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Pardot B2B Marketing Automation, one central canvas to power smarter marketing programs. Pardot provides a full suite of tools that help marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

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Features of Pardot Marketing Automation

Lead Nurturing

Intelligent lead nurturing that adapts to your audience. Build, test, and push send with confidence. Automatically send emails based on triggers including time, interactions and other custom parameters Make the most of your database by re-engaging dormant leads Build, test, send, and report — all in one visual interface.

Content Suite

Use data to personalize the customer experience Display targeted offers on your website and landing pages Seamlessly shift nurturing and email paths as you uncover new information

 Forms Management

Keep your forms short and your visitors happy. Progressive profiling collects new information at each interaction Drag-and-drop builder for quick form creation Validate email addresses, instantly sync data and augment with Data.com

Finally understand the impact of your SEM and SEO efforts. Integrate Google AdWords to determine true campaign ROI Track revenue from natural search terms Analyze keyword performance to improve your performance

Deliver the personalized experience today’s buyers expect. Content that changes based on prospect engagement Automatic segmentation so you can target more effectively Custom from address and signature based on the assigned account manager

Connect at the right time, every time. Be the first to respond to hot prospects See what’s happening in between sales calls Get alerts via email, desktop or your mobile device

Connect seamlessly with Salesforce CRM. See how marketing efforts translate to sales dollars Give sales access to important customer insights without interrupting their workflows Unlock the power of the Salesforce AppExchange

Measure and track campaign performance, and draw insights based on your data. Tie your individual closed leads back to marketing efforts. Analyze campaign success by channel and initiative. Connect your marketing efforts to your sales data. Understand how customers move through your sales funnel from click to close. Check the health of your funnel at a glance. Identify where opportunities are getting stuck. Adapt marketing efforts to close deals more quickly.

Understand how all of your channels work together to generate leads and accelerate pipeline. Tie programs like webinars and live events to revenue. See how each customer interacts with you across channels. Instantly analyze the true value of your Google AdWords campaigns.

Pardot Marketing Automation plans and pricing



Rs. 93750.00 ( Per Month )

  • Fuel growth with smarter marketing automation


Rs. 187500.00 ( Per Month )

  • Dive deeper with marketing automation and analytics


Rs. 300000.00 ( Per Month )

  • Power innovation with advanced marketing automation and analytics

Pardot Marketing Automation Demo Video

Pardot is the #1 BRB marketing automation solution for companies with sales teams, connecting them with the best leads to close more deals, faster.

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Pardot Marketing Automation Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Pardot Marketing Automation

Q. What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a software platform that helps you to automate your marketing and sales engagement to generate more leads, close more deals, and better measure marketing success.

Q. How can Marketing Automation help you?

Leveraging marketing automation, your sales and marketing teams can work as a single, cohesive team to automate and optimize your leads as they move from the top of the funnel, down to the bottom, where sales are made. MARKETING AUTOMATION HELPS YOU: Generate more leads Qualify and prioritize your leads Nurture those leads to a sales-ready state Manage all of your email marketing campaigns Report on the success of your campaigns Marketing departments save time and resources with an easy-to-use platform that makes it simple to manage all your campaigns in a single solution. Your campaigns run on autopilot while you spend time on all the other things you need to do to become more successful. With marketing automation you have a 360-degree view of how your prospects are interacting with you and the tools to turn them into customers.

Q. Who should use marketing automation?

Marketing automation gives you the tools to manage a large database of leads without missing out on opportunities. For businesses who are looking to streamline the transfer of leads from marketing to sales, improve lead quality and get in first with the hottest leads, marketing automation provides the framework you need to transform the relationship between your sales and marketing teams and empower your sales reps to sell smarter.

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