Top 10 Retail POS Management Software

There was a time when retailers used to spend hours in making an end-of-month spreadsheet, and counting the inventory. These activities were often accompanied by the shock that hot selling products are completely out of stock. And, for the surplus inventory, the ‘sale’ board had to be placed on the outlet’s window to alert passerby! These painstaking events used to take place when cash registers were maintained manually.

However, cash register days are long gone. This is the era of best point-of-sale system. A system that has simplified the business process in many ways.

The staff schedule is created online and POS’ real-time feature allows employees’ follow the shift without creating any hullabaloo. Backed by the CRM module, retail POS software in India has made customer relationship management easier. This software also comes with a loyalty feature which allows a retailer to notify its regular customers about the sale, discounts, etc. via mail or SMS. It automatically reminds customers of the flag item, which has gone out of stock or will soon be so. Easy and quick sales reporting & analytics is one of the primary features that the users of retail erp software enjoy.

A retailer is able to enjoy all such features of point of sale software because unlike cash register, it is easy to use with user-friendly features.

List of  Top 10 Retail POS Software

  • Busy

Busy, which is originally an accounting software, now comes with inventory and GST billing modules. The GST ready accounting software is also known as Busy 17. Being also a GST software, it serves as the backbone of GST associated operations in the company. Operations such as accounting, invoicing, taxation management, financial management, etc. Apart from multi company accounting, it facilitates POS functionality via barcode integration, POS invoicing, bills of materials, warehouse management, etc.

  • Marg

Marg is a GST-ready accounting & inventory software that helps in smooth running of the retail business. It does so by generating invoices easily & quickly, reconciling bank statements, and tracking inventory accurately. This point of sales GST billing system helps in barcode management, GST return filing, to name a few. This software is designed to fulfill all the requirements of an individual retail store to the retail chain.

  • Tally Shoper

Tally Shoper is a comprehensive POS software which is fit for all the operations of a retail store or distributors’ location. It is one stop solution for inventory management, pricing, barcode generation, customer relationship management, taxation, etc. It provides solutions to all the problems faced by retailers, wholesalers and distributors in managing retail functions.

  • MRL Posnet

MRL is responsible for different services including the entire process of designing and running the card payment network. MRL posnet proffers a complete and secure POS solution to banks and aggregators by rendering merchant services, technology services, MRL Analytica and MRL 360 services.

  • Zopper

It is another complete POS software solution for the retailers. Zopper is a GST ready billing software also offering inventory, CRM, payments and e-commerce solutions. Moreover, this retail POS software in India is not limited to your computer as you can connect it to a phone, or tablet. It is suitable for all types of businesses from micro to major.

  • Jio GST

Reliance announced its GST starter kit for its JioFi device. It was done with an aim to enable taxpayers to comply with GST law by providing the users with GST solution. Jio GST facilitates an integrated system with other applicants for simple and easy GST compliance. It helps in maintaining records, filing GST returns, and complying with the provisions of GST law.

  • GoFrugal

GoFrugal GST ready-POS billing software is one stop solution for retail shops, restaurants and distribution business when it comes to point of sale. This retail POS system facilitates all important features in one. For instance, inventory management, GST billing, customer relationship management, multi store management, customer loyalty, and more. Also, being a cloud-based retail POS software, it allows you to avail the benefit of a POS software without installing one in your store premises.

  • Oddo

This is what a retail store needs. A software that needs an internet connection only to start with and you can continue to work even if the connection is lost. It is a flexible software that is fit for any retail company. Odoo has different apps for different services such as Odoo inventory app, Odoo eCommerce, Odoo HR, Odoo CRM, etc. The best part is that they can be integrated in one software. Odoo is a great retail management software, as it maximizes efficiency.

  • POSist

POSist is not just a POS software but provides a complete restaurant pos solution to the restaurant industry. It is a comprehensive cloud-based POS software consisting of four important features – billing, CRM, Stock & inventory management, and reporting & analytics. POSist also caters to the restaurant’s ‘operational needs by providing customized Cockpit app, feedback app, delivery app, waiter app, etc.

  • Saral POS

Saral POS provides touch-based POS solution and caters to all the needs of a retailer that can help in managing the store in a better manner. It is easy to install and easier to use. Inventory management, storefront & back office reports, procurement management, reconciliation of cash balance are few of the key features of Saral.


People sometimes believe that POS software in India is an unnecessary expense. However, we are sure that after reading the above benefits of each software your misconception must have bid you all adieu.

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