RBW Karni Retail (POS)

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Price: 20000.00 INR Onwards

Karni Retail Software is a full-featured and simple to use software solution which is ideal for all types of retail businesses. Karni Retail is available as off the shelf solution focusing on retail businesses and is organized in such a fashion that shoulders the responsibility of a retailer. Karni retail can be user in 3 ways independently on a single system placed in one outlet, on multiple network computers in single outlet and across multiple outlets. View More

RBW Karni F & B

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Karni F&B POS Software is a full-featured and simple to use software solution ideal for all kinds of sweet shops, restaurant, bars, food court, is available in several flavours to fit your establishment’s needs. The Karni Restaurant Point of sale Software is a solution for all restaurants and bars. It helps the F & B segment in increasing profit and to control over the business in a very short period by increasing faster delivery and billing as well as managing Kitchen and Stores Inventory. View More

RBW Karni Hotel

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Price: 40000.00 INR

Karni Hotel is a technologically strong network that help hotels manage their day to day operations. Karni Hotel POS Software for hotel industry is an easy and effective way to execute the tasks of Hotel Management System. The basic objective of Hotel and Guest House POS Software includes fast access to data to make decisions in no time. View More


RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is Kolkata (India) based company that caters to deliver business solutions for retail, F&B, hotel, manufacturing and mining domain. The company endeavours to help businesses in accelerating access to affordable software and finding IT solutions for their present and unmet needs.