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What is Email Verification Tool?

Email verification software is the most important component of every email marketing tool kit. Because this software has been designed to ensure the validity of all emails and allows you to check and select the best emails list that ensures the best deliverables. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Email Verification Tools

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Brand: Comsense Tecnologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Kleanmail is an AI-driven cloud-based email validation tool used by different industry verticals for differentiating valid email IDs from invalid ones and... Read More About Kleanmail img

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Brand: Kratikal Tech Pvt Ltd

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ow and helps in enhancing the email deliverability rate.... Read More About KDMARC img

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Brand: TextMagic


4 out of 5

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Text magic is a bulk SMS messaging service provider that allows SMBs to send short accurate messages to the customers. It is a fully featured business SMS... Read More About TextMagic img

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Brand: VoilaNorbert

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Voilanorbert is a complete Email Marketing Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Email Marketing Tools for Web-Based has a simple... Read More About Voilanorbert img

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Brand: ZeroBounce

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ZeroBounce is a complete Email Marketing Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Email Marketing Tools for Web-Based has a simple i... Read More About ZeroBounce img

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Melissa Email Verification

Melissa Email Verification

Brand: Melissa

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Melissa Email Verificationis a complete Email Verification Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Email Verification Tools for Web... Read More About Melissa Email Verification img

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Brand: Mailgun Technologies

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Mailgun is an all-in-one Email Verification Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Email Verification Tools has a simple... Read More About Mailgun img

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Ixverify is a complete Email Verification Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Email Verification Tools for has a simple interfa... Read More About Ixverify img

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Winpure Data Quality

Winpure Data Quality


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Winpure Data Quality is a complete Email Verification Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Email Verification Tools for Web-Base... Read More About Winpure Data Quality img

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Brand: Experian

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Experianis a complete Email Verification Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Email Verification Tools for Web-Based has a simpl... Read More About Experian img

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Last Updated on : 23 Nov, 2023

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Best Email Verification Tools FAQ’s

Software questions,

Email verifier software solutions support formats like XLSX, CSV, TXT and XLS for uploading emails/subscribers' list. All downloaded results can be viewed in CSV format. The formats available for sample codes are Node, Python, Bash, Go and PHP.  

Email verifying solutions online prepare two types of files once the validation process is complete. The first file contains a list of only clean emails that are available for immediate use. In the second file, you would find two columns. One column with only the email address mentioned in it and the other column with details of that particular email address.  

Affiliate monitoring is simple yet one of the most important mechanisms of the email verification process. The feature identifies correctly which affiliate/sub-affiliate is sending too much of garbage data. This kind of monitoring is performed in real-time using security protocols like 2FA and asymmetric encryption.  

The best free email verification tools that would be great for detecting spam traps, bad domains and high risk keyboards are: MailboxValidator Unique feature: Checker for grey lists and suppressed emails Unique feature: Scalable and customizable features MillionVerifier Unique feature: Highly accurate considered to be around ninety nine percent EmaiListVerify Unique feature: Integration with email services and checking spam keywords MyEmailVerifier Unique feature: High turnaround time ZeroBounce Unique feature: Automatic re-verifications for email ids that are greylisted Verifalia Unique feature: Advanced feature for verifying syntaxes QuickEmailVerification Unique feature: Encryption for safe data storage Clearout Unique feature: Detecting all kinds of accounts like catch all, disposable and role-based.

You can use the best paid or free bulk email verification software for its additional capabilities like: Removing sub addresses Auto suggestion Verifying mailbox quotas Checking deliverability scores Existence checking of mailboxes ISP-based syntax validation Appending IP information WordPress plugins Accuracy ratio

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Buyer's Guide for Top Email Verification Tools

Found our list of Email Verification Tools helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What are Email Verification Tools?
  • Verifying the Legitimacy of Email Addresses with Email Validation Tools
  • Sender Score & Email Verification Tools
  • Features of Email Verifier Software
  • Evaluation Criteria for Selecting the Best Email Validation Tools
  • Benefits of Using Email Verifier Online Solutions
  • Technical Functionality: Email Verification Tools

What are Email Verification Tools?

Any email that you send to an unverified email address is bound to suffer a hard bounce, which in turn isn't good for any business.

Email verifier software most importantly creates for its end users a clean emailing list that has higher engagement rates and better deliverability capabilities. Most importantly, businesses need the software for maintaining sender's reputation because each email that you send from your side has been verified and re-verified using the SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) technique.

Syntax correctness, response codes and domain validity are the key module's built-in into email verifying online solutions for validating the uploaded email lists. You can easily distinguish between clean and bad email addresses because validation tools divide all emailing lists into five sections, that are: deliverable, risky, undeliverable, duplicate and unknown.

Verifying the Legitimacy of Email Addresses with Email Validation Tools

  • Syntax check for removing email addresses that haven’t been properly formatted.
  • Detection of spam traps, bogus email ids, BOTs, and such domains.
  • Checking MX records for verifying DNS entries of all the email ids.
  • Flagging addresses that may put your account in the blacklists of important internet service providers.
  • Detecting DEA (disposable email address) for forms like logins and signups.
  • Identifying DNSBL (DNS-based blackhole list) and RBL (real-time black hole list) that are so often used for spamming purposes.
  • Conducting SMTP verification for every email address. This is the final step in the verification process.

Sender Score & Email Verification Tools

Email verifying software solutions help in improving the sender's score. The higher the sender score, the higher would be the chances of your email messages reaching a client's or a customer's inbox. To ensure a high sender score, the best email verifier software would perform the following tasks for you.

  • If email verification remains the prime function of email validation tools then preventing hard bounces is its key utility. The lesser these are, the lesser would be chances of messages reaching the receiver's blacklist.
  • Checking email addresses that mark your messages as spam. Once done, you can opt to not send them any emails.
  • Monitor IPs that blacklist your email. Getting blacklisted means even the server of the receiver disapproves your incoming messages. To avoid this, popular email verifier online platforms regularly analyse IP addresses of subscribers list.

Features of Email Verifier Software

  • Email verification

This is the most important function performed by email verification software, verifying emails. The cleaner your emailing list is, the better would be your communication with clients and customers. The number of email ids that you can verify using the software has no limit. And so is the number of sources that you collect for validating email addresses. You are entirely free to do bulk verification of emails for as long as your business demands.

  • Bounce analysis

Hard bounces occur when messages remain undelivered in the outbox. Not so when you use email validation tools to check for the authenticity of addresses. The software performs bounce analysis within minutes to check for inauthentic ids so that there are no hard bounces.

  • Blacklist & whitelist options

Email verification tools regularly clean up the emailing lists to give its end users the best email marketing experience. The entire process automatically generates blacklists and whitelists options for better convenience.

  • Lead finder

Lead finder is one such module to be found in popular email verification tools that directly promotes business activities and its brand value. This feature works by pin-pointing key data pieces from a subscriber's list and creating a separate list. The separate list in-turn enlists it into potential B2B/B2C leads for all your outreach strategies.

  • Customer data

Again, to improve a brand's value, businesses use paid and free bulk email verification tools for appending customer data to all the valid email addresses mentioned in the subscriber's list. Data like this mostly covers information like name, geolocation, gender, etc. This feature comes in handy by doing targeted email marketing campaigns.

  • Email deduplication

Duplicate contacts that may exist in your contacts list get deleted here automatically. The feature is a time-saving module and you don't have to go through the hassle of manually striking off duplicate contacts from black or white lists.

  • Syntax & domain validation

Use email verification software for cleaning all addresses in a database with syntax errors. The software also helps mark invalid or inactive domains that are a potential cause of spam.

  • Code snippets

Popular email validation tools come with inbuilt copy/paste code snippets that help in identifying misspelled email addresses. This feature can be used in real-time and is great for checking such emails in online forms.

  • Inbox placement & server tester

Inbox placement tester lets you assess where would an email land once it has been sent. Whether it would reach a recipient’s spam folder, inbox or stay undelivered only altogether. The server tester, on the other hand, checks the headers of all your emails to make sure that the email server has been properly configured.

Evaluation Criteria for Selecting the Best Email Validation Tools

  • Granular controls- Granular controls let you have a good degree of control over which emails to delete and which ones you need to unsubscribe. It also makes the whitelist/blacklist option available to you that comes in handy for maintaining control.
  • Integration- You may be already using other tools for email marketing. It is important to ensure from the verification tool that you select that it supports integration with both other platforms that you may be using.
  • Friendly customer support- The better the customer services, the better would your ability to deal with short hiccups that may come your way while using the software.
  • Accuracy- Online email verifying solutions have the capabilities to detect invalid email addresses with ninety-nine percent accuracy. Higher accuracy means low bounce rates for your business.
  • Speed- Speed becomes an issue when you are sending emails to hundreds of clients in a go. There are applications that perform tasks speedily.
  • Pricing- It goes without saying that it has to fit your budget too, more so if you are a start-up or on a tight budget.

Benefits of Using Email Verifier Online Solutions

  • High engagement rates

A clean list of email addresses that is free from spam traps and temporary emails is bound to improve engagement rates. This is so because you send messages to only authentic accounts thereby also improving the reputation of your brand in the process.

  • Email sourcing for valid addresses

Email verification software uses this method called email sourcing for fine-tuning the entire email collection process. In other words, email verifier online solutions use API tools to analyze the source of wrong email addresses. Some of the sources that these applications verify for the purpose are landing pages, web forms and sign-up forms. The method is great for distinguishing invalid email addresses from valid ones.

  • Updating of emailing lists

Many times some email addresses become invalid after a year of use. Therefore, email verifying software regularly updates your emailing list to ensure higher deliverability of mails to only valid email ids.

  • Integration with marketing tools

Paid and free bulk email verification tools are developer-friendly in nature so that integration with the available email marketing tools isn't an issue. For this purpose, there are available API wrappers to make integrations with the best email services or applications, which you may be using a hassle free experience.

  • API verification in real-time

Verification APIs block immediately bad or temporary emails from being added to your emailing list. All you got to do is integrate this feature with your site's forms. Once done, you are free to either remove such emails or get them unsubscribed to continue your business activities unhindered.

  • Teams feature for better collaboration

Teams feature is beneficial for those working in teams and handling bulk email verifications. You can use this option with other team members for sharing credits and accessing the same subscriber's list.

  • GDPR compliance for data security

You are in a way uploading your confidential data into the software for validation purposes. GDPR compliance ensures that all data transferred into email verification tools are encrypted for high security.

Technical Functionality: Email Verification Tools

To be able to prevent high bounce rates, it is important that all email addresses in your subscriber list be verified and valid. Even without sending emails, you can verify all email addresses using email validation tools. Here are some of the techniques used by email verification tools for the purpose:

  • Analysis tools help check email addresses for estimating how many numbers of emails may bounce. This tool is usually to be found in the user dashboard.
  • Hybrid and real-time verifications for up to date details. You can also use this feature for checking the validity of an email.

To build your brand image and improve customer loyalty, you need to make sure that all content reaches the subscriber’s inbox. To achieve this, it is important that all email ids be valid, verified and accurate.

Email verification software for accurate results performs the following tasks diligently for providing email verification services.

  • Valid format: Verifying for the correctness of the email address and its format.
  • Gibberish email addresses: The software ensures that the mentioned email addresses, don’t appear gibberish or random.
  • Disposable addresses: Email verifying software online confirms whether or not an email id is a disposable address by checking its domain name. Domain names are important for finding out websites that may be temporary.
  • Webmail addresses: This kind of verification is required for verifying if any email id is using webmail like yahoo, gmail, etc.
  • MX Records: No MX records mean that a particular email address can’t receive messages. Email validation tools check for MX records on a regular basis.
  • SMTP check: SMTP checks are done to check if an email ever bounces.
  • Accept-all domain: This is required to assess if an address has any catch-all policy for accepting all email addresses.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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