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57 Best Data Analysis Software in 2021

What is Data Analysis Software?

Data Analysis Software is a statistical analysis tool used to inspect, clean, transform and model data for deriving information. Statistical analysis software is used for understanding and analyzing the data for producing such facts that may be further used to reach quick and important decisions.

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IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics


(6 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

IBM SPSS Statistics is a tool that makes statistical analysis easier. It can help you perform detailed research & a... Read More About IBM SPSS Statistics
Complex Sampling and Testing add-on Forecasting and Decision Trees add-on New statistics and charting capabilities +8 More
IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud


(4 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

IBM Cognos Analytics is a technology-driven by AI that helps to get hidden insights with personalized analytics on a bu... Read More About IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud
Analytics & Reporting Governance & Policy Management Access Control +5 More
Microsoft Power BI Pro (MOLP)

Microsoft Power BI Pro (MOLP)

By Microsoft

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Microsoft Power BI Pro MOLP is one of the best Microsoft business intelligence tools that helps you collaborate on share... Read More About Microsoft Power BI Pro (MOLP)
Share and Collaborate Connectivity Multilingual +11 More
Microsoft Power BI Pro (CSP)

Microsoft Power BI Pro (CSP)

By Microsoft

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Microsoft Power BI Pro helps to connect to hundreds of data sources, and visualize all the data with live dashboards and... Read More About Microsoft Power BI Pro (CSP)
Collaboration Insights Visualization +3 More

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IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline
IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline is one of the best and most widely used virtual server software that provides effic... Read More About IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline
Cloud Based Installation Data Management Pipeline Management +2 More
IBM SPSS Statistics Base

IBM SPSS Statistics Base



IBM SPSS Statistics software is meant to perform complex data analysis and manipulation in less time. IBM Statistics Bas... Read More About IBM SPSS Statistics Base
Buy Online Automatic Updates Online Cancellation +3 More
IBM InfoSphere Big Match for Hadoop
IBM InfoSphere Big Match for Hadoop helps you analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured customer data to ga... Read More About IBM InfoSphere Big Match for Hadoop
Analytics Customer data API Based +2 More
IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight
IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight is an advanced identity and social network analysis platform that helps you find vulnera... Read More About IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight
Event Management Analytics Transaction Management +2 More

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QMF is an easy to use, secure business analytics and visualization solution that is optimized for IBM Z data.Supports mo... Read More About IBM QMF
Analytics Visualization Business Intelligence +1 More
Microsoft Power BI Premium (CSP)

Microsoft Power BI Premium (CSP)

By Microsoft

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Power BI Premium offers advanced, self-service data preparation that allows every user—from business analyst to da... Read More About Microsoft Power BI Premium (CSP)
Insights Data Management Collaboration +3 More
IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics


(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

IBM Planning Analytics is an analytics software that helps monitor spreadsheets, the entire planning process to keep tra... Read More About IBM Planning Analytics
Budgeting & Forecasting Analytics & Reporting Dashboard +5 More
IBM Cloud Private for Data

IBM Cloud Private for Data



IBM Cloud Private for Data is a new kind of data and analytics platform with built-in governance. It simplifies and unif... Read More About IBM Cloud Private for Data
Data Analysis Virtualization Security +1 More

Top Products

Microsoft Analytics Platform System
Microsoft Analytics Platform System is a complete Data Analysis Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agen... Read More About Microsoft Analytics Platform System
IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer
Understanding the quality, content and structure of your data is an important first step when making critical business d... Read More About IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer
Analytics Reporting Collaborative learning +1 More
IBM Datacap

IBM Datacap



IBM Datacap is a data analytics tool for enterprises. The software uses text analytics, natural language processing and... Read More About IBM Datacap
Advanced Document Capture AI Infused Intelligent Processing Export to other Targets +2 More
Microsoft Power BI Embedded
Microsoft Power BI Embedded service in Azure (PaaS) have APIs for embedding the dashboards and reports. It quickly and e... Read More About Microsoft Power BI Embedded
Report Generation Dashboard Analytics +3 More

Related Categories

IBM Db2 Event Store

IBM Db2 Event Store



IBM Db2 Event Store. Store and analyze more than 250 billion events per day with an in-memory database optimized for eve... Read More About IBM Db2 Event Store
Analytics and Optimization Members Database Real Time Analytics +1 More
Customer Analysis Solution

Customer Analysis Solution

By Qnvert Marktech

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Customer Analysis Solution is a complete Data Analysis Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. Thi... Read More About Customer Analysis Solution
Integration with Ecomm website Customer Longevity Analysis Customer Classification system +7 More
Sawmill Analytics
Sawmill Analytics On-premise software gives users a complete range of Log Analytics solutions. Users can generate report... Read More About Sawmill Analytics
Access Control Database Management Performance Management +4 More
Funifier Studio

Funifier Studio

By Funifier

(1 reviews)


Funifier is a simply amazing solution for the gamification. Parallely it provides employee engagement and customer reten... Read More About Funifier Studio
Widgets Tool Win-States Dashboard +3 More

Last Updated on : 18 Oct, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Data Analysis Software

Found our list of Data Analysis Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Data Analysis Software?

Data Analysis Software is a statistical analysis tool used to inspect, clean, transform and model data for deriving information. Statistical analysis software is used for understanding and analyzing the data for producing such facts that may be further used to reach quick and important decisions.

Data analysis can be quantitative or qualitative, based on your research methodology. For instance, interviews and conversations qualify as qualitative research and surveys count as qualitative data analysis.

Data analysis tools and techniques are used by researchers, academicians, scientists, engineers and commercial industries for mining data. Data analysis tools help users reach such conclusions that could be further used for verifying theories, existing scientific models and hypotheses.

Features of Data Analysis Software

Data Visualization

Graphs, charts, maps, sparklines, and such data visualization features within the dashboard help in researching about key performance indicators and data metrics. Both paid and free data analysis tools provide an option for organizing visuals in the dashboard with the help of various tabs/buttons. Dashboards present information in a very presentable format so that the same data can be easily understood.

Drill Down and Roll-Up

Drill down and roll up feature is used for a more in-depth analysis of the causes for fall and rise in sales or any other issue. For example, more information over a declining sales record can be accessed through the drill-down option wherein more research could be pursued to find out about the causes of such decline. Roll up feature, on the other hand, is used for calculating the factors behind the profit incurred so far. Web-based interfaces and interactive graphics are the tools used for drill-down and roll-up processes.

Service Call Reporting

Service call reporting is meant for ensuring transparency in the customer services team as well as tracking agents, specific calls, etc. It can also be used for training staff, volunteers and agents. Data analysis tools are great support for finding out more information relating to the efficiency and performance of customer services in your department.

Flexible Data Sources

You could be using different data schemes on your system. Using another data source could involve integration issues that may not let such analysis tools to work efficiently in your computer. However, flexible data analysis software ensures compatibility with the existing programs in your computer system.

Easy Result Formats

The information from data analysis software is used for decision making by companies big and small. These decisions need to be made for setting future goals and developing strategies. Thus, real-time results provided by big data analysis software in an easy format offer a clear and in-depth analysis of different business scenarios.

Raw Data Processing

Data analytic models collect data from various sources such as text files, Microsoft Access, Excel, etc. and import them into data analysis software for interpretation purposes. The software’s data processing capability helps collect information from multiple formats, thus successfully saving time required for data conversion. The information so collected can easily be organized as well.

Identity Management

Data analysis software’s identity management feature monitors issues pertaining to data protection, access and identity. This feature is necessary for supporting a computer system, protocols, and network passwords. Identity management application has fraud analytics and other security features that ensure that only authorized users can access the system.

SSO Feature

The single sign-on feature saves users from the hassle of signing in multiple times during the same session. Data encryption converts readable information into unreadable ones through several codes and algorithms and provides added security and safety to the computing systems.


As a company grows, so does its data. The more rapidly a business progresses, the more rapid is the data enhancement process. Data analysis software for beginners as well as professionals is highly scalable in nature and the data can be easily scaled up for assessment purposes. Furthermore, previous data can also be integrated into the new one.

Quick Integration

Different individuals and organizations use different sources for storing and sharing data and there is a huge range of devices and sources available for this. Data analytics models allow data to get easily integrated with cloud apps, warehouses, and databases. Easy integration allows quick sharing of information with developers and data scientists.

Types of Data Analysis Software

Quantitative Data Analysis Software

Quantitative data analysis software uses a statistical package for performing quantitative analysis of data. One of the most popular software is data analysis software SPSS (statistical package for Social Sciences), which is used for writing data from databases and spreadsheets. Missing value analysis is the core feature of the software as it helps its users in filling missing blanks for estimating the data. Once the data estimate is ready, you can use the software for data preparation and management.

Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Data analysis software for research uses qualitative solutions for analyzing information.  It is used for analyzing textual data such as interviews, transcripts, open-ended responses, and text images. Qualitative data analysis software uses fast Boolean text for text segments coding and retrieval. You can also perform code frequency analysis through a bar chart, tag clouds, and pie chart. Exporting graphs into BMP, WMF and PNG formats is easy through this software.

Big Data Analysis Software

Big data analysis software handles a huge amount of data with the help of various programming models. This software is programmed for handling all types of data such as JSON, XML, images, video and plain text. Through the data analysis software, it is possible to process, administer, collect, discover and distribute a large amount of data.

SAS Analytics Software

SAS analytics software uses visualization features for analyzing/reporting/mining of data and predictive modeling. The software is used in Business Intelligence Applications, Machine Learning, and Data Science. SAS solutions present information in large datasets in a neat and presentable format. The analytics feature produces comprehensive reports that help in taking important decisions.

Log Analysis Tools

Log analysis tools are meant for identifying potential threats and issues in a system. Through the software, it is possible to keep a tab on your devices, systems, workstations, servers, and networks. Log management tools are being increasingly used by engineers, system engineers and web developers for ensuring the security of their systems.

Statistical Analysis Software

Statistical analysis software is used for collecting, organizing and interpreting statistical data. The software is primarily used identifying market trends for making the right investment decisions. The factual data produced by this software is crucial for organisations to take important business decisions.

Benefits of Statistical Analysis Software

Comprehensive Integration Support

Data analysis software online provides comprehensive integration support for CSV files, SOAP/RESTful Web Services, SharePoint lists and Java Database Connectivity. It is possible to connect with any data source for easily streaming big data, data warehouses, news feeds, social media, BI platforms and excel spreadsheets.

Data Cleansing

Analytical tools correct the errors from data sets by cleansing those mistakes. This procedure ensures that the quality of data is up to the mark and of mutual benefit for customers, institutions, banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms are used in data analysis software for improving productivity and escalating revenues for the company. The software does this by highlighting such advertisements on shopping websites that are in accordance with the purchasing behavior and history of end users.

Historic Data Analysis

The software identifies fraudulent customers by using historical data analysis. The methodology is especially useful in banking processes wherein banks can decide whom to issue credit/debits cards and whom to deny the same.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Data analysis software helps in preventing mishaps that could happen due to malware or spyware. It uses a good number of sensors for surveillance and monitoring and is primarily deployed by security agencies.

Data Analytics

Data analysis tools perform functions such as data profiling, data cleansing and data deduping for extracting data, heavy or light, form database of a system. The same information so extracted is then used for developing textual files, graphs, etc. Retailers, banks, healthcare, aerospace, social media organizations, finance, and insurance companies use data analytics for drawing information from the database. 


HTML 5 based operational intelligence dashboards can be easily embedded in other applications.In other words, the software is fully capable of integrating itself with the existing data warehouse and business intelligence tools.

Data Analysis Software Price List In India

Data Analysis Software Cost
Best Data Analysis Software Price Ratings
IBM SPSS Statistics ₹5998 4.5
IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud ₹1139 4.6
Microsoft Power BI Pro (MOLP) ₹8193 4.2
Microsoft Power BI Pro (CSP) ₹779 4.3
Microsoft Power BI Premium (CSP) ₹389577 4.5
IBM Planning Analytics ₹72428 4.5
Customer Analysis Solution ₹17700 4.5

FAQ iconData Analysis Software FAQs

Proprietary data analysis software is often quite expensive. Fortunately, there are different open-source data analysis software for students to begin with. Open-source data analytic software automates the procedure used for analyzing data through data cleaning, visualization, etc. Some of the best open-source and free data analysis tools are:

  • Trifacta
  • Rapid Miner
  • BIRT
  • DataMelt

Big data analysis software analyses large sets of data to find out about hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. Through this intelligent solution, you can quickly examine the data and find answers for the questions you were seeking. Companies and organisations use big data analysis software for increasing profits, improving business operations and engaging customers.

Log analysis tools are used for extracting data in order to find useful trends in computer-generated data. Log management solutions help systems create logs or audit trail records for document that very system’s activities.

Data analytic tools are used for analyzing, visualizing and aggregating data. Some of the best available data analysis software are:

  • Sisense
  • Looker
  • Yellowfin
  • NodeXL
  • Skytreet

Data analysis tools in research such as SPSS data analysis software are used for the analysis of complex statistical data. SPSS data analysis software helps with the analysis of survey data by first examining the data and then mining the same for extraction it. Even the most complex type of data can be extracted and pulled by SPSS software. Once this is done, you can identify trends, create predictive models and draw conclusions.

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