11 Best Travel CRM to Ensure Pleasant Customer Experience

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Travel CRM software manages the travel business of companies by fostering improved customer relations and creating strong sales/retention records. Customers are the backbone of any business, and the same applies to travel agencies and travel consultants.

With the use of right technologies, travel companies can go an extra mile to keep customers happy. Customer retention can be improved significantly with the help of CRM systems for travel agencies.

What is CRM in Travel Industry?

Travel CRM or travel management software is meant for streamlining operations of travel and tour agencies. Tour operators and agents use the software for automating their daily activities.

Travel CRM effectively organizes business processes for travel agencies. It also allows customers to take advantage of fast travel services.

Travel CRM software is useful at every stage, right from the lead management to follow-ups, sales funnel management & closure. It also provides detailed reports for an in-depth business view.

What Does Travel CRM Software Do?

Travel agency CRM is meant for handling back office functioning of a travel agency such as managing stocks, creating real time data, preparing economic reports, managing marketing campaigns and facilitating closure.

The software leads towards automation of daily processes at a travel company. It’s an important tool to increase your sales and expand the customer base with streamlined customer relationship management.

What is the Best CRM for Travel Industry?

CRM software smoothens the business activities of travel companies to increase customer retention and improve sales. The automation of sales, marketing, customer interaction and such processes lead to efficient streamlining of businesses.

Let us explore the eleven best Travel CRM software that help manage business operations of travel agencies:

  • DeBox Global Travel CRM

DeBox is a popular travel CRM software that is widely used by individual travel agents and firms with query and quotation management. The software helps manage both B2C and corporate clients with personalized travel itinerary and rate sheets.

DeBox travel CRM software further helps with invoice creation, document management and complaint management.

Key Features of DeBox:

  • Query management

It helps track queries from different mediums and define their priority and the turnaround time.

  • Invoice generation

You can deploy DeBox for generating multiple types of invoices by including relevant taxes.

  • Payment requests

Use DeBox for tracking payments, setting payment reminders and calculating the auto-gross margins.

  • Uploading rate sheets

DeBox makes it easy to automatically calculate rates for different travel packages.

  • Quotation generation

DeBox helps create quotations that include different services as requested by your clients.

Price: DeBox travel CRM price available on request at Techjockey.

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  • Freshsales CRM

Travel CRM software

Freshsales is a CRM for travel agents and companies to manage their customer relationships. The software manages, develops and follow-up on leads to run their travel business.

This CRM for travel companies provides multiple tools such as AI-based lead scoring, changeable visual reports, customizable dashboards and visual deal pipeline for smooth running of travel businesses.

Key features of Freshsales CRM:

  • Two-Way Email Sync

You can manage the emails in integration with Freshsales CRM. This feature helps you track mails from clients or sales CRM easily.

  • Email Tracking

You can track the performance of your mails through sales CRM with the help of Freshsales CRM system for travel agency.

  • Sales Campaigns

Sales CRM helps run successful sales campaigns through SMSs in bulk to customers and clients.

  • Personalised Templates

You can save your neatly written messages as personalised mails and use them to send emails faster through Freshsales CRM for travel industry.

  • Sales-First Inbox

You can easily send messages depending upon your immediate priorities through the awaiting response option.

  • Team Inbox

You can gain access to mails of each other to ensure that no good deal slips away from your hands. In this feature, the mail arrives in a rep’s inbox.

  • Calendar Sync

The calendar sync option lets you sync your google account with freshsales.

  • Email-To-Lead

Freshsales CRM for travel companies links emails to the correct lead or contact’s record. 

  • Open and Click Notifications

Freshsales Travel agency CRM software lets you access alerts for email opens, link clicks and new emails.

Pricing: You can start using Freshsales free Travel CRM software for your small team at ₹ 799 per user per month.

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  • SugarCRM

CRM for travel companies

Sugar travel CRM helps automate processes related to sales, accounts, marketing and customer services. You can also use the software’s customised features such as global search function, shortcut bar, wizard tool and customised homepage for improving customer relations.

Key Features of Sugar CRM

  • Market Automation Success

You can use Sugar CRM’s improved marketing solutions to enhance your reach to potential customers and deliver outstanding travel experience.

  • Automated Alerts

You can create automated alerts for your sales team with the help of Sugar traveling CRM software whenever a prospect connects with you.

  • Social Media Marketing

You can use Sugar Travel CRM software to identify which networks, profiles and posts are proving good for your business.

  • In-Built SEO

Sugar CRM for travel agency uses tools such as meta performance, page speed and external/internal links.

Pricing: For pricing details, kindly request a call back.

  • Rezdy CRM

CRM for travel agency

Rezdy CRM for travel industry is a booking software that automates processes leading to higher sales efficiency and bookings. Customers also benefit from the software’s quick booking processes as the services offered by the software are user friendly.

Key features of Rezdy:

  • Online Reservation Mechanism

The online booking system is easy and can be done from even the comfort of your home. This reservation system provides a seamless experience to make business operations streamlined.

  • Automated Payments

You get the amount immediately credited into your account as soon as the customer pays.

  • In-App Messaging

You can send real-time messages to agents for creating new partnership arrangements.

  • Liability Waivers

You can send your customers a prefilled waiver form for signing purposes.

  • Intuitive Waiting List Capabilities

For a sold-out session, customers can join the waiting list and receive automatic confirmation for their turn.

Pricing: You can get Rezdy Free Travel CRM software at just ₹ 3,490 per month.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

CRM software for travel agents

Salesforce Sales Cloud is travel agency CRM software that connects different departments of a travel company to a potential customer. Marketing, sales, commerce and service are the departments that get connected to the potential client or customer through Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Key features of Salesforce Sales Cloud:

  • Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce Sales Cloud software has artificial intelligence or AI built into its customer relationship management software.

  • Analytics

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM software provides data-driven insights to all its clients and customers.

  • Mobile-first CRM

The software lets you run the entire business from your mobile phone.

  • Identity Management

You can create a single federated identity across all the cloud apps.

  • Metadata Architecture

You can automatically create metadata architecture

Pricing: Salesforce Sales Cloud software is priced at ₹ 21,000. For further details, please request a callback.

  • Kapture CRM

CRM for travel industry

Kapture CRM is a travel CRM with several machine learning tools to add intelligence to a company’s customer services. You can use the software for integrating into one single platform, the company’s contact and service centre with the field executives. The important features of the software are:

Key features of Kapture CRM:

  • Customer Data Management

Kapture travel agency CRM software enables customer profiling to develop a strong customer base.

  • Integrated Operations Management

Kapture travel agent CRM software helps manage field agents, distributions and stock orders.

  • Order Management

The software has tools for adding new orders even when you are not in the office.

  • Payment & Invoice Management

You can make use of cloud-based dashboard to manage payments, deliverables and customers through a single platform.

Price: Please request a callback for getting pricing details.

  • eliNext

CRM for travel agents

eliNext travel CRM maximizes the efficiency of your travel business operations by creating strong relations with customers. The software helps manage clientele and integrate marketing and sales departments of a travel company to increase customer retention.

Key Features of eliNext:

  • Web Development

eliNext CRM system for tour and traveling agency integrates processes, applications and information flows for offering web development services.

  • SAP development

SAB development includes service architecture to improve the efficiency of a business process.

  • App development

The software develops solutions for mobile platforms that includes both Windows and Android.

Pricing: Please request a call back for details of pricing for the eliNext tour agency CRM.

  • Zoho CRM

Free CRM software for travel agents

Customer relations are important part of business operations. Zoho travel agency CRM is equipped with features for managing customer relations and acquiring new ones. Zoho travel CRM software manages functions related to flight bookings, hotel bookings, adventure packages, etc.

Zoho CRM Features:

  • Sales Force Automation

ZohoCRM for travel industry manages leads, deals, accounts and contacts. It also handles automation of workflows.

  • Process Management

Zoho travel agent CRM software looks after processes such as blueprint, assignment, scoring, approval, escalation and validation.

  • Omnichannel Presence

Emails, social media, telephony, live chats and web conferencing are also handled by Zoho CRM.

  • Performance Management

Under performance management, Zoho does territory management, sales forecasting, gamification and AI prediction.

  • Customisation

With the help of its customisation tools, the travel CRM software manages page layouts, sub forms, views, filters and translations. 

Pricing: Zoho provides five different plans: Zoho CRM Plus, Starter, Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

  • Tutterfly

Tutterfly is a travel CRM built specifically for travel and tour agents and operators. It provides a footing in the area of technological support to travel businesses. The software develops customised reports and views for making business operations of travel companies organised and customer oriented.

Key features of Tutterfly

  • Conversion System

You can save leads by customizing the approach to pitch the right offers to the right source at the right place.

  • Professional Performance Analytics

Tutterfly CRM for travel companies provides performance analytics tools to analyse and optimize your business processes.

  • Integrated Sales Interface

This feature of travel CRM lets you get an overview of all the independent operations.

  • Process Mapping

Tutterfly does process mapping for managing accounts and converting opportunities.

Pricing: Tutterfly Free CRM software for travel agents is available on trial basis for a period of fourteen days. The software is priced at ₹ 1,567 for monthly usage.

  • Travelopro

CRM system for travel agency

Travelopro travel CRM provides online travel solutions for travel agencies. You can make use of innovative technological solutions to develop your travel website or travel portal. The software also promises ready to use white label portal solution for its customers.

Key features of Travelopro:

  • Complete Admin and Central Mid office Module

Under this feature, Travelopro travel agent CRM software provides content management system, reporting module and analytics.

  • Booking Engine Development 

The software helps with the development of online travel portal with best practices for B2C and B2B booking Interface.

  • Customer Dashboard and Analytics

With the help of this characteristic of the software, you can take smart and quick decisions by getting deeper insights into your business.

  • Account Management

You can use Travelopro travel CRM’s dedicated account management services business development, marketing and technical support services.

Pricing: Travelopro provides five different plans, namely Basic, Advanced, Premium, Platinum & Enterprise. You can place a call request for getting price quotes.

  • Technoheaven Travel CRM

Technohaven develops travel solution for companies and organisations to help them automate their business processes. You can use multiple tools available with the software to efficiently organise the tasks and functioning of your travel company.

Key features of Technoheaven:

  • Integrated Time Monitoring System

You can use the software’s integrated time monitoring system for tracking key milestones and manage task goals.

  • Unique Filtering Tool

The filtering option helps in managing the workload to save time.

  • Social Media Optimisation

You can make use of Technohaven SMO feature to improve and maintain your social image and build a brand name for yourself.

  • Back Office Management

The software’s provides support of its skilled team to improve the productivity of your business.

  • Pay Per Click

You can use Pay per Click advertising to improve the number of visitors approaching your website.

Pricing: You can request a callback in case you require details about pricing.


Travel CRM aims at providing solutions and products to travel organisations to manage their business services. Travel management systems are equipped with multiple tools to let travel companies customize their operations. They also provide an easy to use interface to make the experience more fulfilling and positive.

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