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About Bot Insight

About Bot Insight

Bot Insight is an analytics platform that can deliver business and operational intelligence in real-time. The software automatically gathers and logs all types of tagged data in an efficient manner. The software effectively translates all the data captured into meaningful insights and enables the users to view them within the intuitive dashboard provided by the software.

Further, it allows the users to get access to advanced analytics with a single click. It is a complete RPA analytics solution that does not require any further third-party integration.   

What type of role-based access rights are enjoyed by the admin users of Bot Insight?

The software enables its admin users to enjoy the following rights as per their designation:

  1. Admin users can view the tasks assigned and the dashboard report as well.
  2. The admins get to publish, save, analyze and even delete the user-generated dashboards.
  3. They can even access the Operation, Configure and Analyze tabs.
  4. Bot Insight also enables them to analyze, save, bookmark, share and compare the dashboards from time to time.
  5. As an admin user, they can search all the default and saved Business, Operation and CoE dashboards as well.

Pricing of Bot Insight

The pricing of the RPA software solution is available as per the demands and requests of its users. We can provide you an activation key, in case you want to use Bot Insight. If you are already using Bot Insight and want a license renewal, we are there for you. 

Compatible platforms of Bot Insight

The software is compatible with Windows operating systems.

What are the benefits of using Bot Insight?

  1. Intuitive Dashboard: Bot Insight features an intuitive dashboard that can be viewed by the admin and their clients as well. The software refreshes the data within the dashboard at a frequency of one hour by default. Users can change the time duration as per their needs.
  2. Role-based access control: The software enables admin users to assign access rights to the other team members based on their designation. This way, they can easily prevent unauthorized users from getting access to important enterprise-related documents.
  3. Operational Insights: The managers and practitioners within an enterprise can seamlessly monitor the effectiveness of their workforce, based on the actionable intelligence offered by the software. 
  4. Account Reconciliations: The software enables its users to manage all the account reconciliations from a single platform. They get to showcase the entire amount processed by their digital workforce within a particular time frame. In case the whole process is being operated by the managers, it enables them to present timely reports to their CFOs as well. 
  5. Automatic Process: Users get access to an automated ROI within the intuitive dashboard provided by the software. 
  6. API Integration: Bot Insight enables applications to fetch data through Automation Anywhere Enterprise. 
  7. Operational Analytics: The software provides real-time insights into the upcoming tasks, scheduled audits, status of the workload and health of the machines that are being used by the enterprise.

Sold By : Automation Anywhere

Get Bot Insight support 27 Chatting right now

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Bot Insight Features

The CoE enabled dashboard of Bot Insight helps the user’s team to analyze the value offered by their RPA programs and make changes as per their convenience.
Bot Insights processes the collected data and provides relevant insights into the user’s business. Helping them to manage their business tasks in an efficient way.
The software offers seamless integration with the leading BI solutions, enabling its users to measure their business performance in real-time.
Users get access to advanced analytics in real-time by using Bot Insight. They only need to tag the variables of interest and the software does the rest.

Get Bot Insight support27 Chatting right now

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Bot Insight Specifications


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Bot Insight FAQs

A. Yes, the software allows its users to modify the data profile, edit the display name of any particular variable and even change the type of data within the dashboard provided by the software.
A. Yes, the software allows its users to edit the properties of the widgets provided to them within the intuitive dashboard, as per their requirement.
A. Yes, Techjockey does provide an online demo for Bot Insight. You only have to send in a demo request along with your preferred time and date.
A. The software collects and processes all the data collected by the deployed bots and offers meaningful insights in the form of business analytics. Thus, helping the users to get end to end information related to their business.
A. Currently, Bot Insight is not compatible with mobile OS.

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