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What is Waam-it Sender? Waam-it Sender is a WhatsApp marketing software. It is an automated WhatsApp marketing solution which allows users to send an unlimited amount of customized WhatsApp messages to any number. The software also provides features to personalize the messages to include details such as honorifics (sir or madam), phone number, name, or any other information. The purpose of using Waam-it Sender is to use WhatsApp as an effective marketing tool for the higher brand and product outreach. Waam-it Sender works with all the languages that are supported by WhatsApp and sends 5000 free text messages per hour at a global scale. The WhatsApp marketing software helps businesses establish interpersonal communication with targeted customers. It also allows them to take up service requests or queries in real-time. What are the features offered by Waam-it WhatsApp bulk sender tool? Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Waam-it Sender: File attachment Unlimited messaging Image sending with the caption Instant messaging to phone numbers, not in the contact list Schedule message sending Supports all the WhatsApp text formats and emojis Phone number rendering Skipping and backlisting unresponsive or wrong numbers Deduplication of phone numbers through filtering How does Waam-it Sender WhatsApp marketing software help in effective communication? Waam-it Sender helps in conducting WhatsApp marketing campaigns on a massive scale. With unlimited messaging, it allows businesses to approach their customers with the most favourable medium. The possibilities are limitless with Waam-it Sender: Personalized and direct advertising to the clients. Can be used by organizations to update the employees. Schools can utilize Waam-it to interact with students and their parents. Marketing and support teams can use it to send tips, tutorials, and hacks to their subscribers. Sales and subscription-focused companies like insurance can use it for payment reminders. Organizations can also use it to send invite link for meetings, conferences, webinars, etc. What is the price for Waam-it download? Waam-it Sender is available in two different plans, these are: Waam-it Sender Basic – Rs. 39384/- Waam-it Sender – Rs. 49464/- Waam-it Sender is a WhatsApp marketing software. It is an automated WhatsApp marketing solution which allows users to s... Read More About Waam-it
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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2021