Review of Karizma Album Design Software- 2023

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As the wedding season nears, more and more people look out for a photo design and editing software which can capture their memorable moments in crystal clear clarity. One of the most in demand software for creation of photo albums is Karizma album software. We bring you an intensive, no holds barred review of Karizma album design software where we personally test it to inform you about the product’s features, uses and reasons to opt for it.

What is Karizma Designer Software?

Karizma album photo design tool is utilised by both professionals and beginners to provide appropriate and concise edits to their photo albums so as to enhance their visual quality.

Karizma software is the perfect tool for designing photo cards and photo gifts. This 12X36 album design software comes loaded with custom templates, which you can apply and change as per the occasion.

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Features of Karizma Photo Album Software

Karizma album software makes for a powerful photo enhancement tool. It allows further editing of images which have already been edited using Photoshop. Editors can even add the background of their choice to images. Below we mention some other prominent features.

  • Auto collage & auto alignment module

Auto collage feature of Karizma design smart fastest designing software allows you to club different photos within the same boundary. Similarly, Photoshop Karizma album tool’s auto alignment module helps achieve better orientation and spacing.

  • Different design styles

Karizma album making software offers different design styles for enhancing the layout of images. These styles include modern backdrop style, touch of color design style and consistent classic design style.

  • Sophisticated editing tools

Karizma design smart 5.0 version comes preloaded with a host of editing tools, which include automatic color correction tool, chroma key, album wizard and much more

  • All in one wedding photo editing solution

Karizma album software photoshop tool is sufficient for photo album creation and completing its editing. You need not use any third-party editing software once you start image editing with Karizma album design software.

  • Training videos

Karizma photo design software provides training videos and tutorials so as to make its functioning easy to understand for beginners. The training videos are available in several languages so as to make the application available to as many as possible.

  • Digital mixing

Karizma album software is one of the few tools that support digital mixing in wedding photographs. Once done such albums can be processed further for digital printing with ease.

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What we liked in Karizma Album Design Software?

We used Karizma designer tool for some days to understand what its best functionalities are. The experience was an enriching one and you will definitely not be disappointed, that’s our assurance.   Following are the pros of choosing Karizma album design software with crack or without crack.

  • Karizma album photo design software is compatible with different operating systems. It works well with both Windows and mac OS.
  • Karizma software letsdesigners add their edits toraw images.
  • A special cataloguing feature is provided by Karizma 12X36 album design software which is useful for doing wedding photography. This feature allows you to organise your photographs in different orientations as per your need.
  • While editing your pics using Karizma photo album software, you can utilise the X-Y rotation option to align your pic along the X or Y axis.
  • The learning curve of the photoshop Karizma album tool is less steep. Hence it is suitable for use even by beginners.

Karizma Album Software Price: Karizma design smart price is ₹2500 per year.

Does Karizma Design Smart Fastest Designing Software Has Any Limitation?

Although the photo editing tool performs its duty to near perfection, it still has one drawback- beginners who have just established their setup might find Karizma album design software price a bit high.

How Does Karizma Album Making Software Compare Against Canvera?

One of the popular alternatives to Karizma design smart 5.0 tool is Canvera. There seems to be a long pending confusion about which software to use for editing and beautifying your wedding photographs. Below we mention the major points on which the two software differ.

Category Karizma Photo Design Software Canvera
Functionality Used to edit and enhance the quality of images. Helpful for printing photo books.
Design Material Provides custom templates but users can create their own too. Utilises binding material and printing paper of a specific quality.
Product options Karizma offers limited product options as compared to Canvera. Provides a wide variety of options like synthetic, non-tearable and much more.
Pricing Karizma album design software is suitable for those on a limited budget. Canvera has a higher price model as compared to Karizma album software.
Paper Quality Karizma designer tool prints photos on thick sheets of paper. Canvera prints photos on comparatively thinner sheets of paper.

Karizma Album Photo Design Software: Our Final Word

Karizma software is the best photo editing software you can opt for this wedding season. Due to its low learning curve, it is suitable for beginners too and provides a host of advanced features such as chroma key, custom templates and automatic color correction tools.

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