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Best Marketing Automation Software in 2024

What are Marketing Automation Tools?

Marketing automation tools help you to automate repetitive marketing activities, measures campaign metrics and streamlines workflows. Business needs marketing automation tools to set up multiple channels and automate their activites. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Marketing Automation Software in 2024

  • top product arrowEngagebay
  • top product arrowPardot
  • top product arrowMeshink Whatsapp Marketing
  • top product arrowFreshmarketer
  • top product arrowMadgicx

Best Marketing Automation Software

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Brand: Engagebay India PVT LTD


5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Engagebay is an all-in-one CRM that simplifies sales, marketing, and customer support functions for businesses. The solution automates your routine tasks... Read More About Engagebay img

₹988 /Month

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Brand: Salesforce

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Pardot, now called Account Engagement, is a software technology that helps in automatically managing your organization’s multi-channel marketing campaig... Read More About Pardot img

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Meshink Whatsapp Marketing

Meshink Whatsapp Marketing

Brand: Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd


4.7 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

Meshink Whatsapp Marketing is a marketing automation software using which enterprises can generate potential leads, share business-related and product-bas... Read More About Meshink Whatsapp Marketing img

₹1,599 /Quantity

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Brand: Freshworks


4.5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Freshmarketer is one of the best marketing automation tools available, currently used for optimizing the performance of a website as well as nurturing cus... Read More About Freshmarketer img

₹4,636 /month

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Brand: Madgicx


5 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Madgicx is an artificial intelligence-based marketing automation software that enables its users to generate data-driven leads with omnichannel presence.... Read More About Madgicx img

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Oracle eloqua

Oracle eloqua

Brand: Oracle


4 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Oracle Eloqua is a marketing automation software for businesses using which they can plan excellent campaigns for their B2B clients. Companies can persona... Read More About Oracle eloqua img

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Brand: GetResponse


4.5 out of 5

(9 user reviews)

GetResponse is a web-based marketing automation solution for enterprises. It offers engaging email templates that enable organizations to convert site tra... Read More About GetResponse img

₹858 /Year



Brand: Cavintek Inc

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You don’t wonder anymore as you are equipped with tools that pin accountability to an individual or process step. Productivity-Visual cues, email notifi... Read More About Cflow img

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Brand: WebEngage

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Webengage marketing automation tool captures user profile data and merges with transactional data to create dynamically personalized campaign messages. We... Read More About WebEngage img

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Brand: Betaout

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Betaout is an all-in-one E-commerce Marketing Automation Tools. Using the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and hyper-personalization, Bet... Read More About Betaout img

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Last Updated on : 18 Apr, 2024

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Best Marketing Automation Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

When a prospect makes the first contact with your company, they’re not necessarily in the mood to buy. It’s likely that they’re gathering information. Inbound marketing automation software helps you identify prospects that are in the latter stage (information-gathering) and differentiates them from prospects who are further down the sales funnel. With marketing automation software, you can segregate customers so that each receives a different set of communication. For example, prospects who are in the information-gathering part of the funnel might receive an e-newsletter that shares blog posts and e-books that talk about the overall benefits of your product or service. Prospects further down the sales funnel would receive e-newsletters along with blog posts and e-books that talk about your product pricing & the return-on-investment that your product can provide them. Prospects look for general information at the top of the sales funnel. At the bottom, they require more specific information.

Marketing automation software tools lets companies push customers and prospects through the sales funnel faster and with greater efficiency. From sales POV, marketing automation helps in turning prospects into leads with automated actions. Keeping track of your prospects and sending out the right communication at the right time is crucial for any sales team. From marketing POV, automating your campaigns gives you the ability to connect to your targets with different engagements.

When you use this software, you can spend more time following up with leads rather than wasting it trying to schedule your next marketing campaign. You can prepare targeted campaigns that are ready to deploy and automatically execute everything with the click of a button. Marketing automation lets you gain insights and knowledge which allow you to change and gain even better results next time.

An email auto-responder is a singular outbound marketing tactic. You have readymade content that is automatically sent out to anyone trying to reach you. While this tactic has its benefits, it doesn’t hold a candle to what you can accomplish with automated marketing. With an automated system, you will first set up a marketing campaign. Then, depending on your campaign, different automated actions can be put in place based on the needs of the recipients.

Marketing automation software can be used by organisations of all sizes. For small organisations, marketing automation lets you make the most out of your limited resources and reach just as many prospects as any larger sized entity. Whether you have a contact list of 50 names or 5,000,000 prospects, automated marketing makes it easy to reach them in multiple ways.

Cavintek Cflow Odoo Practice League Document Assembly and Automation Leadsquared Marketing Automation Betaout LBM Solution Multi-Level Marketing Software (MLM) Act-On Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software tools are used for executing, managing and automating marketing tasks and processes. Basically it helps the marketing department to captures leads, measure campaign metrics, and streamline workflow.

Marketing Automation Software Reviews


Meshink Whatsapp Marketing


“The software is definitely easy to use and the best for sending promotional WhatsApp messages in bulk.”

- Tirumanyam Nadamuni

See all Meshink Whatsapp Marketing reviewsimg



“optimizing the performance of a website as well as nurturing customer relations”

- Vasudev Kalra

See all Freshmarketer reviewsimg



“Best price online, and an actual knowledgeable person to talk to with on telephone support, my question was answered immediately.?”

- Mukul Bisht

See all GetResponse reviewsimg

Marketing Automation Software Price List In India

Marketing Automation Software Cost
Top Marketing Automation Software Starting Price Rating
Engagebay₹987.94 /Month5
Meshink Whatsapp Marketing₹1599.00 /Quantity4.7
Freshmarketer₹4636.00 /month4.5
GetResponse ₹858.00 /Year4.5

Buyer's Guide for Top Marketing Automation Software

Found our list of Marketing Automation Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Marketing Automation Software?
  • What Do Marketing Tools Do?
  • Why You Need Marketing Automation Software
  • Features of Marketing Automation Tools
  • Benefits of Marketing Automation Software
  • Buyers Guide

What is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation software, as the name implies, automates marketing activities, measures campaign metrics & streamlines workflows. It provides a centralised marketing database to store all marketing-related information, which can be used by businesses to create personalised marketing experiences for their prospects. It provides automation features across different verticals of marketing like email, social media, lead generation, online advertising and more.

Marketing automation software gives marketers an analytical solution that can be used to measure the effectiveness of an entire campaign across channels and demographics. This lets them better understand the impact of a campaign in terms of KPIs, company revenue & ROIs.

What Do Marketing Tools Do?

Marketing automation tools help in addressing common challenges faced by businesses today, particularly of lead generation and customer engagement. With the influx of data collected, businesses often struggle to effectively harness it. Marketing automation software offers a solution by streamlining workflows, enabling more efficient use of this data;

Personalized Workflows: One of the key benefits of marketing automation is the ability to create personalized workflows for each prospect. By analyzing prospects' actions and behaviors, this software helps businesses understand customer needs in real-time. Manual tracking of such behaviors would be impractical, but with marketing automation, businesses can use these insights to deliver precisely tailored content at the right moment. These workflows guide qualified prospects toward valuable content, nurturing them into warm leads and, ultimately, loyal customers who may refer others.

Streamlined Processes: Effective marketing automation tools facilitate cohesion across various functional teams within a company. This ensures that customer-centric processes are seamlessly integrated, reducing customer effort at every stage of their journey. Silos are broken down, enabling teams to collaborate in providing a unified customer experience from the initial touchpoint all the way through post-purchase interactions. With marketing automation, complex hand-off procedures become unnecessary, as data is automatically stored centrally, and internal workflows prioritize tasks as needed.

Why You Need Marketing Automation Software

Unlike the sales-focused approach of CRM software, marketing automation software tools follow a prospective customer’s top-of-the-funnel activities. It keeps a track of customers who visit your website, open an email sent by you, read a published blog post or fill out an enquiry form. Typically, this software is used by marketers to schedule, track & analyse different types of campaigns such as email campaigns, bulk business to customer communications, and so on.

Marketing automation tools let you segment prospects and visitors into mailing lists based on their previous interactions with the company & preferences. You can also use this software for lead nurturing and send automated emails to keep prospects interested.

You most certainly need a marketing automation software if your business is experiencing any of these problems:

Your Prospect List is too Big to Manage Manually

Having thousands of contacts on your email list is a truly phenomenal feeling. But manually tracking opening rates and compiling metric analysis reports isn’t the greatest feeling in the world. Not to mention, it’s a tedious task & there’s always the possibility of human-made errors. Best marketing automation software ensures that each prospect passes through the right stages of the marketing funnel to nurture and turn him/ her into a good lead for your sales team.

Your Customer List Needs to Expand

Every marketing professional wants to generate more leads for the sales team. With marketing automation software, you can homogenize & enhance your outreach experience.

Your Excellent Content Isn’t Getting Traction

If your business has excellent content that you want your prospective clients to see, marketing automation software can get your content in front of the right audience faster. It lets you identify the right demography and geographical locations, where your content will get more reach and engagement. Once your content viewership starts expanding, you can then moderate engagement and focus on ways to make existing readers share what you’re posting.

Features of Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation platforms simplifies campaign setup & tracking, analysis & communications. The features of best marketing automation tools are: -

Campaign Management

At the core of marketing automation are various marketing campaigns. Marketing automation software can manage a range of campaign types across various channels. The goal is to send your customers the right information at the right time via the right channel to get them interested in your product or organization. Campaign management involves the planning, execution, tracking and analysis of these campaigns.

Campaign management helps with integrated campaign automation which means that every step of the campaign takes place within the same interface and doesn’t require users to bounce around between systems. Marketers don’t need to create multiple campaigns to promote different products; a marketing automation platform does it for them.

It lets your sales and marketing teams work together like a well-oiled machine. It facilitates collaboration and communication to improve campaign execution and efficient opportunity management. Campaign management supports both outbound and inbound marketing campaigns.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are webpages that customers see when they click on a promotional link. Inbound marketing automation software captures lead details and forwards them automatically, from landing pages to the sales team.

The landing page is used to obtain leads, and it contains a call to action to get a visitor in touch with the company or to facilitate a sale. The software also comes with the option to add a lead generation form (the form that’s filled out by customers when they visit your page). Best marketing automation CRM software provide professionally curated templates for landing pages & lead generation forms, to help businesses save time in designing and in streamlining the creation process.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is at the heart of the most successful marketing campaigns. Email marketing automation software can be used to send emails to customers, acquire new customers, advertise and generate sales. Tracking such campaigns gives you ROI information & helps track visitor engagement and other customer-related data. Email marketing automation software allows marketers to have personalised interaction with prospects and customers by sending messages that are more likely to engage customers and promote retention.

CRM Integration

CRM and marketing automation software are two highly compatible solutions that work on the sales and marketing process of a company. Marketing automation software comes with integrated CRM features.

With this feature, you can add lead history and other important data to the CRM, to maintain crucial records of customer information. When a lead is generated, a new record is created and assigned to a salesperson for follow up. Sales teams can then pinpoint when a lead last visited your website, what they were interested in and if they requested for further information.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a much sought-after functionality of digital marketing automation software. If you don’t know what it means, lead scoring is when you rank prospects against various metrics to determine their perceived value to your organization. It helps in prioritizing leads that should be focussed on, and in what order.

This feature of marketing automation software allows users to determine which stage of the buying cycle a lead is in and target them accordingly. Organizations can use this to gather data about customer types, their behaviour & interests, to improve their experience with the company.

Lead scoring feature helps businesses with increased sales efficiency, improved marketing and sales team effectiveness, workflow optimization, tighter sales and marketing alignment, and overall increase in revenue.

Drip Marketing Tools

This feature lets you pass leads down the sales funnel faster using email marketing and drip marketing. You can also check the engagement at each step, so you can plan your marketing moves efficiently.
Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics are business intelligence tools that are crucial to any organisation’s marketing department. Digital marketing automation software allows you to view quality reports and analyse them for further improvement. With this feature, you can view different kinds of auto-generated reports, factoring in different criteria such as customer demographics, sales figures, ROI, etc. Furthermore, the analytics tool lets you understand your marketing efforts better and strategies for the future success.

Email Analytics

Email marketing automation Tools can be used to track emails that have a high response rate. This data lets you replicate the same success in future email blasts.

Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation platform makes a marketer’s life a lot simpler with its advanced features. The benefits of marketing automation software include: -

All-in-One Marketing System

Inbound marketing automation software has all the necessary automation features you need to launch a successful campaign. You can generate more traffic, easily convert leads, and track your marketing funnel without spending on other software to back it up. It can also be integrated with CRM software for further enhancement.

Personalization Capabilities

Every business operates differently, and it can be exhausting to modify your operations to suit certain software. To save time and money, digital marketing automation software can be used to personalize your workflow and prepare marketing strategies however you want.

Reliable Analytics

Wrong decisions can be costly for any business. With marketing automation software’s analytics tools, you don’t have to worry about making incorrect predictions. It allows you to get accurate, real-time reports that can be referred to, whenever you make changes to your campaign.

Easy Data Synchronization

CRM and marketing automation software work seamlessly with each other. Solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc are the best example of this.

Advanced Lead Nurturing

This software offers advanced feature which enhances lead management, demand generation and client retention. Thus, you can focus only on quality leads and maximize time used on campaigns.

Quality Emailing Tool

Email marketing automation software comes with an email management tool that can be used to create customised and strategically scheduled emails.

Tracks Customer Preferences

With inbound marketing automation software, you can have a more personalized marketing approach by keeping track of your customers’ preferences. It records the interests of your clients and matches them to corresponding products and services.

Simplified Social Engagement

Through inbound marketing automation software’s simplified social engagement features, you can easily share, promote and engage both new and existing leads quickly and conveniently.

Individualized Workflows

Target your audience with the right content at the right time with marketing automation software’s configurable workflows. No matter what your process may be and no matter how you categorize your leads, this feature can accelerate your operations with minimal disruptions.

Buyers Guide

Before you buy a marketing automation software, here’s a list of things you need to be wary of: -

What Features Do You Need?

When choosing a marketing automation platform, take a good look at all the features offered by the system. Don’t go for solutions with flashy tools that don’t meet your expectations. Go for a solution that provides you with expertly engineered features you will certainly use.

What Analytics Tools Do They Offer?

Analytics is an important part of any marketing campaign, but the process of collating and organizing data can be overwhelming. Therefore, it’s important to choose a marketing automation solution that has a robust built-in analytics tool. With this, you can get a better insight into your marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Seamless Integration with Other Software

Choose a platform that can seamlessly integrate with other third-party solutions you’re using in your business currently or you are thinking about using in the future. This way, you minimize potential disruption to your business operations and avoid the hassle of having to implement a new software each time your company buys a solution.

Mobile Optimization

Having control over your marketing campaign on the go is a nice edge to have. To do so, ensure that you pick mobile-optimised platforms that allows you to manage campaigns, collaborate with your team, check campaign progress and engage leads on-the-go.

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