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What is Travel Agency CRM software?

Travel CRM Software is a tool that's designed to provide your travel agency to offer your customers a unique and seamless experience, and build better relationships with customer interactions, Sales Tracking, converting queries to... Read Buyer’s Guideimg

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DeBox Global Travel CRM

DeBox Global Travel CRM

Brand: DeBox Global It Solutions


4.7 out of 5

(42 user reviews)

DeBox global is an award-winning CRM for travel agents and agencies is designed to create the best-in-class customer experience. It helps travel operators... Read More About DeBox Global Travel CRM img

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Webnfoz Travel CRM

Webnfoz Travel CRM

Brand: Webnfoz Technologies


5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

CRMtravel is a comprehensive travel CRM software completely developed to automate operations like managing and distributing leads, streamlining follow-ups... Read More About Webnfoz Travel CRM img

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Kapture CRM

Kapture CRM

Brand: Adjetter


4.3 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Kapture CRM is a customer relationship management software loaded with numerous features that are beneficial for the sales teams or organizations solely... Read More About Kapture CRM img

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Travel & Expense Management System

Travel & Expense Management System

Brand: Botmatic

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What is VYAY : The expense Management solution powered by Botmatic. It gives end to end solution for expense management. Our focus is to simplify, standard... Read More About Travel & Expense Management System img

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Technoheaven Travel CRM

Technoheaven Travel CRM

Brand: Techno Heaven


4.6 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Technoheaven CRM is the preferred option for travel companies and operators for aligning and efficiently managing daily operations. Technoheaven CRM is on... Read More About Technoheaven Travel CRM img

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Salesboom CRM

Salesboom CRM

Brand: Salesboom

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Salesboom the online CRM software renders efficiencies and profitability your sales team desires. On demand SFA solutions give the functionality needed in... Read More About Salesboom CRM img


Provab Technosoft

Provab Technosoft

Brand: Provab

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Provab Technosoftis a complete Travel Agency CRM Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Travel Agency CRM Software for Web-Base... Read More About Provab Technosoft img

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Brand: Travelomatix

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Travelomatix is a complete Travel Agency CRM Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Travel Agency CRM Software for has a simple... Read More About Travelomatix img

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Phptravels is a complete Travel Agency CRM Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Travel Agency CRM Software for has a simple i... Read More About Phptravels img

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Brand: mTrip

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Mtrip is a complete Travel Agency CRM Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Travel Agency CRM Software for has a simple interf... Read More About mTrip img

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Last Updated on : 22 Sep, 2023

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Travel Agency CRM Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Travel agency accounting software is a bookkeeping solution for tour operators to analyse their expenses and cash flows efficiently. It includes recording, classification, and summarizing of all the costs incurred on a trip. This software also helps in assessing the financial strength of a travel agency.

Here are some of the best CRM for travel agencies are: tours Tutterfly CRM Technoheaven travel CRM Traveltek Trawex

Some well-known functions of online travel agencies are: Global outreach Enhanced logistical contacts Online trip booking Hotel bookings Trip Planning Automated scheduling for trips and meetings with customers Boosting Web search results organically Multi-lingual and multi-currency support

Here are some of the best cloud-based travel agency management software: Tourwriter PHPTRAVELS Rezdy Travelshift Technoheaven travel CRM TravelWorks

Travel CRM incorporates online payment methods for quick settlements of the bill. Travelling companies can send the link for online payment directly to the user along with the bill the complete breakdown of the charges.

Travel CRM offers an expense management module that allows companies to look for the best prices available in the market and work accordingly. The travelling agency software also uses business intelligence module to understand customer behaviour and generate travel packages accordingly. Plus, some cloud-based travel CRMs have a pre-built tour package generator that consumes all the market data to generate cost-efficient travelling.

Technoheaven Travel CRM is one of the best back-office travel agency software. It takes care of all the backend work that is required for a travelling agency to operate seamlessly. Other popular travel agency back-office software are: Multi-tour operation Hotel contracting Financial and expense management Multi-currency support

Invoicera is one of the best billing and invoicing software build for travel agencies. It is an integrated software that keeps up with the travel CRM and ensures real-time payment and trip closure. This travel agency billing software also assists in the management of multiple leg bookings and tracking pending payments.

Buyer's Guide for Top Travel Agency CRM Software

Found our list of Travel Agency CRM Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Travel CRM Software? 
  • How does Travel CRM Works for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies? 
  • Travel Agency CRM Software Features
  • Advantages of using a travel agency accounting software 

What is Travel CRM Software? 

Travel CRM software is designed for travel agencies to manage their customers. It works like a regular Travel CRM, but the functions are customized well enough to cater to the specialized needs of tour and travel companies. It allows companies to strategize their outreach program through ads and acquire new customers. Then, pursue them further to manage their trip bookings. Travel CRM streamlines operations through various features such as calling, follow-up, accounting, trip scheduling, etc. 

Best CRM for traveling agencies enables price-sensitive modules to create tour packages. It helps travel businesses tap into a wide spectrum of customers. Travel CRM system enhances the workflow of a touring agency and helps establish themselves in a competitive market. 

Travel CRM solution is a complete system that assists travel companies/agents in managing outreach, leads, inquiries, and other essential travel packages. It enhances sales-related activities in a competent and compelling fashion. The solution helps in the growth of customer base, supervision of inquiries/targets, take follow-ups, manage contacts, etc. 

How does Travel CRM Works for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies? 

The first thing that Best Travel CRM does is, accumulate leads from online advertisements and save all the information into the system. This includes contact information like phone numbers, email IDs, etc. CRM system for travel agencies utilizes an integrated method to keep the customer informed. The best travel CRM provides features for managing sales, marketing, and service automation in a single platform

.Travelling agents start the operation by contacting leads and placing them in a sales funnel to track their progress. They can schedule calls, send automated system-generated emails, etc. to initiate and establish a chain of conversation with the lead. Travel CRM solutions automate communication, offer business intelligence, enable traveling agents to make the sales process smoother. A sound CRM system for travel agencies empowers them to stay ahead of the curve with customer-focused outreach and price management features. 

Travel CRM analysis works on three critical factors - innovative outreach, data analysis, and relationship management. CRM for travel companies also ensures customer retention through a post-sales outreach module where customers are sent text messages and emails regarding new offers and discounts. 

Travel Agency CRM Software Features

Lead Management and Tracking

The software accumulates lead information from the online ads. It includes contact information like social media, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Agents can initiate their outreach by tracking the lead status through the sales funnel. 

Travel Invoice

Travel CRM solutions can generate invoices for your customers with details of all their expenses along with taxes. It includes the cost of travelling, staying, food, etc. This is further used for the generation of bills. 

Booking Management and Tracking

Once a customer confirms the booking, the travel CRM solution process the travel request and tracks their plan. CRM for tour operators helps travel agents create a personalized itinerary for their clients.


Traveling agents can get access to comprehensive reports on leads, bookings, expenses, customer behavior, etc. A travel CRM offers insights and assists in enhancing customer satisfaction rates. Traveling companies can analyze the data and generate targeted advertising campaigns for planned outreach by Reporting Tool


Travel CRM system empowers travelling agencies to save time and resolve the billing hassles by enabling online payment modes. Travel CRM includes multiple online payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, online banking, mobile wallets, and many others.

Automated Follow up

Travel agents can initiate the conversation and set up automated follow-ups with the customer. The system generates notifications to remind the agents about following up with customers. 

Task Management

Traveling companies can coordinate and streamline the entire operations through a single platform by task management software. Travel CRM allows managers to assign leads to the agents and their work automatically. The travel CRM system also helps in managing inter-departmental work smoothly. E.g., marketers and sales teams can work together and share data with each other effortlessly through a travel CRM solution.

Client Profile Management

Once the sales process is completed, travel agents can take all the necessary information from them and save it in the travel CRM system. It includes personal verification documents such as Aadhar cards, bank details, etc. This enables agents to create a detailed profile of the client. It facilitates companies to track their customer efficiently and offer better customer management services. 

Visa Management

Travel CRM solution enables tour operators to manage the immigration system for Visa processing of the customer. It ensures secured visa generation and payment processing. Some travel CRM includes the lead management for Visa immigration as well. 

Multi-Currency Management

Traveling companies that conduct foreign tours can use CRM for travel agencies to calculate the accurate forex rates for managing their expenses smartly. It includes costs for traveling, lodging, food, etc. that will be spent on the trip. 

Expense Management

The software offers an exemplary expense management system that allows users to track their spending efficiently. It also helps in managing the finances of travel businesses. 

Contact Management

A good travel Agency CRM stores all the contact information generated from the leads for retargeting during specialized ad campaigns. The contact information is also used to inform existing clients about new discount offers and travel plans by contact management software.

Email Alert

Travel CRM communicates with customers regarding the new travel programs through emails generated by the software. 

Advantages of using a travel agency accounting software 

Here are a few advantages of a travel agency accounting software:  

Better Management of Leads

Travel agency accounting software offers enhanced lead management and the transactions incurred with the lead. It also uses this data for generating financial documents like balance sheet. 

Effective Marketing Campaigns

It enables marketing teams to generate cost-efficient marketing campaigns to gather leads that could be used as potential customers.

Efficient Expenditure Tracking

Travel agency accounting software helps companies to track all the expenses involved in the trip conveniently.

Follow-up management

The software generates notifications for follow-ups through SMS and text messages as a reminder for payment collection or other trip-related information.

Customer Satisfaction

Small business accounting software for Travel agencies ensures customer satisfaction through seamless checkout and customer feedback forms

Mobile CRM to Work on the Go

On-field agents can use the mobile application of Travel CRM solutions to report from the ground about their work. 

Relationship Management

The software allows traveling agents to initiate essential customer relationship management. It can be used for keeping the customer updated with new travel plans and discount offers. 

Automated Reports

It provides a smart assessment of the expenses and costs for different reasons for companies to build cost-effective travel packages.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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