What are the Best Robotic Process Automation RPA Tools?

What are the Best Robotic Process Automation RPA Tools?-feature image
February 7, 2024 8 Min read

Robotic process automation tools automate routine processes of organisations, thus helping them save their time and resources. These tools collect data, interpret it, create responses, and communicate with different systems to efficiently complete mundane tasks.

They can be easily integrated into any system and used instantly for fastening business operations. RPA software is also scalable in nature that making the RPA platform adaptable to the changing environment of a business.

What is Robotic Process Automation Tool?

Robotic Process Automation tools configure operations by automating them with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) workers and metaphorical software robots (bots). These tools do not intrude with other systems of the computer software.

Process automation tools are applauded for their ability to perform most of the human user tasks. Some of these actions are logging in into an application, connecting to API systems, copy/pasting the data, extracting/processing content from files and folders, reading the database, doing calculations and scrapping data. Software robots within the best RPA tools ensure consistency and compliance to follow instructions they are programmed to follow.

Functions of RPA Tools

Robotic process automation technology configures the software of a computer or a robot in order to interpret applications for communicating with other systems of a digital resource. The following are the important functions of process automation tools:

  • Customer service operations such as verifying e-signatures, uploading scanned documents and other routine functioning.
  • General accounting and financial planning tasks.
  • Human resources tasks such as managing attendance, hiring new recruits, onboarding and off-boarding.
  • IT services such as handling source-code control, optimizing email notifications, and server reset.
  • Managing supply chain operations such as tracking shipments, monitoring the inventory, and processing orders.

Top 10 Robotic Process Automation Tools of 2022 and Industry Applications

Let us explore the best RPA tools in 2022 in greater detail:

  • Another Monday

Another Monday RPA software provides scalable intelligent process automation services. This RPA tools platform also provides digital solutions for mobile integration and machine learning. The software thus helps escalate productivity, lower the production costs and improve business processes.

Key Features of Another Monday:

  • Transferring process knowledge
  • Visualizing exception handling
  • Supporting audits
  • Visual benchmarking
  • Identifying process inefficiency and standardization potential
  • Transferring process knowledge
  • Boosting process automation
  • Delegating tasks


  • Quick scaling abilities to takeout tasks from the database quickly and efficiently
  • Create boards and pulses to show progress achieved over different tasks
  • Clean interface
  • Colour coding
  • Time saving templates

Pricing: For details regarding the price of the software or licensing fee, please request a call back.

Industries Using Another Monday

The following industries depend on RPA Another Monday for streamlining their business operations:

  • Telecommunication
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Auditing sector
  • Energy
  • Blue Prism

RPA software

Blue Prism is an RPA platform meant for driving businesses towards greater agility and speed in their operations. With the help of this software, dependence on human resource for routine tasks is easily reduced and human potential gets further channelized towards more strategic and meaningful tasks.

Key features of Blue Prism:

  • Digital exchange
  • Intelligent RPA platform
  • Process discovery tool
  • AI-powered supervisor
  • Process automation design tools
  • Cloud HUB, Cloud IADA and Cloud INTERACT


  • Innovative solution for business automation
  • Client server architecture
  • Surface automation

Pricing: For details relating to pricing or licensing fee, please request a call back.

Industries Using Blue Prism

The following industries depend on Blue Prism Process automation tool for streamlining their business operations:

  • Automobile
  • Consumer goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Chemical market
  • Inflectra Rapise

Open source RPA tools

Inflectra Rapise Robotic process automation tool is an RPA platform meant for automating daily tasks of business operations. Programmers and non-developers use the software for automating mobile, web and desktop applications. The software also supports automatic play and record function.

Key features of Inflectra Rapise:

  • Test validation
  • Intelligent playback
  • Analog recording
  • Exploratory testing
  • Drag and Drop IDE
  • Hybrid application testing
  • XPath and sky tools
  • Optical character recognition
  • Selenium web driver integration


  • Flexible and extensible
  • Self-healing tests
  • Powerful object manager
  • Custom libraries

Pricing: Inflectra Rapis is priced at per machine basis. The price for one machine is Rs 99,936. And there are a total of three machines available on yearly basis. For further details, please request a call back.

Industries Using Inflectra Rapise

The following industries depend on Inflectra Rapise RPA platform for streamlining their business operations:

  • Energy
  • Health
  • Public utilities
  • Kryon

RPA open source

Kryon RPA platform identifies business processes that need to be automated for saving both costs incurred and time invested. The software functions by transferring routine tasks to the virtual server for fast and effective completion of deadlines.

Key features of Kryon software:

  • Attended automation
  • Hybrid automation
  • Full cycle automation suite
  • Unattended automation


  • User friendly
  • Scalable

Pricing: Please request a call back for pricing details.

Industries Using Kryon

The following industries depend on Kryon for streamlining their business operations:

  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Aviation
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting
  • UiPath

Best RPA tools

The UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform ensures automation of manual and daily repetitive tasks. The software provides AI-based functionality to implement planned and well-executed automation processes. UiPath robots work closely with application stack to complete automation activities.

Key features of UiPath software:

  • Embedded analytics
  • Connect enterprise
  • Orchestrator
  • Process mining tools
  • AI-enhanced digital workforce


  • Video tutorials
  • Forum to seek answers
  • Rapid automation
  • Bot management
  • Scalable features

Pricing: For pricing structure or details of the licensing fee, please request a call back.

Industries Using UiPath

The following industries depend on UiPath RPA tools for streamlining their business operations:

  • Retail
  • Public sector
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • BPO
  • Finance and banking
  • Nice Systems

Nice Systems

The business automation processes by NICE RPA software introduces fast robotic processes to lessen the monotony of doing routine and mundane tasks. This RPA software pulls data from the systems to embed intelligent automation capabilities.

Key features of Nice Systems software:

  • Automation studio
  • Desktop analytics
  • Automation finder
  • Desktop analytics
  • Automation finder


  • Scalable
  • Full value integration
  • Desktop automation

Pricing: To get pricing details in greater detail, please request a call back.

Industries Using Nice Systems

The following industries depend on Nice Systems RPA software for streamlining their business operations:

  • Computer software
  • Financial services
  • Telecommunications
  • Information technology and services
  • Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere Robotic process automation tool aids in reducing the dependence on human labour for manual computer related tasks such as data entry. The Artificial Intelligence and Analytics combine within the software and create an enterprising digital workforce meant for giving human an opportunity to invest in more strategic and creative tasks.

Key features of Automation Anywhere:

  • Workload management
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • BotFarm
  • In-built SLA calculator
  • Optical character recognition
  • AISense for Citrix algorithm
  • Image based automation


  • Bank-grade security
  • Centralised control
  • Enterprise grade technology
  • Five hundred plus ready to download bots
  • Improves operational agility

Pricing: The software is available in three different editions: Enterprise Version 11, Enterprise A2019 and Community Edition 2019.  

Industries Using Automation Anywhere

The following industries depend on Automation Anywhere RPA platform for streamlining their business operations:

  • BPO
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom
  • Life Sciences
  • PEGA


PEGA RPA software automates routine manual tasks by utilising the user interface of available applications. Time-taking mundane operations easily get transformed into automatic processes for improving outcome of business processes.

Key features of PEGA:

  • DevOPs and Testing
  • BPM and case management
  • Cloud services
  • Sales automation
  • Opportunity Finder


  • Virtual assistants and chatbots
  • Low code app development
  • Client onboarding

Pricing: PEGA RPA is available under three different editions for the following four platforms – PEGA Customer Service, PEGA Marketing, PEGA Sales Automation and PEGA. For individual details of each platform and edition, please request a call back.

Industries Using PEGA

The following industries depend on PEGA RPA platform for streamlining their business operations:

  • Manufacturing and hi-tech
  • Energy and utilities
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Automotive
  • Media and entertainment
  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • Transportation
  • Contextor


Contextor RPA software is an RPA software that makes the best use of robotic desktop automation. The built-in bots in the system help execute tasks inside a computer system to convert time consuming manual tasks into automated business operations.

Key features of Contextor:

  • Declaration of applications
  • Development of automation scripts
  • UI design
  • Workflow design
  • IntelliPrompt
  • Code snippets
  • Instant code execution


  • Agility
  • Export/archive projects
  • Graphical overview
  • Create screen captures
  • Layout personalization

Pricing: In case you require details about the pricing or licensing fee, please request a call back.

Industries Using Contextor

The following industries depend on Contextor for streamlining their business operations:

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Kofax


Kofax creates and manages software robots to reduce the stress of performing mundane tasks. The RPA platform uses smart automation to organise and coordinate tasks of both the digital workforce and human resources.

Key features of Kofax RPA:

  • Cognitive capture
  • Process orchestration
  • Analytics
  • Integration of data from various websites, applications and portals
  • Centralised robot deployment and management
  • Unified design environment
  • Robot lifecycle management
  • Automated process discovery
  • Electronic records management system
  • Extensible platform


  • Quick and easy data capture
  • Optimises business processes
  • Digitisation of documents
  • No coding hassle
  • Multiple sources of data

Pricing: For pricing details or getting information related to licensing fee, please request a call back.

Industries Using Kofax

The following industries depend on Kofax RPA platform for streamlining their business operations:

  • Information technology and services
  • Financial services
  • Computer software
  • Transportation and Logistics


RPA software comes with an in-built mechanism for automating business processes. Companies and organisations make use of top RPA tools for systemizing mundane business functions in order to achieve greater work productivity with reduced operational costs. You can streamline your business processes by putting to diligent use these time-saving tools.

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