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PDPlayer designed for fast, smooth playback of high-resolution image sequences. Create multi-layered compositions and make changes in real-time. Adjust and grade colors on individual layers or adjustment layers. Apply 3D LUTs for color accurate workflows. Collaborate across remote teams with intuitive markup & annotation tools



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About Chaosgroup

Chaos Group is a worldwide leader in computer graphics. Chaos Group creates the technology that helps artists and designers create photoreal imagery and animation for design, television, and feature films. Their physically-based rendering and simulation software is used daily by top design studios, architectural firms, advertising agencies, and visual effects companies around the globe. Their research and development in cloud rendering, material scanning, and virtual reality are shaping the future of creative storytelling and digital design.
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Work with HD, 2K and 4K resolutions in real-time

Fine tune exposure, color balance, and layer blending modes quickly and easily. Add an Adjustment Layer to apply corrections to multiple layers.

Composite layers quickly and easily in Pdplayer and export to Adobe After Effects or the The Foundry's NUKE for final output

Preserve super bright image details using industry standard 32-bit file formats – OpenEXR, HDR, RLA/RPF, TIFF, DPX and CIN

Extract and composite layers from multichannel OpenEXR and VRIMG files

Integrate Pdplayer seamlessly into your pipeline with its extensive command-line and scripting support.

Markup frames and sequences and share with others working remotely.

Plans and Pricing



Rs. 23450.00 ( Per Year )

  • High resolution playback
  • Layered sequences
  • Quick composites
  • Quick color corrects
  • High dynamic range
  • Lookup tables
  • Multichannel openexrs
  • Stereoscopic playback
  • On-set keying & grading
  • Broadcast monitor output
  • Red® r3d support
  • Pipeline integration
  • Collaboration
  • Output


PDPLAYER - 1.Introduction - video tutorial - Chris Nichols


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It is my pleasure to write a review for techjockey

20th August, 2018

Ease of Feature

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  • I was shopping for a software. I thought I was comparing products but had actually stumbled onto Techjockey website. At first I was surprised that someone contacted me, but the gentleman was very professional and seemed genuinely interested in helping me. I told him I was merely a consultant for another company and wouldn't make the ultimate purchase decision. After a brief phone interview, he gave me five choices, but also gave those five companies my contact information. Once you understand that this is Techjockey business model, then what follows makes sense. Some of the companies that followed up with me were super aggressive, super expensive, and very off-putting. I feel Techjockey is somewhat responsible for the out of our price range referrals, but again, once you understand how they get paid, if I chose an expensive option, they probably get paid more. But, referring super high end solution to us was unnecessary. However, we have narrowed down our choices to two companies that we probably would have never even heard of if it weren't for Techjockey, so kudos for that. Over all, not a bad experience. Just be prepared for an immediate onslaught from the companies they refer to you because you are now a golden, pre-qualified lead.
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Avinash Kumar

Definitely a great experience.

13th August, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

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  • This site is very helpful. My only reservation is that I was immediately bombarded with both emails and phone calls from the 5 recommended vendors. I was talking to 2 other vendors already, so this was a bit overwhelming.?
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