Best Optical Shop Software in 2024

What is optical retail shop software?

Optical retail shop software is a type of software that is specifically designed to help optical retailers manage their businesses. It can help with a variety of tasks like Inventory management, POS, CRM,  Accounting, Billing and Invoicing. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Optical Shop Software

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Brand: Inventoryplus


4.6 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Inventoryplus is known as one of the best Inventory management software available as a service now!. POS Ready Retail billing system with accounting feat... Read More About Inventoryplus img

₹599 /year

Techcherry Optical Software

Techcherry Optical Software

Brand: TechCherry

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Techcherry optical store management software is a point of sale solution designed for eyesight clinics. It offers exemplary business-oriented features wit... Read More About Techcherry Optical Software img


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Optical CRM

Optical CRM


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Manage your optical store, track its sales, manage inventory, suppliers, and a lot more.... Read More About Optical CRM read review arrow

Price On Request

WebsLayout Optical Software

WebsLayout Optical Software

Brand: WebsLayout


4.6 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

... Read More About WebsLayout Optical Software img

₹750 /Month

OptiSoft Vision

Price On Request

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Axanta ERP

Price On Request

Visual Optical RMS

Price On Request

Solufy Optical ERP

Solufy Optical ERP

Brand: Solufy


4.5 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

... Read More About Solufy Optical ERP img


POSMarket Optical Software

Price On Request

Retail Plus Optical Software

Price On Request

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Best Optical Shop Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

The price of optical CRM software can differ based on the provider and the included features. For instance, there are affordable and even free options available. For Optical CRM Software, the pricing stands at Rs. 2400 per annum for customers in India and 99 dollars per annum for customers outside India.

Some highly regarded options for the best optical software for retail stores in the market include; Shopventory, Orderhive, Vend POS, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

The choice of the best optical billing software relies on the specific needs of the business. However, some notable options available in the market include; Ari POS, Vyapar, Gofrugal, OptoSoft, and Spectacle POS.

Optical CRM software, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed for optical retail, offers several benefits that make it a valuable asset for businesses. It improves the customer experience by enabling improved management of customer interactions and relationships. This software enables businesses to efficiently organize and track customer data, including prescription details, purchase history, and preferences. Moreover, optical CRM software aids in business growth by providing insights into customer behavior, that help the business in targeted marketing efforts and customer retention.

Optical Shop Software Reviews




“Email cautions to keep you educated regarding key information changes or endorsements required. Web retail facade Extremely simple to redo or design to meet your bus...”

- ROHIT kumar

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“Vigorous announcing, simple with easy routes and worldwide sort scan abilities for discovering exchanges, interchanges, client, seller or representative records.”

- Bijoy Sonar

See all Inventoryplus reviewsimg

Optical Shop Software Price List In India

Optical Shop Software Cost
Top Optical Shop Software Starting Price Rating
Inventoryplus₹599.00 /year4.6
WebsLayout Optical Software₹750.00 /Month4.6
Solufy Optical ERP$110.00 4.5

Buyer's Guide for Top Optical Shop Software

Found our list of Optical Shop Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Optical Shop Software?
  • Why Use Optical Shop Software?
  • Key Features of Optical Shop Software
  • Benefits of Optical Shop Software
  • Top Optical Shop Software Lisit in India
  • Factors to Consider When Buying Optical Shop Software

What is Optical Shop Software?

Optical shop software, also known as optical store software or optical shop management system, is a specialized technological solution designed to streamline and enhance various operations within an optical retail store.

It helps in inventory, managing sales, billing processes, and customer information specific to the optical retail industry. This software also gives seamless transactional experience and facilitates efficient handling of sales orders, from customer inquiries to product delivery.

With user-friendly functionalities, optical retail software gives store owners complete control over their business activities. It enables personalized customer service by managing crucial aspects such as lens and power management, prescriptions, and tailored customer preferences.

By using this software, optical stores can establish trust and loyalty among customers. Moreover, the system grants visibility into customer data, including visit history, treatment records, test results, and other relevant information. All this information helps store owners adopt a more connected and informed approach to serving clients effectively.

Why Use Optical Shop Software?

Optical shop software offers optical stores with precise and efficient business management capabilities. This software ensures accurate management of customer data and fosters continuous connectivity with customers.

It serves as a centralized platform that enables personalized customer service by overseeing prescriptions, power adjustments, lens details, and comprehensive case histories.

Another key feature is its robust sales order system that facilitates seamless tracking and control over customer orders, including the management of advance payments.

Additionally, the software encourages customer feedback which is necessary for the continuous improvement of the store. This utilization of optical shop software significantly enhances operational precision, customer engagement, and overall business growth.

Key Features of Optical Shop Software

Optical shop software has various features that help streamline operations within an optical retail setting. Below are the key features that make this software an essential tool for efficient and effective management;

  • Inventory Management: This facet of optical store management software empowers retailers to effectively monitor and manage inventory levels. The software keeps track of stock movements which helps optical store owners to prevent stockouts, track popular items, and make informed decisions about restocking.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Capabilities: The optical shop POS system facilitates swift and effortless management of eyeglasses or contact lenses stock. It offers an intuitive interface designed to swiftly process sales transactions, oversee orders, and efficiently handle customer payments. This aspect helps in quick and accurate customer service.
  • Customer Consultations: Optical shop software includes tools that enable opticians to access and navigate customer profiles seamlessly. It facilitates the review of prescription details and examination notes from previous visits. This feature enables opticians to provide personalized recommendations by considering each customer's unique history.
  • Customization: Owners of optical stores have the flexibility to customize the software according to their specific business requirements. This includes customizing invoice formats and other options within the software. Such customization ensures that the software aligns precisely with the operational requirements and branding of the optical store.
  • Role-Based Restricted Access: This feature enhances security by enabling access restrictions based on roles within the optical store. It allows the management to control and limit external network access with data security through IP restrictions.
  • Offering Promotions: Optical shop software facilitates the communication of promotional offers to clients. Store owners can send emails or notifications to customers, informing them about the latest deals, promotions, or discounts. This not only enhances customer interaction but also increases sales.
  • Accounting: The software includes robust accounting functionalities tailored for optical store management. It enables the seamless management of financial records, tracking sales, and revenue, providing comprehensive insights into the store's financial health.

Benefits of Optical Shop Software

Several benefits can be attained when you use the best optical store management software to improve your business operations. An optical retail software offers;

  • Automated Lens Selection: The software assists in suggesting the most suitable lenses based on customer readings that significantly saves time for opticians. By automating this process, it enhances efficiency during customer consultations and ensures accurate prescriptions.
  • Efficient Product Delivery Date Validation: It suggests and validates product delivery dates based on order preparation status and required minimum time. This functionality provides accurate and reliable timelines for customers.
  • Comprehensive Tracking Capabilities: Optical shop software offers complete visibility and tracking across multiple locations and various stages of product preparation. From job work to grinding, fitting, and billing, this feature ensures a seamless flow of operations and enhances inventory management.
  • Instant Validation of Advance Amounts: Optical billing software enables instant, error-free validation of advance payments collected during the sales order process. This automatic validation also simplifies and expedites the billing procedure by promoting accuracy in financial transactions.
  • Sales Order Tracking and Operator Monitoring: It also tracks the sales orders at the counter level and allows monitoring on an operator-wise basis. This functionality eases scheduling and planning for product procurement, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Image Integration for Product Identification: Optical shop software offers the capability to add images of frames, lenses, and other products. This feature aids in easy identification and explanation of products to customers which enhances their shopping experience and facilitates informed decision-making.

Top Optical Shop Software Lisit in India

Discover the leading optical shop management systems along with their distinctive features and prices available in India;

Software Features Price
Optical CRM Sales Orders, Purchases & Challans, Products & SKU's, Inventory Management, Supplier Management Price On Request
WebsLayout Optical Software E-invoice, Order slip, Multi payment mode, Product Management, Barcode label print Starting at ₹750
OptiSoft Vision Customer / Patient Management, Patients Prescription, Inventory Management, Barcode, Recall Reminder Price On Request
Axanta ERP Chart of Accounts, Tax Management, Product Catalog, Multiple UOM, Multiple Barcodes Price On Request
Visual Optical RMS Point of Sale, Optician Practice, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship, User Access Rights Control Price On Request
Solufy Optical ERP Customer Management, Automated Eye Testing, Multi-location Management, Stock Management, Barcode & Billing Starting at $110
POSMarket Optical Software Generating Invoices, Sales & Reporting Analytics, Membership, Scalability, Customer or Patient Details Price On Request
Retail Plus Optical Software Inventory Management, Prescription Management, Appointment Scheduling, Point of Sale (POS), CRM & Customer Database Price On Request
ManagementPlus Improved patient experience, Seamless integration, Built-in compliance, Give patients autonomy Price On Request
Enerpize CRM, Booking Management, Invoicing, Expenses Management, Asset Management Starting at $15

Factors to Consider When Buying Optical Shop Software

When selecting suitable optical retail shop software for your business, consider the following;

  • Support for Multiple Locations and Integrated Tracking: Choose software that enables effortless monitoring of orders from the point of purchase to product delivery across various locations seamlessly. This feature helps in efficient management and visibility throughout the supply chain.
  • Matrix Item Support for Product Variety: Select billing software for optical shop that supports matrix items which helps in smooth management of different product combinations and brands. This capability streamlines the billing process and ensures accuracy and ease during transactions.
  • Operational Flow Management for Diverse Settings: Consider an optical store management software with functionalities designed to manage operational flows in diverse settings, whether for standalone retail opticals or those attached to hospitals. This versatility ensures adaptability and efficient operations irrespective of the optical shop's setup.
  • Customer Health Record and CRM Management: Optical shop software should offer robust features for managing customer health records, customer relationship management (CRM), and loyalty programs. These tools allow for comprehensive tracking of customer details which fosters stronger connections and encourages repeat business.
  • Multichain Management for Expansion: Choose software equipped with multichain management capabilities if you plan to expand your optical business to multiple stores. This feature facilitates centralized control and eases operations across chain stores.

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