10 Best Salon Apps for Salon Booking Online (Easier & More Secure)

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Optimise the daily operations of your salon business with salon apps. Salon booking online systems ensure multifunction support for services such as appointment booking, scheduling, reports, billing and payments for the maximum utilisation of available resources.

The various management features attached to the salon appointment apps offer customers the advantage of store locator tools, booking confirmation notifications, check-in timings, wait list and upcoming discount coupons.

Must-Have Features of a Salon App to Boost Your Salon Booking Online

Manage client relations, employee performances and salon inventory effortlessly with the best salon booking apps. You can benefit from the following features of a salon booking system:

  • Inventory management

Analysis tools attached to salon appointment scheduling software helps with efficient inventory management. Salon software also provides detailed inventory reports so that the product data can be used for further streamlining of daily tasks.

  • Automated SMS and email marketing 

Achieve good business results with marketing campaigns prompted by effective email and text messages. You can use a salon booking app’s texting features to drive maximum results.

  • Employee management

Along with easy booking and scheduling technicalities, manage your workforce with the best booking software’s performance metrics. Beauty parlour apps have inbuilt features that support biometric attendance system, commission tracking as well as payroll processes.

  • Online booking

This being one of the most obvious features of salon apps, you can also maintain your client’s history and record visits through the best salon booking online software. Add photos, documents and conduct follow ups with these salon applications.

  • Point of Sale (POS)

POS system enables salon businesses to immediately view client profiles for sending discount offers, payment reminders and sharing reward points. POS software helps accepts payments from multiple modes to sell services and products.

  • Performance analyser

Centralise your salon business’s activities with the appointment scheduling software’s performance analyser. Set weekly/monthly targets, calculate inventory turnover, identify targets for growth and undertake client acquisition with the best paid and free salon appointment booking apps.

Best Salon Apps for Salon Booking Online & Online Salon Appointment

Salon appointment booking software makes the entire process of online salon appointment daily business management efficient and hassle free. Booking, scheduling, marketing, client records, inventory, etc., you name it and this software does all the work for you.

Salon App Website Integration Email Marketing SMS Accounting Inventory POS
MySalon App   NA Available in Silver, Gold and Platinum paid plans   NA   NA   NA     NA
Salon Iris NA Yes Yes Yes (Payroll, commission and bonus management capabilities)   NA NA
SalonAppy Web interface Send remarketing messages at one click of a button   SMS reminders available Accounting support available in the form of cashier reports and employee bonuses.   Yes Yes
Shedul Online booking from website is provided Available   Available   NA POS sales transactions available NA
MyCuts Available   Option to send emails to clients   Unlimited text messaging   NA Available NA
Vagaro Website builder available Live streaming with email integration Available   Payroll services, payroll tax filling and online payroll processes NA Sales transactions and credit card processing
Setmore Available Helps send email alerts   Text reminders   NA NA Online debit and credit card payments  
Square Yes Send customised and targeted emails   Yes   Run payroll processes efficiently Inventory management is available   Yes
Mindbody No Yes Automated replies with AI receptionists   Payroll management NA Yes
SimplyBook.me Helps create professional websites with 20 plus free website templates Available Available NA NA Yes
  • MySalon App for Android

MySalon App is an appointment scheduling software helping coordinate the booking/scheduling activities between stylists and their customers/clients. Available in French, English and German language, the salon app helps track the popularity of your services and appointments by the clients.

The hair salon app is suited for all kinds of businesses such as nail studios, beauty parlor and hair styling.

Website Integration: No

Email marketing: Email support available in Silver, Gold and Platinum paid plans.


Accounting: No


Inventory: No

Add-on Features:

  • Create customer profile and manage appointments.
  • Prepare before and after looks for your customers through this beauty parlour app.
  • Store information relating to contacts, products and services.
  • Quick indication with recorded appointments.
  • Visit and revisit history section when required.
  • Synchronise appointments with photographs by MySalon App.

Price: A free trial version is available of this salon app. Three paid plans also available, which include Silver, Gold and Platinum. All these plans cost around ₹ 1509, ₹ 3020 and ₹ 5285 respectively. These plans provide access in up to one device with varying number of clients. In platinum plan, however the number of clients is unlimited.

Platforms supported: Android

  • Salon Iris Salon Booking App

Salon booking online

Viewing, editing or adding appointments is no longer a hassle with Salon Iris online booking system. Not just client management, you can utilise this salon appointment scheduling app for monitoring the business activities from your home. 

Website Integration: No

Emailmarketing: Yes

SMS: Yes

Accounting: Yes (Payroll, commission and bonus management capabilities)



Add-on Features with Free Salon App Trial:

  • Purchase history of clients in a salon
  • Formula notes

Add-on features under paid Basic plan:

  • Instagram/Facebook booking
  • Appointment reminders for all salon clients
  • Reports and dashboard
  • Access to only one user

Add-on features under paid Deluxe plan:

  • Up to three users’ access
  • Resource management
  • Packages and prepaid
  • Payroll management
  • Recurring marketing

Add-on features under paid Premium plan:

  • Unlimited users
  • Service exceptions
  • Pricing levels
  • Enhanced payroll

Price: You are free to try the fourteen days trial version. There are three paid plans – Basic for ₹ 2189, Deluxe for ₹ 4455 and Premier for ₹ 8231 are also available.

Platforms supported: Salon app for Android and iOS

  • SalonAppy Salon Booking App

Manage the functioning of your salon business with SalonAppy online salon appointment booking app. Designed for hair, beauty and nail salons, the application offers web-based support and is convenient for salon business activities.

Check the feasibility of the salon booking online software for your business by trying the fourteen-day trial version.

Website: Web interface

Emailmarketing: Send remarketing messages at one click of a button

SMS: SMS reminders available

Accounting: Accounting support available in the form of cashier reports and employee bonuses.

POS: Yes

Inventory: Yes

Add-on Features of SalonAppy:

  • Customer database for efficient customer management in a salon. 
  • Package sales for keeping a tab on payments and remaining sessions.
  • Booking reminders and calendars.
  • Customer loyalty system
  • Income reports

Add-on Features with the Professional plan:

  • Employee performance reports
  • Package service sales
  • Receivable management

Price: Along with fourteen-day free trial, this salon app is available in Starter, Standard and Professional plan. Each plan costs ₹ 679, ₹ 1434 and ₹ 4151 respectively. 

Platforms supported: iOS and Android

  • Shedul Salon App for Android

Beauty parlour apps

Stylists, hairdressers and salon owners prefer Shedul salon app for managing online bookings, appointments, schedules and payment processes of their salon business.

Maintaining client relations is easy with the salon booking software’s free dashboard capability for handling online booking mechanisms.

Website: Online booking from website is provided

Emailmarketing: Available

SMS: Available

Accounting: No 

POS: POS sales transactions available

Inventory: No

Add-on Features:

  • Calendar scheduling for salon customers
  • Retail product management
  • Rescheduling/canceling appointments
  • Client notifications

Price: It’s a free salon appointment app and you can create your free partner account by logging into software’s official website.

Platforms supported: Android and iOS

  • MyCuts Salon App for iPhone & Android

Take advantage of MyCuts salon booking online features for utilising your resources towards ensuring happy clients and customers. Confirm appointments automatically and generate quick reminders for getting your salon business rolling.

No worries, if you don’t have a suitable device for downloading the appointment scheduling software. You can use the desktop version by syncing your Windows with the software. 

Website Integration: Available

Emailmarketing: Option to send emails to clients

SMS: Unlimited text messaging

Accounting: No


Inventory: Available 

Add-on Features in Premium plan:

Price: You can manage up to twenty-five clients easily with this free salon app. Then there is Standard price plan for ₹ 1056 and Premium at ₹ 1810. 

Platforms supported: Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows

  • Vagaro Salon Booking App

Appointment scheduling software

Use Vagaro for automating daily workflows and getting salon bookings online. With no coding hassle involved, Vagaro beauty parlour app is quite a simple tool for automating your salon management process.

The software provides support to over two thousand other app platforms. The advantage of using this salon booking app is that it uses a single trigger for managing multiple tasks.

Website: Website builder available

Email marketing: Live streaming with email integration

SMS: Available

Accounting: Payroll services, payroll tax filling and online payroll processes.

POS: Sales transactions and credit card processing

Inventory: No

Add-on Features under Professional plan:

  • Calendar for scheduling appointments of multi service providers
  • Customer tracking for past and future appointments
  • Legal waivers intake forms
  • Push notifications for confirming schedules and attendance
  • Integration with social media platforms for online bookings

Price: Start your free trial for one month at no cost. For two employees, the cost is around ₹ 761. Seven plus employees’ version charges around ₹ 4570.

Platforms supported: Best salon app for iOS and Android

  • Setmore for Online Salon Appointment & More

Appointment booking app

With Setmore’s online booking systems, you can automate appointments and fix bookings with ease. It helps improve or enhance your brand’s image with hassle-free salon appointments and scheduling and better customer retention. You can also sync calendars and manage your customer’s list with Setmore appointment scheduling software. 

Website Integration: Available

Email marketing: Helps send email alerts

SMS: Text reminders

Accounting: No

POS: Online debit and credit card payments

Inventory: No

Add-on Features with Free salon Booking App – Setmore:

  • Online calendar
  • Video chats
  • Booking one click video meetings
  • Online payments and refunds
  • Public facing booking page

Add-on Features as in paid plans:

  • Text reminders
  • Two-way calendar sync
  • Custom branding
  • Live reception
  • Recurring appointments

Price: Premium version costs ₹ 1887/month. Try the thirty days free trial version for checking the compatibility of software with your salon services.

Platforms supported: Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

  • Square – Free Salon Booking App

Booking software

Mobile, desktop or tablet, try Square salon management software for managing payments, inventory and POS services of your salon business.

Take advantage of the salon software’s POS capability specifically for managing the accounting and financial aspects of a salon. Use Square software and reap full benefits of its accounting and POS management functions.

Website Integration: Yes

Email marketing: Send customised and targeted emails

SMS: Yes

Accounting: Run payroll processes efficiently

POS: Yes

Inventory: Inventory management is available

Add-on Features:

Price: Please refer the software’s official website for price details.

Platforms supported: Square Salon app for Android and iOS

  • Mindbody – One of the Best Salon Booking Apps

Online booking systems

Carry on with your salon business by organising your client relationships through Mindbody salon booking software. It helps create personalized salon appointment booking app for your business with brand logo and images.

Set up and manage schedules and publish it on multiple channels for receiving new salon bookings online. You can send quick notifications to the clients/customers once the timing for salon appointment is confirmed.

Website Integration: No

Email marketing: Yes

SMS: Automated replies with AI receptionists

Accounting: Payroll management

POS:  Yes

Inventory: No

Add-on Features:

  • Appointment scheduling & staff management
  • Payment through Mindbody mobile business app
  • Insightful reports about your business performance

Price: A total of four plans available- Starter ₹ 9740; Accelerate ₹ 19,556; Ultimate ₹ 30,128 and Ultimate Plus ₹ 45,230. All these are monthly plans additionally offering data migration and live customer support.

Platforms supported: Android and iOS

  • SimplyBook.me

Salon booking apps

SimplyBook.me online booking system is used for streamlining salon booking and appointment online. It also supports video-based appointment scheduling along with automatic reminders and online payments after a salon booking has been confirmed.

Integration support also available with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google for receiving bookings from multiple platforms.

Website: Helps create professional websites with 20 plus free website templates

Email marketing: Available

SMS: Available

Accounting: No

POS: Yes

Inventory: No

Add-on Features as in the free plan:

  • Booking widgets
  • Directory listing
  • Up to one user
  • Admin app
  • Feedback system

Add-on Features found in Basic plan:

  • POS
  • Coupons and gift cards

Add-on Features of Standard plan:

  • POS
  • Coupons and gift cards

Add-on Features in Premium plan:

  • Link removal
  • POS
  • Coupons and gift cards

Price: Get booking software free trial with up to fifty free bookings per month. The individual cost of each paid plan is- Basic for ₹ 747; Standard costing around ₹ 2257 and Premium at ₹ 4523. 

Platforms supported: Android, iOS and web-based support


Manage, control and modify the daily salon business development as well as operations with best salon apps to achieve business growth and maximum customer satisfaction.

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