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Textronic CAD system
What is Textronics CAD Systems? Textronics CAD Systems is a computer-aided design software essentially designed for textile industries. This CAD software is rife with features that allow textile designers to improve their designs and create better textiles. Designers are enabled to map their creation on a picture of models for better visualization of their prototype. Textronics CAD Systems also offers an easy to use interface for beginners to get acquainted and master the features quickly. For starters, it offers different patterns to work within real-time. Textronics CAD Systems is used by major textile industry giants in their daily operations. This textile CAD software monitors all the designing workflows with additional features to oversee production line work. Textronics CAD Systems is best-in-class software for textile designing and production. Modules offered by Textronics CAD Systems: Here is a list of all the major modules of Textronics CAD Systems for interested buyers to get better understanding of the software: Design Dobby: This module enables designers to focus on finer details of their textile designs without getting into machine-related information like color values, codes, and other specifications. Design 3D: Textile Designers can use this module to save time, money and effort that goes into sampling mock products, preparing the presentation, are reduced to a great extent. Design Jacquard: This module is for jacquard woven fabrics like doormats, towels, etc. Design Integra + Production Planning: Design Integra is an ERP system for the textile production system. It helps in automation of the production workflows, along with strategizing the production process for a better outcome. Design Colleczoni: This module provides access to important data and registry work needed for textile designing. For example, searching features for projects, Designing Tool kits, textile master sheets, etc. Price of Textronics CAD Systems: The price of Textronics CAD Systems depends on the customizations required by the customer with regards to their daily operations. For more inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you and provide you with the best estimate. Textronics CAD Systems is a computer-aided design software essentially designed for textile industries. This CAD softw... Read More About Textronic CAD system
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Last Updated on : 14 Jun, 2021