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About Shri Stitch Tailoring Software

ShriStich software is exclusively designed for boutiques, fashion and tailoring store. The software is integrated with host of modules that simplifies the work of tailors, enables them to work efficiently, smoothly and meet their deadlines. The software manages customer’s records, worker and vendor’s details and gives you an instant status of the work. This advanced tailoring software solution allows you to create new catalogue design, add new customers and stores all the essential details of the customer, helping you to take your business a notch higher.



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About Shrideva

Shrideva Technomech Private Limited provides professional business automation, advanced ERP solutions, strategy consulting, designing, creativity technology services and applications. For the past 4 years, the company has been serving the society with automated solutions in key areas. The company has a pool of highly talented and skilled developers.
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Manage your customers account with their name, contact number, measurement records and the amount they have to paid inclusive of all the taxes seamlessly with this tailoring software. You can also easily update old measurements of your customers with the type and number of fabric they have purchased from your shop.
Now you can track number of hours your workers (tailors) have worked in your boutique workshops. This software enables you to better manage your workers’ work report on the basis of per day, monthly, number of fabrics they have stitched or on the basis of commission.
You can create your catalog comprising of different fabrics and designs of different dresses that you stitch or offer with the help of this tailoring software solution.
A bar code or serial number of every order placed by your customer is automatically generated. This increases the tailors’ efficiency and reduces errors as he can effortlessly track number of the products that he has to stitch in a day through serial number.
This software provides you complete report of your workers or tailored metrics that includes their wages, number of hours they have worked, their performances, etc. This information further helps you to generate payroll of your employees.
Keep a record of all the fabrics, threads, embellishing, accessories, chalks and tool that you will require to design garments. Plus, this software helps you to keep a check on the readymade garments available on your shop for sale. This prevents shortage of the material and your workers can work smoothly.
The software has an integrated calendar, where you can feed the delivery date of the garments and special days of your customers and workers. The software will send you a reminder on the specific day and you can accordingly accelerate work further.

Plans and Pricing



Rs. 95970.00 ( Per Year )

  • Customer’s Account Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Catalog Panel
  • Integrated Barcode
  • Payroll Management
  • Web Cam Feature
  • Inventory Management
  • Reminder


ShriStitch v0.4.2(Beta) - (GET FREE DEMO) Software for Tailoring shop owners


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