Top 10 Photo Editing Software in India for 2020

photo editing software

Editing photos to bring out the beauty of a picture dates back to 1860 when President Abraham Lincoln's photo was edited. At that time, tasks like scratching, scraping, painting, etc. were done manually. These skills were possessed by only a few. However, modern technology has made this more accessible. Whether you are a professional photographer or you just want to beautify your random clicks, photo editing software is available for all.

There is Adobe Photoshop , one of the most popular photo editing software amongst photographers. People are so familiar with it that it has become a verb now. However, there is many more photo editing software that will supplement your photography skills and turn an average click into an incredible one.

Top 10 Photo Editing Software in India

  • Adobe Photoshop CC for Team

Description: Photoshop CC is used to edit and compose images. You can use it to conduct advanced image analysis.


  • Reduces noise and halo effect with smart sharpen filter
  • Saves the image to Creative Cloud for easy & quick sharing
  • Selects vector masks, multi-shape, and path at once
  • Imports colour swatches directly from HTML and SVG files

Key Feature: ‘Editable rounded rectangles’ is one of the unique features of this software. It is a lifesaver for those who want to export shapes in CSS format to another Adobe application. And later you can easily resize the shape, edit it, etc.

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  • Photo Selection Software

Description: It is one of the best photo editing software especially the software designed for photographers and studios that will help them take their clicks to another level.


  • You can easily highlight a particular image
  • It facilitates resizing and watermarking of multiple photos
  • Not only pictures but you can upload albums as well for editing

Key Feature: One of the best features of the software is that you can allow your customers to give a suggestion or add a remark on image(s).

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  • Karizma Albums

Description: Karizma album design is a smart photo editing software created for professionals as well as beginners to help them create unique photo albums.


  • Facilitates perfect album designing with auto alignment module
  • Helps make a unique collage with auto collage tools
  • Creates a stylish album with fading and blending effects

Key Feature: It is a great software to create any type of photo album from classic black and white to modern and colourful.

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  • EZ Mask

Description: EZ Mask is an interactive image masking software using which you can extract any object from an image including smoke, reflection, hair detail.


  • Brings finesse in the mask with refine mode
  • It facilitates stroke based masking
  • It supports blue or green spill suppression
  • Promotes colour correction, position, rotation, scaling tools for foreground layer

Key Feature: EZ Mask facilitates edge colour estimation to prevent the image from fringing and helps in creating an impeccable composite.

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  • Movavi Photo Editing Software

Description: It is one of the top photo editing software that lets you remove unwanted and random things from your image.


  • Enrich colours, improves contrast with one click
  • Erase visual noise, cracks & stains, flatten creases from old pictures
  • Inserts captions, titles, and any other text to image
  • Makes a collage by combining different images and their elements

Key Feature: Movavi Photo Editing Software backdrop editing tool is a saviour. You can have a picture at any part of the world by teleporting yourself at that place.

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  • Magix Memories Manager

Description: It is both, a photo and a video editing software. You can crop photos, add special effects, add audio to photo album or video and do more.


  • Edits any video whether belonging to DSLR or Blue-Ray print
  • Magix Memories Manager provides with 1500 professional templates
  • It adjusts brightness & contrast, removes red eye, reduces noise and unwanted objects from an image

Key Feature: ‘Panorama effect’ is one of the features that make this photo editing software unique. Therefore, you can join single images to make them look like one.

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  • Muvee Wedding Studio

Description: It is a photo and video editing software designed especially for wedding studios. It can be used for both purposes - Photo enhancer and perfect wedding slideshows.


  • You can analyze the picture and fix it all using magic fix feature
  • It removes dark circles, enhances the glow, fix freckles and beautifies facial features
  • It will fix tired eyes, change the facial complexion, brighten forehead to make everybody look the best.

Key Feature: You can use this software not only for improving the appearance of people in a picture but also the background. In other words, you can lit dark abbey, fix contrast of shoot done in sunset or sunrise and under disco lights.

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  • Alien Skin Exposure X4

Description: It is a creative photo editor that helps you put life to images with its creative tools.


  • Shows all details of an image by using highlights and improving shadow
  • It comes with completely adjustable light effects
  • Transforming tools can be used to correct tilted and skewed perspectives

Key Feature: Besides photo editing features, it also provides you with tools that help in file navigation so that you can locate the picture instantly. It allows you to copy the image from camera card and save it with a keyword, tagging or rating.

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  • Chaos Group PDPlayer

Description: It is a professional image sequence viewer and player that let you see high resolution and high dynamic range images in standard file formats.


  • You can create multi-layered compositions and make changes in an image in real-time
  • It allows you to adjust colours on individual layers
  • You can connect with remote teams using annotation tools

Key Feature: Its ‘smart integration’ feature makes the software unique. You can integrate it seamlessly into any pipeline using extensive command-line and scripting controls.

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  • reFine

Description: If you are looking for a sharpening photo editing software that will help you in hyper-realistic sharpening and object detailing, go for reFine.


  • It supports processing of a 32-bit image
  • You get modern yet easy to use photo masking tools
  • It facilitates edge aware smoothing, i.e. you can remove skin blemish with it.

Key Feature: It divides an image into three layers namely, coarse, medium, and fine. You can play with each layer separately. Selective filtering, sharpening, and smoothing can be done for an individual layer.

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Top 10 Photo Editing Software in India for 2020

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