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Best Barcode Generators in 2024

What is A Barcode Generator?

Barcodes present data in the form of parallel lines with varying width and spacing in between them. These codes help keep a track of stock and inventory of an organization. Online barcode generator helps select from a range of barcode labels for your business needs and requirements. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Barcode Generators in 2024

  • top product arrowTareta ex2Label
  • top product arrowSeagull BarTender
  • top product arrowBest Barcode WIP
  • top product arrowNiceLabel Designer
  • top product arrowScandit

Best Barcode Generators

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Tareta ex2Label

Tareta ex2Label

Brand: Tareta Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


4.5 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

... Read More About Tareta ex2Label img


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Seagull BarTender

Seagull BarTender

Brand: Seagull Scientific


5 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Seagull BarTender is one of most prolific barcode labelling software out there. This barcode software converts characters such as letters, numerals, and... Read More About Seagull BarTender img

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Best Barcode WIP

Best Barcode WIP

Brand: Best Barcode


4.6 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Best Barcode Work In Progress is a cloud-based WIP and common tracking solution for organizations having manufacturing lines. The software leverages autom... Read More About Best Barcode WIP img

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NiceLabel Designer

NiceLabel Designer

Brand: NiceLable


4.4 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

NiceLabel Designer is a software to design barcodes and labels without any help from IT department. It enables users to quickly design the labels and star... Read More About NiceLabel Designer img

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Brand: Scandit


4.7 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Revolutionize business operations with barcode scanning and text recognition technology to optimize supply chain and retail processes.... Read More About Scandit read review arrow

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GST Plus Retail Software

GST Plus Retail Software

Brand: SN Technologies


4.4 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

Simplify your retail operations with comprehensive GST compliance, accurate inventory management, seamless billing, and real-time reporting.... Read More About GST Plus Retail Software read review arrow

₹9,350 /year

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Brand: Labeljoy

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Labeljoy is one of the most popular barcode generating software used by industry professionals for a wide range of purposes. The online barcode software g... Read More About Labeljoy img

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Brand: Teklynx Newco


4.7 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

Codesoft is a state-of-the-art barcode and RFID label generator software designed for companies to label goods. It enables working of various types of or... Read More About Codesoft img

$433 /User

iWinSoft Barcode Maker for MAC

iWinSoft Barcode Maker for MAC

Brand: iWinSoft

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iWinSoft Barcode Maker is a barcode designing software for Mac operating system users. It enables users to generate up to 20 types of different barcodes w... Read More About iWinSoft Barcode Maker for MAC img

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Brand: Tec-It

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TBarCode is an all-in-one Online Barcode Generator designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Online Barcode Generator has a simpl... Read More About TBarCode img

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Last Updated on : 25 May, 2024

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Best Barcode Generators FAQ’s

Software questions,

You need to first select the symbology for your barcode. Next choose the text that you want to write into the barcode. Add your email address to the free online barcode generator to receive a newly generated barcode.

You can use a QR code maker online for generating a QR code. Within a QR code maker, there is a form that needs to be filled up with details about the product. Enter the details of your product, click the enter key and the QR code is ready for download.  

Some of the best free online barcode generators, which help small businesses with hassle-free barcode manufacturing and printing are:  •    Zint Barcode Generator •    Wasp Barcode Generator •    Code 39 Barcode Generator •    EAN-13 Barcode Generator •    GS1 Barcode

You need to first select the kind of barcode you would want to generate. Make use of settings option to set the width and height of the barcode of your choice. A popup would next appear from where you can either download the barcode or even print it.

Barcode Generators Reviews


Seagull BarTender


“The user interface is really well defined for people that don't code. Designing label templates is as easy as power point”

- Brandon

See all Seagull BarTender reviewsimg

Best Barcode WIP


“I like this platform as it is easy to use, provides great customer service, well designed. Effectively scans the ID.”

- Bharath Kumar Reddy Challa

See all Best Barcode WIP reviewsimg

Best Barcode WIP


“They listened to my requirements and accurately matched me with the package for me.”

- Shoviv Software

See all Best Barcode WIP reviewsimg

Seagull BarTender


“What a fantastic service 10/10 I've since signed up with them.”

- Ujjwal Kumar

See all Seagull BarTender reviewsimg

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Barcode Generators Price List In India

Barcode Generators Cost
Top Barcode Generators Starting Price Rating
Tareta ex2Label₹14500.00 4.5
GST Plus Retail Software₹9350.00 /year4.4
Codesoft$433.00 /User4.7

Buyer's Guide for Top Barcode Generators

Found our list of Barcode Generators helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is the Barcode Generator?
  • What are the different types of barcodes?
  • Modules & Features of Barcode Generator Software
  • Benefits of Barcode Generator Software

What is the Barcode Generator?

Barcodes present data in the form of parallel lines with varying width and spacing in between them. These codes help keep a track of stock and inventory of an organization. Online barcode generator helps select from a range of barcode labels for your business needs and requirements.

Barcode is a simple mechanism used for storing data in the assigned applications. This technology operates on the principle of symbology that identifies the mapping of data so encoded. A scanning device is able to determine where and when a digit starts and stops. 

A barcode generator online develops barcodes in 1D, 2D and 3D formats. Barcode generator software, on the other hand, interprets this code by translating it into a language that can be read by a human. The software also creates designs and prints for the barcode that can be ready by machines with the help of optical scanners called barcode readers. 

What are the different types of barcodes?

  • 1D Barcode: In a 1D barcode, information is encoded horizontally from left to right.
  • UPC Code: The UPC or Universal Product Code is a twelve-digit long code composed of the number attached to the selected product.
  • Code 28: Code 128 includes start bar, check digit and stop bar.
  • PDF417: T1his barcode is used by large organizations as it can encode large information sources. 
  • 2D Barcode: 2D barcode is available in both horizontal and vertical format. 
  • QR Code: This is a 2D matrix barcode supporting binary code, numeric and alphanumeric texts.
  • Data Matrix: This is used on small items and is highly scalable.
  • 3D Barcode: A 3D Barcode enhances the memory capacity of code or its resistance towards a harsher environment.    
  • Aztec Code: This 2D barcode is majorly used on the tickets that are provided by transport services and has a bulls-eye pattern.
  • Data Matrix: It’s majorly used in the electronics industry. This type of barcode is highly scalable and can be easily scanned through the phone research fields and thee. 

Modules & Features of Barcode Generator Software

QR Code Generator

QR codes are created in 2D or two-dimensional format. QR code maker online creates QR codes online for storing data in vertical and horizontal formats. The task-related to setting colours, adding logo image and customising designs become further simplified with the use of a QR Code Generator.   

Dynamic Barcode

A Barcode maker online creates dynamic barcode by streaming available barcodes into reports. It also helps change the destination address towards the QR Code that has been redirected. One does not need to reprint this code due to change of address locations.  

External Database

An external database is a collection of chained terms, which provide direct access to data that is not a part of your Prolog program. You can store external database in either a file or a memory. Through this option, it is also possible to import barcode from external database sources such as Sendblaster, Outlook, MySql, Oracle, wk 1-2-3, excel, etc. 

Incremental Counters

With barcode online generator, you can print several barcodes all in one go without going through the hassle of creating them one by one. It is also possible to store data in incremental counters from where it can be imported to generate barcodes. 


Acronym WYSIWYG stands for ‘what you see is what you get’. This feature of barcode generator India shows what would appear in printed form in a document by first highlighting this information on a display screen.

Roll Printers

A roll printer lets you print several labels in one attempt. This printer uses rolls of paper and there are two types of roll printers- Thermal and Impact. Impact printers print the labels with ink black/red whereas thermal printers print by simply burning text on a thermal paper.

Standard Printers

Standard printers are useful for businesses that have already started generating barcodes. These printers are useful for printing barcodes on sheets of labels. It is a convenient option to use barcode printing software to develop barcodes in text or graphical format on standard printers. 

Export to Image

Barcode printing software lets you export and print label designs in image format, which you can further edit as per your requirement. This can be used in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other document formats by using copy and paste commands. 

Graphic Effects

An online barcode generator lets you select barcode symbology for introducing graphic effects into a barcode. There are plugins attached that come with features such as custom colour modes and random digits to add graphic effects to barcodes.

Bitmaps and Vector Graphics

You can create bitmaps and vector graphics in a barcode scanner app by specifying the text or barcode that needs to be encoded. Such barcodes can be printed as well as scanned and these can be included in prints, documents and labels.

Labels with Barcode

A barcode maker online provides an option for not only creating custom barcodes but also printing labels. Create labels with barcodes or label stickers by syncing barcode generator software with printers.  

Sequential Barcode Functionality

A sequential barcode generator highlights the sequence in which a barcode can be printed or exported. It supports ISBN, EAN, ISSN, UPC-A, UPA-E, Code 128, Codabar, code 93 and datamatrix. Barcode image files that are sequential can be scanned with ease in different formats.

Bulk Barcode Generator Software

Bulk barcode generator online creates multiple barcodes in one go, which you can print easily online. Through this software, it is possible to create and print large amounts of barcodes. You can also develop QR Code and different variants of barcodes with the help of bulk barcode generator software. 

Multiple Barcode Generator Software

Multiple barcode generator software generates professional barcode graphic files. These can be inserted into word documents, graphics application, etc. They are easy to generate and offer multiple features such as different rotating directions, varied image formats, rich font style and different colour options.  

Sequence Barcode Generator

Sequence barcode generator helps create barcodes on a single paper and export them to popular formats, be it windows clipboard or graphic files. This retail management software is capable of printing not only various barcodes on a single sheet of paper but also exporting them into different formats.

Benefits of Barcode Generator Software

Fast and Error-Free Barcode Printing

The process of entering data in barcodes is easy, fast and error-free. Online barcode generator software scan data efficiently, eliminating the possibility of human error. The electronic system to store information related to shipping, communications and storage has helped companies achieve greater profitability for their business. 

Reduced Employee Training Needs

You can create barcode online with a barcoding system, which is easy to use and does not require any special training. The entire mechanism of the barcoding system is free from unnecessary complications that may arise as a result of using sophisticated technology.  

Cost-Effective Barcode Design & Printing

Barcode generator online creates designs and prints in varied finishes/materials and these are inexpensive in nature. Using your own barcode printer as part of retail management software makes the work more cost-efficient, flexible and organised. 

Serves Multiple Purposes

Barcodes are versatile in nature as online barcodes can be used for a variety of purposes such as data collection, shipment tracking, etc. Besides a barcode system also identifies fast-selling/slow-selling items thus preventing inventory build-up. You can also monitor the effects of merchandising changes and create separate profiles for individual customers.  

Better Inventory Control

Online barcode generator also acts as an inventory tracking solution, which manages the movement of your raw materials and the final supplies. A barcode inventory system manages the entire functioning or processes of an inventory and helps a company or a business save time, money and resources.  

Quick Data Retrieval

Data can be quickly retrieved with an online barcode generator. This happens because data is scanned directly into a centralized computer system. This data can be used for printing internal series or custom barcode number series.

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