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  1. What is Tailoring Software?
  2. Typical Features of Online Tailoring Software
  3. Benefits of Custom Tailoring Software
  4. What are the Best Tailoring Management Software

What is Tailoring Software?

Tailoring software is a user-friendly and cutsom designed application for managing small-scale tailoring shops to big garment manufacturing units. Covering a range of activities of your tailoring business, the software is also a reliable solution for managing orders, customers’ measurements, design catalogues, payments, billing, etc.

Those who are in the apparel industry cannot ignore the benefits of tailoring software in streamlining their business. With the help of tailor shop software, clothing and tailoring businesses can create a detailed repository of fabric details, inventory, and more to ensure that their clients receive orders as per their measurement and style preferences.

The best tailoring software further integrates with different virtual reality and augmented reality solutions to create a 3D image of apparel design. This helps customers understand what the final design would look like and changes in the cuts and patterns can be done accordingly.

Typical Features of Online Tailoring Software

Tailoring shop owners prefer using tailoring software for stitching to manage customers’ requests for apparel customization. Tailoring software for cutting and stitching further helps with order management, payment, and billing.

Here are some of the highlighting features of tailoring software:

  • Order tracking: The best part about using tailoring software is you can track each stage of apparel designing. In-process, pending, ready for delivery or trail, delivered, every such detail gets enlisted in the Track order section. Thus, you can ensure that your customers get their orders on time.
  • Database management: Managing orders and clients is easy with custom tailoring software's database management capabilities. It helps users refer to the design-related specifications of customers quickly along with their measurement, style patterns, expected order pickup date, etc.
  • Integration with Accounting Solutions: Aside from customer-related information, there would be sales and accounting processes too involved in your tailoring business. Best tailoring software solutions offer accounting integration support for tracking sales reports, purchase orders, accounting history, and GST processes in a single click.
  • Work allocation: You can assign duties for cutting, sewing, and stitching related tasks to your staff by using tailoring software. It also helps track the progress of different tasks.
  • Instant search & order priority: Prioritizing orders help with the timely delivery of the final designs. So choose orders as per their priority and set delivery dates accordingly. The instant search option can be used for searching order numbers including priority ones, customer details, accounting information, and sales records.
  • Inventory management: Inventory control is necessary for managing the stock of unstitched materials, tailoring accessories, equipment, and the final garments. You can easily track the location and quantity of a stock at any given time.
  • Billing & payment management: Payroll management supports the monthly and daily payment systems of your business. These can also be used for managing payrolls on commission and item basis.
  • Payment gateway integration: The best tailoring software will integrate easily with different payment gateways to help tailoring businesses accept payment from customers in the mode they prefer.

Benefits of Custom Tailoring Software

Whether you are running small-scale apparel or fashion business or managing a large-scale garment manufacturing company, you will need tailoring software for its amazing benefits.

  • Multi trial & extension delivery dates: There can have multiple trials before you deliver the perfect garment piece to your clients. You can manage dates and specifications for every re-trial request by your customer and track the extension of the delivery date due to re-trails.
  • User friendly measurement book: The measurement book feature of digital tailoring software helps manage measurement details, date of taking these measurements, and such other information for quick access. You can also store here information regarding style, patterns, and narrations shared by your clients.
  • Maintaining bills and notes: All customer-related bills and notes regarding design customizations can be maintained online with the best tailoring software. You don’t need to maintain paper bills and notes anymore. Tailoring shop software also helps manage the stock of sales items. You can easily track orders, work in progress, and inventory status.
  • Multi language support: Any tailoring business needs to interact with customers speaking different languages. With the multi-language support feature of a tailoring software, you can increase your reach and book online tailoring and alteration orders in a language that your customers prefer.
  • Notification feature for better customer relations: Tailoring software allows sharing quick notifications through email/SMS to customers regarding order details, delivery information, payment reminders as well as birthday/anniversary wishes. This helps in better customer management, resulting in repeat visits.
  • Catalogue panel for choosing best designs: You can use digital tailoring software for personalizing the catalogue panel with the best designs and cuts. Customers too can access these to go through various stylized designs and select the best pattern for next clothing. These panels can be regularly updated with the latest designs and cuts.
  • Multiple user login: Multiple users can access the features of tailoring software to manage their orders, customer requests, delivery status, payment, etc. This feature is especially important in a large manufacturing unit for fashion or apparel products.

What are the Best Tailoring Management Software

Tailoring designing software are for selling products online, displaying a neatly configured catalogue of your products, and managing your employees' wages.


Increase efficiency of tailoring operations and reduce its production costs using TailoBill tailoring software. Eliminate inefficiencies by using the software for maintaining stock summaries and tracking orders. Use the platform for monitoring business activities through real-time statistics, financial reports, workload analysis, and payment statuses.

Key features of TailloBill:

  • Multiple users
  • Business blackbox
  • Hybrid order tracking
  • Cash tracking
  • Access rights

Free trial: Available

Sunrise Tailoring Software

Stay ahead of the competition using Sunrise tailoring software's computerized billing and measurement systems. Tracking expenses with the software is as easy as managing worker's payments with this online tailoring application. You can also use the ledger master for maintaining client details and database management for storing/backing up all important data.

Key features of Sunrise Tailoring Software:

  • Process management
  • Worker wise wage rate
  • General accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Wage and payroll calculation

Free trial: Free demo is available

Smart Tailor

Smart Tailor is a user-friendly software designed for garment manufacturers and those in the tailoring business. Record customer's details, track orders, and search all recent updates using Smart Tailor digital tailoring software. You can also use the software for generating payrolls and maintaining employees’ profiles.

Key features of Smart Tailor Software for Garment Businesses:

  • Rebooking orders
  • Controlling multiple trials
  • Measurement form designer
  • Invoice and inventory management
  • Recording customer's details

Free trial: Available


Streamline tailoring processes using ShriStitch tailoring software. All tailoring shop owners can use the software for its superior database management capabilities for managing clients and workers. You can further use the application for creating a new catalogue of designs and adding new customers.

Key features of ShriStitch Tailoring Software:

  • Barcode integration
  • Multiple language support
  • Item allocation
  • Integration and registration
  • Worker and customer categorization

Free trial: Five-day free trial is available.

Design 3Di Textile Industry Software

Give a boost to your tailoring business by transforming designs, cuts, and patterns into three-dimensional images. Grow your tailoring business digitally by using the best tailoring management software. Customers today know what they want in their dresses and you could utilize the software's superior design and customer management capabilities to see your business thrive.

Key features of Design 3Di Textile Industry Software:

  • Marketing tools
  • 3D image of tailored items
  • Style guides
  • Monogram, text, and fonts for customizing designs

Free trial: Unavailable

Author: Kalpana Arya

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FAQs About Tailoring Software

Focussing on business expansion is easy now using digital tailoring software's design tools and business management capabilities. Some of the best tailoring design software solutions to help your tailoring and apparel store grow are: eXperience 5 Suit Design Software Tailor I Havi Propel GB LABS Luca Sahiwala Tailor Master Stitching Software DBest Tailoring Software RIC Custom Tailoring Geelus Easy Tailor App

The key features of tailoring measurement software are: Smooth payment gateway integration Order management Apparel customization Customer master Data entry screen Monthly sales report Inventory control

Let us have a look at the benefits of using tailoring shop software: Short cut keys Reliable customer service Affordable for even small businesses Seamless integration Support for multiple languages

Customer Master tailoring store management software alternatives that can help manage your job orders and customers’ requests efficiently are: TailoBill Sunrise tailoring Software Geelus tailoring software Both ladies and gents tailoring shops can use this software to manage bookings, design customizations, suppliers’ details and workers’ wages.

Sunrise Tailoring Software

By Sunrise Software

4.7 (4 reviews)

Price On Request

Sunrise Tailoring software is one of the best tailoring management software for tailor shops. This software provides ta... Read More About Sunrise Tailoring Software

Anvesha Garments Store Software

By Anvesha

4.9 (1 reviews)

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Fashion designing and tailoring software name as an Anvesha Garment store software is used as windows-based/web-based... Read More About Anvesha Garments Store Software

Sahiwala Tailor Master Stitching Software

By Sahiwala

4.5 (2 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Sahiwala Stitching Software is a best tailoring measurement software and it has been specially designed for fashion desi... Read More About Sahiwala Tailor Master Stitching Software

CodeRobotics Garments Management

By Coderobotics Studio

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Garments Management System is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff and Customers. Garments Mgmt Sys... Read More About CodeRobotics Garments Management

Embroidery Software


4.0 (1 reviews)

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Embroidery is the best tailoring measurement software from IIGM is advanced software that is designed to simplify the em... Read More About Embroidery Software

Shri Stitch Tailoring Software

By Shrideva

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ShriStich tailoring software is exclusively designed for boutiques, fashion and tailoring store. The software is integra... Read More About Shri Stitch Tailoring Software

RBW Karni Apparel POS Software

By RBW Solutions

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RBW Karni Apparel POS Software is a full-featured and simple to use Tailoring Software solution which is ideal for all t... Read More About RBW Karni Apparel POS Software

Apparel Software


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Apparel Software is a complete Apparel Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This App... Read More About Apparel Software

Idesignibuy Tailoring Software

By idesignibuy

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There is nothing better than tailoring solution to leverage popularity of custom shirts. This software helps you cater t... Read More About Idesignibuy Tailoring Software


By Fit4Bond

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Fit4Bond is an all-in-one Tailoring Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Tailori... Read More About Fit4Bond

Havi Propel

By Havi Propel

Price On Request

Havi Propel is an all-in-one Tailoring Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Tail... Read More About Havi Propel

Stitch Online Custom Tailoring platform

By FATbit

Price On Request

Stitch Online Custom Tailoring platform is an all-in-one Tailoring Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and A... Read More About Stitch Online Custom Tailoring platform

Tailor I

By Textronics

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Tailor I is an all-in-one Tailoring Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Tailori... Read More About Tailor I



Price On Request

GB LABS Luca is an all-in-one Tailoring Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Tai... Read More About GB LABS Luca

Easy Tailor App

By Raizzon Infotech

Price On Request

Easy Tailor App is an all-in-one Tailoring Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based... Read More About Easy Tailor App

Smart Tailor

By Smart Solutions

Price On Request

Smart Tailor is an all-in-one Tailoring Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Tai... Read More About Smart Tailor

Last Updated on : 07 Jul, 2022

What is Tailoring Software?

Tailoring software is an application specially designed for tailors and fashion designers to create and develop a custom range of clothes. Tailoring software also helps maintain your customer and order database, measurement details, fabric style, etc.

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