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Webengage captures user profile data and merges with transactional data to create dynamically personalized campaign messages. WebEngage's personalization module comes integrated with multi-channel marketing suite.  Increase marketing ROI with email personalization via recommendation engine and personalization software. User profiles, cross-device segmentation, single customer view, personalization, geo-fencing and much more to automate and supercharge your marketing across channels.

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About WebEngage

WebEngage is an experience in itself a lot has been said about that on GlassdoorQuora and other places. They are hiring for the positions below. Apply now to be a part of one of the coolest workplaces of times As a SaaS solution, they are releasing new features to customers on a weekly basis and needed a way to notify our customers in real-time as they deployed them the to app. It uses WebEngage's notification tool, and target the notifications based on cookies that we set in application to reach the desired subset of users. When they have questions about how much customers value features, it uses WebEngage's survey tool to gather input, and refine recent releases. We could not be happier with our decision to use WebEngage, and strongly recommend it to anyone else needing a more effective way to communicate directly with customers.
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Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv



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Features of Webengage

Capture user profile data and merge with transaction data to create dynamically personalized campaign messages.
Marketing Automation
WebEngage's personalisation module comes integrated with multi-channel marketing suite. Increase marketing ROI with email personalisation via recommendation engine and personalisation software.
Create triggers on the basis of segment transition. Analyse real time rolling segments. Drive actions for right customer retention strategies.
Email Marketing
Personalize your targeted emails with automated email templates, personalisation tokens and event attributes. Automate triggered email marketing using user persona & behaviour values across customer lifecycle stages.
Design tools
Use profile data and user behaviour to create personalised and contextually relevant mobile push messages Add images, CTAs and tokens to make your mobile rich push notifications more effective and better converting.
Reach out only to the set of users you intend to. Smart segments to help you target the exact set. Use user attributes and behaviour to create pre-defined and dynamic segments. No more irrelevant messages to your hard-earned users.
Smart Website Notifications & Messaging Overlays Guide your traffic towards conversion. Influence your user's journey with targeted messages.
Automate Your SMS Marketing: Drive Engagement with Personalized & Targeted Text Messages The reach of your text message campaigns with the relevance and context of multi-channel marketing

Webengage plans and pricing



Rs. 199.00 ( Per Month )

  • Basic analytics
  • Basic segmentation
  • Engage across all channels
  • Personalize using users & events
  • 5 journeys
  • Limited 3rd party integrations
  • Email only support


Rs. 899.00 ( Per Month )

  • Solo plan features +
  • Rolling time-window segments
  • A/B testing of campaigns
  • Channel trends & insights
  • Cross-channel comparison
  • 10 journeys
  • Role-based access
  • Chat support


Rs. 1499.00 ( Per Month )

  • Band plan features +
  • Advanced analytics
  • Frequency capping & DND
  • Personalize using 3rd party API data
  • Schedule reports
  • 20 journeys
  • API integration
  • Phone support



  • Choir plan features +
  • Live view of segments & campaigns
  • Dynamic logic within campaigns
  • Data ingestion error detection
  • Custom reports
  • 100 journeys
  • Unlimited 3rd party integrations Account manager

Webengage Demo Video

WebEngage is a marketing cloud for consumer businesses. You can automate user retention across multiple channels like Email, Mobile Push, In-app Messages, On-site Messages, Browser Push and SMS. In each of the above mentioned channels, we let you personalize the content on a wide variety of parameters. You can personalize campaign content based on user data and their behavior data (events). More importantly, we let you fetch data from other sources too, to personalize the content in your campaigns. Check out this video, you are gonna love it! Curious to know more about our visual workflow builder? Check out how the Journey Designer works - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K_sN...

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Clients Now

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Smart Test

Pretty easy and straightforward to use.


22nd September, 2017

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  • Amazing resource. Stumbled on them by accident and glad I did. Erick was fantastic at helping organize the information I was looking to obtain! Very happy I called them!
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