contact grabber’ window.
  4. Numbers Filter: By using this feature, users can filter out the numbers which are there in WhatsApp and send messages to their users.

Whatsender Profile Features

  • Import & Export Data The software allows its users to import the number of their recipients in multiple formats like TXT and CSV. They can also import
  • WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Users can send messages to their contacts in bulk with the help of WhatSender Profile. They can also schedule the whole process
  • Bulk WhatsApp Sender The software allows its users to send WhatsApp messages in bulk. They can also send messages to contacts whose numbers are not
  • Sync Contacts Users can sync all their contacts with the software. They can compose and send messages in WhatsApp with viral photos and
  • Reporting WhatSender Profile sends real-time reports to its users, enabling them to track the performance of their WhatsApp
  • User Friendly WhatSender Profile features a friendly user interface. Users do not need to undergo any special training to operate the
  • Easy to use and Customizable The software has a friendly user interface that can be customised as per the needs of the user. They can also send customised
  • Bulk Send With the help of WhatSender Profile users can send WhatsApp messages to their contacts in bulk. Users can also send messages to
  • Features The software offers a whole lot of advanced features like post sending log, number filter, timed sending, grab contacts from

Whatsender Profile Plans & Pricing

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WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender
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Whatsender Profile Specifications

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  • Windows
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  • All Industries
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  • English

Whatsender Profile Reviews


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“Good experience, user friendly software”

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Posted - Feb 20, 2021

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Whatsender Profile FAQ

Q. How efficient is the Numbers Filter feature of WhatSender Profile? arrow

A. The Numbers Sender feature enables users to know whether a particular number from the list is associated with WhatsApp or not.

Q. How useful is the SpinTax feature of WhatSender Profile? arrow

A. The SpinTax feature of the software allows users to add a set of words with the same meaning and the inbuilt programmer will randomly select those words while sending messages to the recipients.

Q. Can I Get a demo of WhatSender Profile? arrow

A. Yes, you can take an online demo for this software with Techjockey. You simply need to raise a demo request along with your preferred date and time.

Q. How efficient is the Number Grabber feature of WhatSender Profile? arrow

A. Users need to select a WhatsApp group and the software will automatically extract all the numbers from that group and show them on the ‘contact grabber’ window.

Q. Does WhatSender Profile have a mobile app? arrow

A. Users can operate the software from their personal computers. They can only use their mobile devices to enable WhatsApp web technology.

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