Top 10 Free Inventory Management Software for Your Growing Business

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Summary: Free inventory management software is an asset for organizations having tight budget, as it offers all the essential features like multi warehouse management, product catalogue preparation, report generation, etc., in the free plan. Learn more about free inventory management software below.

Gone are those days when order tracking and inventory management were done on an Excel sheet. Now you need something more robust and reliable to keep track of your inventory, sales, purchase, and deliveries. And that’s where free inventory management system comes into the picture.

Ineffective warehouse management can lead to the loss of sale. Imagine, if you don’t know what you have in store and where it has been kept, you are certainly going to have a tough time selling it.

Best inventory management software can help you with this problem by optimizing the stock-in-hand and updating you regarding what you need to order & when.

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Best Open-Source and Free Inventory Management Software for PC

  • Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory’s free version is perfect for small and growing businesses. It is a complete inventory control system that helps with creating sales strategies, managing reorder point, generating insightful reports, etc.

zoho inventory

Why Choose Zoho Inventory Software

  • Inventory status is automatically updated across all sales channels. 
  • You can track transfer orders using a specific batch or serial number. 
  • The dashboard gives you a quick view of sales order status- pending, invoiced, delivered. 
  • You can export reports to XLS, CSV, or PDF files in a single click. 

Zoho Inventory Software Features (Free):

  • 50 orders, shipping labels & after ship tracking/month 
  • Composite items 
  • Ecommerce Integrations 
  • Integration with 1 Shopify store 
  • Support for up to two users 

Features Under the Paid Plans of Zoho Inventory Software: 

  • 1500-7500 orders, shipping labels and after ship tracking per month 
  • 3-5 users’ support 
  • 2-5 warehouses 
  • Integration with 1-2 Shopify stores 
  • E-invoicing 
  • Serial number tracking 
  • Composite items management 
  • Batch tracking 
  • 15000-unlimited orders, shipping labels and after ship tracking per month 
  • 7-10 warehouses 
  • 10-15 users’ support 
  • Picklist and integration with up to five Shopify stores 
  • 10 modules/automated workflows 
  • Serial number and batch tracking 

Priceto Upgrade: For Zoho Inventory, you can opt for any of the following paid plans. Also, available is free plan to help you get started immediately. 

  • Standard: ₹14999 
  • Professional: ₹ 26999 
  • Premium: ₹ 40999 
  • Elite: ₹ 72999


  • Multiple best payment gateways such as PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Worldpay, Forte. This free inventory management software helps in making the payment process faster.
  • Inventory management is automated with the help of functionalities like expense management and purchase order.
  • Easy to use with a friendly customer interface 
  • Excellent support from the customer services team 
  • Convenient reporting and exporting system for forecasting inventory needs.  


  • The lack of BOM (Bill of Material) functionality is a huge disadvantage of this free inventory software. Companies are forced to use a more time-consuming functionality instead of this feature.
  • There are issues in syncing of real-time data when you are managing e-commerce orders.

Mobile App: This free inventory management software has a mobile app available for both, android and iOS.

  • ABC Inventory

ABC Inventory is an absolutely free inventory management system in which you can add any number of products. This popular inventory management software supports a single user and can be installed on many workstations.

ABC inventory

Key Features Under the Free Inventory Management Software Plan: 

  • Supports multiple currencies and currencies are auto-updated. 
  • You can easily export data to MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, and text format. 
  • You can manage multiple warehouses from a single system. 
  • It supports various inventory valuation methods such as LIFO, FIFO, and average. 

Features Under the Paid Plan by Almyta Management System 

  • Support for one user and up to ten sales orders a month 
  • Single warehouse with multicurrency support 
  • Intelligence & automation 
  • B2B commerce platform 
  • 2-3 sales channels integration 
  • Basic/advanced user rights 
  • Batch and expiry tracking 
  • 2-4 hours setup assistance 
  • Account manager 
  • Demand forecasting (under the Business plan) 


  • You will know the exact number regarding inventory in-stock, on-hold, committed and on-order. 
  • Best for managing businesses that have multiple warehouses 
  • Inventory scheduling option is convenient 
  • Option available for exporting inventory reports into PDF formats 

Cons: It has slightly complex features for small businesses 

Price to Upgrade: ABC Inventory download is free on the official website. It’s the subset of the paid inventory management software plan under Almyta Management System. The standalone plan of Almyta Management System for a single user starts at Rs 32,000 approx.  

Mobile App: It is available on both android and iOS.

  • inFlow

Inflow is another top inventory management software to keep your business running smoothly. It saves your time spent on paperwork, helps in accurately meeting your customer’s requirement, and generating insightful stock reports.


Features Under the Light Plan: 

  • 100 sales orders per month 
  • One inventory location and two integration  
  • Two-hours setup assistance 
  • Optional smart scanner 

Features Under Standard and Plus Plans: 

  • Access to 5-10 team members 
  • 4-6 hours setup assistance 
  • User access rights 
  • Optional smart scanner 

All the above features are available on free trial basis for a 14-day period. You can buy further add-ons like access to inflow API and bill of material/work orders by paying additional charges.  


  • It has a cloud-based as well as on-premise inventory management system. 
  • All their plans include unlimited customers, warehouses, orders, and products. 
  • There is easy navigation because of intuitive interface. 

 Cons: It is slightly expensive. 

Price to Upgrade: inFlow inventory management system offers a 14-day free trial version along with different monthly plans.  

  • Light- ₹ 5274 
  • Standard- ₹ 13297 
  • Plus- ₹ 33354 

Mobile App: This free inventory management software has a mobile app for iOS and android devices.

  • Odoo

Odoo has been designed as an ERP software, but its add-on applications structure allows you to make it as large or small as possible. From inventory point of view, it will help you maximize warehouse efficiency by automating warehouse processes, reducing stock-out and stock-levels.

odoo software

Key Features of Odoo Inventory Management System: 

  • Track every stock from the point of purchase to warehouse and sales. 
  • You can generate and share with anyone real-time dynamic business reports. 
  • It facilitates both retail and manufacturing inventory management. 
  • You can quickly search the documents using filters like product, customer, etc. with this free inventory management software. 
  • The Pick-Pack-Ship’ feature allows you to design your process of order flow. You can choose to directly deliver to the customer from supplier or add several steps in between such as picking, packing, and shipping. 

Why Use Odoo Inventory Management System 

Fast processes like: 

  • Double entry inventory management 
  • Corrected posted transactions 
  • Modern and flexible user interface 

Basic operations for: 

  • Multiple locations  
  • Delivery orders 
  • Inventory adjustments 
  • Stock transfers 

Advanced routing options like 

  • Push and pull routes 
  • Multi-warehouses 
  • Cross docking 
  • Drop shipping 

Productivity modules: 

  • Custom alert 
  • Powerful search 
  • Customer portal 
  • Smart scheduler 

Traceability options include: 

  • Serial number tracking 
  • Perpetual valuation 
  • Activity log 


  • It has three options of deploying the software: cloud hosting, on-premise, and dedicated cloud deployment options to choose from. 
  • Odoo supports multi-warehouse operations, dropshipping, and cross-docking. 
  • It has inventory forecasts and centralized dashboard for effective inventory management. 
  • Easy to migrate, export or import from another ERP 
  • Intuitive modules and the setup is a hassle free process 


  • It gets expensive if you are planning to purchase multiple Odoo apps 
  • One single standalone Odoo app does not have many features. 

Price to Upgrade:  Odoo’s inventory app is just for Rs. 852 per month. There is also an option to go for third-party integrations at an additional cost.

Odoo offers a free community edition besides a monthly plan at ₹ 1857. You can also go for the monthly paid, billed annually plan, which costs around ₹ 1485. 15-days trial plan is also available for the paid plans.

Mobile App: Odoo app is for android devices.

  • Delivrd

Delivrd is a web-based free inventory management software that supports the management of one location and 25 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). It is best suited for businesses with a narrow focus like specific product sellers.


Why Choose Delivrd Inventory Management Software 

  • You can perform a quick check every time an order is received whether particular product is in stock or not. 
  • You can manage the inventory of packing material as well along with products. 
  • It makes shipping process faster and error-free by making extensive use of barcode labels. 

Features Under the Free Plan: 

  • Single user and inventory location 
  • Preparing product catalogue for up to ten products 
  • Issue, receive and count the stock 
  • History of inventory transactions 

Features under the Advanced plan: 

  • Advanced order and inventory management 
  • Five inventory locations with support for around 100 products 
  • Alerts for low stock levels 
  • Sales and purchase orders management 
  • Serial numbers management 

Features under the Enterprise plan: 

  • Custom number for products and inventory locations 
  • Custom training available 
  • End to end process support 


  • Delivrd automatically segregates inventory into ‘damaged’ and ‘regular’ as per your convenience. 
  • Fulfil your orders through regular inventory, and give damaged stock back to the suppliers. 
  • The inbuilt asset manager provides all details regarding inventory transactions. 
  • Product tab conveniently stores all data reports.  

Cons: NA 

Price to Upgrade: There is a Delivrd free forever plan, advanced plan and an enterprise version. Price details of enterprise version are available on request whereas the advanced plan costs around ₹ 3713 per month/user. The advanced plan can be used on trail basis for free for thirty days.  

Mobile App: Deliverd is a web-based, online inventory management software.

  • Vend

Vend is a POS retail software that also facilitates inventory management. You can do inventory control, stock order management, barcode scanning, label printing and more using Vend.

Vend Inventory Management Software

Why Choose Vend Inventory Management Software 

  • You can easily import a CSV file of products from old POS or online store. 
  • Products can be categorized by name, type, brand, supplier, etc. for quick inventory search and count. 
  • You can eliminate double data entry by maintaining a centralized product catalogue. 

Features Under Vend Paid Plans: 

  • Support for up to one locations and users 
  • Real time inventory management 
  • Reporting and analytics (advanced reporting under the Pro plan) 
  • Secured cloud back up 
  • Integrated payments 
  • Multi-outlet retail management (under the Pro plan) 
  • Apps and ecommerce channels (under the Pro plan) 
  • API access (under the Pro plan) 
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Customized onboarding 
  • Premium API access 


  • Vend inventory allows you to create product composites and variants. 
  • You can select different colours and sizes for your product, as required and edit them all together. 
  • Bundle your products and create new products or split one product into multiple products and sell them individually. 

Cons: It doesn’t provide advanced tools for the food industry to manage their day-to-day operations like automating ordering, floor plans and custom menu with easy management of inventory

Price to Upgrade: Here are the details of Vend’s monthly plans (billed annually).   

  • Lite: ₹ 7354 
  • Pro: ₹ 9582 
  • Enterprise: On request 

You can try Vend for free on trial basis by connecting with the vendor at its website.  

Mobile App: Vend mobile app is for Android and iOS devices.

  • Nexter

Nexter is used by more than 50,000 people from all around the world. It is considered to be one of the best when it comes to inventory management, vendor management, customer management, invoicing, POS and quoting.

Why Choose Nexter Inventory Software 

  • It eases inventory management and makes sure that everything is happening according to the timeline. 
  • This inventory management software free gives live chat support for immediate resolution of enquiries 

Nexter Features Under the Free Basic Plan: 

  • Live chat and email support 
  • Multiple service terminals 
  • Receipt templates with labels 
  • Store credits and free tutorial support 

Premium Features of Nexter Inventory Management System: 

  • Statistics and reports 
  • Loyalty program reports 
  • Delivery and address tools 
  • User management 
  • Transactions and sales tax reports 


  • It is an end-to-end solution for inventory. 
  • Its free version offers good basic features. 
  • Best for handling commissions and multi-currency 
  • Product registration is an easy process here 
  • Invoicing is swift and convenient 


  • This software works only with windows operating systems 
  • The interface of this software is not very attractive. 

Price to Upgrade: It has a free version as well as a paid version. The paid version is available for ₹ 14106 on yearly basis. There is a free inventory management software plan too.

You can even go ahead with a free fourteen-day free trial of the premium plan. Rs. 1330 per month. You can also avail the 14-day trial as well.

Mobile App: Nexter mobile app is for Android devices.

Best Free Inventory Management System for Windows

Here’s a few free inventory management systems, which works well on different Windows versions.

  • SleekBill India

Considered as a comprehensive inventory and invoicing software, Sleek Bill India is specially designed for the Indian market.

Why Choose SleekBill Inventory Tracking Software 

  • With SleekBill, you can keep your inventory on track with its inventory management module. 
  • You can take care of GST-related work, deal with taxations, print invoices, backup as well as restore data. 
  • SleekBill India offers a lot of features to manage your inventory in an effective and efficient manner. 
  • SleekBill is GST-ready and is also compliant with every rule and regulation. 

SleekBill Features Under the Free Forever Plan: 

  • Cess tax option 
  • Basic reports and GSTR1 & GSTR3b export 
  • Customizable labels 
  • GST compliance 

SleekBill Features Under the Premium Plan: 

  • Advanced reports with export/import functionality 
  • Transport and document labels 
  • Credit notes and advanced reports 


  • It is particularly designed for users from India. 
  • You can access this software both online and offline. 
  • Friendly interface ensures easy usability 
  • Option to prepare invoices in A4/A5 templates is hassle-free 
  • Password protection for securing the documents 


  • It is only suitable for small and medium businesses. 
  • It is compatible with only Windows operating systems. 

Price to Upgrade: It has free as well as paid versions available in the market. Its paid plans start from ₹1999 per year. You have the option of availing a 14-day free trial of the premium plan.  

Mobile App: SleekBill is a web-based, online inventory software.

  • Goods Order Inventory Pro

Goods Order Pro has two versions available with it: the standalone version and a pro version. You have to register online to sync your data with the help of a web server. Both versions are available for free to free devices.

The software offers the following features on trial basis and after this trial period is over, you may have to pay subscription charges to continue using these features.

Key Features of Good Order Inventory Pro: 

  • The pro version of this software uses the phone camera as a barcode reader. 
  • It has the ability to generate business reports, export, import and sync data at any time. 
  • You can access real-time data. 
  • This software available on the Android Google Play and Apple’s iTunes, then it is easier for small businesses to make use of great inventory software. 
  • It can work in offline mode as well. 
  • Support for 500 purchase and sales orders 
  • 15 warehouses and locations 
  •  500 vendors’ and customers’ support 


  • Ensures hassle-free integration with third-party software and applications. 
  • Provides dedicated Apple and Android app 
  • Complete data security is a plus 
  • You can set user permissions for accessing the data 
  • Multi location inventory tracking in real-time is an added bonus 


  • More expensive than its competitors 
  • No free version available 

Price to Upgrade: You can contact their sales representatives to get a quote according to your requirements. You will get a 14-day free trial and also schedule a demo to see if you like this software or not. Price plans range from ₹ 3712 to ₹ 37129.  

Mobile App: This software available on the Google Play and iTunes as well. This feature makes it is easier for small and medium businesses to use this inventory software.

  • Invoice Expert

Invoice Expert is a free inventory management software that is loaded with features like inventory control, invoicing, system options, quoting, and vendor management.

Why Choose Invoice Expert Inventory System 

  • Invoicing and quoting, making recurring invoices, taking care of customer management, purchase orders and networking options with this inventory management software. 
  • Its customer management feature helps in earning multiple sales since your customers will be taken care of. 

Invoice Expert Features Under the Free Plan: 

  • Inventory management  
  • Customer management 
  • Multiple invoice templates 
  • Online forum support 
  • Up to 100 customers + products 

Invoice Expert features Under the Advanced Paid Plan:

  • Networkable 
  • Multiple company names / files 
  • Import products 
  • Import customers 
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited products 
  • Product and customer exports 
  • Priority email, forum support 
  • Invoice designer 


  • It provides an all-in-one pack for billing, invoicing, inventory, and customer management. 
  • It simplifies your tasks to by giving you numerous features. 
  • The price of this product is relatively lesser than its competitors. 
  • The software is fully customizable and can be upgraded easily 


  • The interface of this inventory management software is not attractive and looks confusing. 
  • There are minor tweaks that needs to be addressed. 

Price to Upgrade: The free edition called the Lite edition of this software is available free of cost.

There is a one-time investment of ₹ 5194 if you want to purchase the advanced version. There is a 30-day money back guarantee policy available as well.

Mobile App: Invoice Expert app download is for Windows only.

FAQs for Inventory Management Software

  1. What are the types of inventory management software?

    There are two major types of inventory control systems – Perpetual & Periodic inventory systems. Within these two main inventory management systems, you have barcode systems and RFID (radio frequency identification) system.

  2. What are the benefits of inventory management software?

    There are several benefits of using an inventory management system. Some of them are mentioned below:

    1. Increase in productivity and efficiency in operations.
    2. Minimizing inventory costs and maximizing profits and sales.
    3. Integrating different processes business.
    4. Automating manual tasks.
    5. Maintaining customer satisfaction

  3. Can you keep track of inventory in QuickBooks?

    Yes, you can keep track of your inventory in QuickBooks manually by creating an account to track your inventory value and the goods sold.

    However, QuickBooks Online Plus version comes with an in-built inventory feature. So, you don’t need to track inventory manually with QuickBooks Online Plus.

Wrapping Up

Free versions of these inventory management software are best suited for the requirement of small businesses. However, as your business grows, paid versions are worth considering in that case.

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