7 Best Free Online Barcode Generator Software 2023

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We are surrounded by barcodes far more extensively than we would like to admit. Produced with the help of a QR code generator, we usually find barcodes at the back of almost each product we see in the market.

If you are looking for a list of the best free online barcode generator software for your business, you have come to the right place. Today, in this article, we discuss the importance of a barcode generator, what criteria must an online barcode generator fulfil and what according to us, are the top QR code generators online.

What is a Barcode and How Barcode Scanning Works?

An online barcode, consisting of parallel lines of varying spacing, are used to store data conveniently. These days, barcodes generated by bulk barcode generators have enhanced shopping experience by automating the checkout process.

Barcodes obtained using a free online barcode generator are also proactively being used in the healthcare industry for identification of patients. A barcode generated using a free online barcode generator software can be read using a barcode scanner.

It consists of three parts- an illuminator, a sensor and a decoder. The illuminator shines a specific colored light onto the code, which is detected by the sensor. It generates a corresponding analog signal which is ultimately converted to readable format by the decoder.

Keep These in Mind While Selecting a Device for Creating QR Codes

There are several QR code generator free and paid options but only a select few would be compatible with your needs. Below we list the major criteria for selecting the best QR code maker.

  • Easy to use interface

QR code maker of your choice should be simple enough to be utilised by beginners for the development of different types of barcodes.

  • Multiple types of barcodes possible

Paid and free online barcode generators should be able to produce several types of barcodes including sequential and constant value barcodes.

  • Downloading barcode images

The QR code generator online free version so selected to create barcode must be able to export barcodes in image format including QR code, PNG format, etc.

  • Compatibility with external applications

QR code generator with logo should be compatible with external applications such as Windows, Excel and so on. 

7 Best Free Online Barcode Generator Software

We bring you the list of most in demand QR barcode generators that help develop barcodes in an efficient and quick manner.

  • Morovia

Morovia barcode maker is a popular software known for its ability to alter the dimensions of a barcode. For example, elongating it to make for scanning an easy process. This barcode generator software can also be used for making 1D and 2D barcodes.

Features of Morovia Multiple Barcode Generator

  • Community Support

Morovia has a dedicated community where users can pose their queries and get support.

  • Text inclusion and exclusion

You can choose to keep text in a barcode or remove it altogether.

  • Different barcode formats

You can choose from several barcode formats such as code 128, UPC-A, EAN-13, etc.

  • No need to install anything

Morovia is completely online and you don’t have to download any file for using this free QR code maker.

Pricing of Morovia Software to Create QR Code Online: Morovia is completely free to use.

  • Barcode TEC-IT

qr code generator

This QR code generator lets you create different types of barcodes such as GS1 DataBar, linear and much more. The barcode generator software works well with a number of programming languages such as C#, .NET and PHP. With Barcode TEC-IT online barcode generator, you don’t have to download any toolkit or file on your system.

Features of Barcode TEC-IT QR Code Generator Online

  • Compatibility with mobile devices

This QR code generator online offers a SCAN-IT app compatible with Android and iOS devices.

  • Easy to use interface

The online barcode generator has an intuitive interface thus making it easier to manipulate even for beginners.

  • Barcode labels

With this software, it is easy to create barcode labels and MAT labels, VDA 4902.

  • Seamless QR code creation

Your created QR codes can be used to visit web pages, access social media sites and much more.

  • Compatible with different operating systems

Barcode TEC-IT is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, SAP, etc.

Pricing of Barcode TEC-IT Bulk Barcode Generator: Barcode TEC-IT is available at free of cost.

  • Great Barcode Generator

barcode generator

Great barcode generator is a free online barcode generator that lets you obtain barcodes in an image format. The free barcode generator contains a host of preset labels and is compatible with different types of barcode printers including thermal and ordinary.

Features of Great Barcode QR Code Generator Free Software

  • Toolbar

Create QR code efficiently with this software which offers a user- friendly interface. It has a toolbar for you to quickly create barcodes.

  • Exporting in different image formats

Great barcode generator allows you to export barcodes in JPG, BMP, TIFF, etc.

  • Easy to create customized barcodes

You can easily create customized barcodes due to availability of different fonts such as EAN, UPC and much more.

  • Compatibility with excel and text apps

You can easily import values from Excel or MS word for creating barcodes.

  • Printing barcodes

With this QR code maker tool, you can easily print multiple barcodes of high quality in a single command.

Pricing of Great Barcode Free Online Barcode Software: Create barcode easily with the free version of this software. It also has a paid version whose cost starts from ₹7421.59 for one system license. The other paid plans are:

  • Two system license- ₹14101.68
  • Three system license- ₹20032.87
  • Five system license- ₹25970.73
  • Site license- ₹44526.56
  • Seagull BarTender

bulk barcode generator

Create barcode with this software originally developed by Seagull scientific. This QR code generator with logo offers an intuitive interface, which is available in different languages. The QR barcode generator has an extensive library containing material which will help you work around the software.

Features of Seagull BarTender Barcode Maker

  • Print optimization

The software offers enhanced printer functions such as serialization, graphic caching etc.

  • Email based alerts

BarTender sends out automatic alerts via mail to admins in case of any labeling defect.

  • Document wizard

An inbuilt tool that helps provide a professional touch and proper setting while designing labels.

  • Text formatting

Formatting tools that have a word-based interface for easy formatting.

  • Human readable barcodes

The software helps render customizable and human readable barcodes.

Pricing of Seagull BarTender Barcode Generator Software: The price of this multiple barcode generator is available on request. Get in touch with us for obtaining more details. Also, available if free 30-day trial version.

  • Labeljoy

multiple barcode generator

This QR code generator online free maker has the capability of obtaining barcodes from databases and creating up to twenty-one varieties of barcodes.

Develop custom barcodes and generate with ease QR codes using the QR code generator tool. End users are also free to create labels for products and barcodes as well as price tags.

Features of Labeljoy QR Code Generator

  • Printing different barcodes

You can print different barcodes such as EAN 13, EAN 8, ITF 14, etc.

  • Connecting to an external database

You can connect barcodes to external servers including sql server.

  • Incremental counters

Labeljoy features an incremental counter for updating numeric and alphanumeric values contained by the barcode.


The What you see is what you get type of interface helps you to create barcode labels easily and efficiently.

  • Exporting barcodes in different formats

Create barcodes and QR code online and obtain them in JPG, PNG or PDF formats.

Pricing of Labeljoy Barcode Generator: Labeljoy is available as a free online barcode generator on trial basis.  It also offers different paid versions whose price details are as follows:

  1. Basic- ₹11063.18
  2. Full- ₹22200.60
  3. Server- ₹118724.95

For more details, please get in touch with us.

  • Codesoft

qr code generator online

In addition to printing barcodes, this online barcode generator is also suitable for generating RFID tags. Due to its in-built wizards and user-friendly interface, you can quickly build new barcodes as well as update the existing ones. Also available is an option of working in more than twenty-five languages along with several symbologies for barcode.  

Codesoft QR Code Generator Online Features

  • Advance printer support

Codesoft is compatible with most of the major printers.

  • Compatibility with external databases

The online barcode making software is compatible with excel, Access and SQL.

  • Integration with existing systems

Codesoft integrates easily with solutionslike resource planning systems, warehouse management solutions and much more.

  • Adding multiple databases onto one template

This feature of bulk barcode generators helps in generation of multiple barcodes at the same time.

  • Password protection

You can protect your barcode labels with a password to avoid unauthorized access.

Codesoft QR Code Maker Pricing: The price of Codesoft QR code generator with logo is available on request. You can forward to use a request for call back. The sales team representative would connect with you at your convenient time.  

  • Wasp Barcode

Wasp barcode free online barcode generator offers seamless compatibility with Microsoft Office suite. This free barcode generator is useful for generating 1D and 2D barcode labels that are important for asset tracking and inventory management. You can enter your data manually or connect to an external database for automatically adding the data.

QR Code Generator Free Features

  • Preset templates

You can use from over hundred inbuilt templates to create customized barcodes.

  • One click toolbar

Create QR code and barcodes in Word or Excel using the one click toolbar integrated within the software.

  • Check digits display

The QR code generator free version helps visualize check digits in the caption of the barcodes.

  • Altering size of barcodes

The QR code maker allows to alter the size of barcodes so as to elongate them for easier scanning.

  • Elimination of data entry errors

Wasp free online barcode maker removes errors associated with data entry thanks to its efficient barcoding mechanism.

Pricing of Wasp Barcode and QR Code Generator with Logo: Create barcode using the free demo version of Wasp software. The cost of the paid version is pegged at around ₹14826.31.


So here is our list of the best free online barcode generator software. While choosing a suitable barcode and QR barcode generator, make sure that it is compatible with external databases such as MySQL and Access.

The barcode maker tools we have mentioned here have an intuitive interface, which makes it simple enough tool for beginners, professional and enterprises of all types.

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