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Best Real Estate CRM Software in 2024

What is Real Estate CRM Software?

Real Estate CRM acts as a source for your client information. It helps real estate agents to manage their leads, automate email marketing campaigns and guide them through the sales process. Real estate CRM software helps to develop relationships and make data-based decisions. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Real Estate CRM Software in 2024

  • top product arrowLeadrat CRM
  • top product arrowBuildesk
  • top product
  • top product arrowTeknovate CRM
  • top product arrowFocus 9

Best Real Estate CRM Software

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Leadrat CRM

Leadrat CRM

Brand: Easy GharOffice Solutions Private Limited


4.5 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

Unlock the potential of your business with Leadrat CRM, a one-stop platform for real estate customer relationship management.... Read More About Leadrat CRM read review arrow

₹400 /User/Month

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Brand: Cravingcode Technologies


4.9 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

SaaS-based AI-Driven CRM solution for real-estate businesses to respond faster, set appointments & close more deals.... Read More About Buildesk read review arrow


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Brand: Sell.Do


4.1 out of 5

(84 user reviews) is a complete Real Estate CRM designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Real Estate CRM for Web-Based has a simple interface and i... Read More About img

₹1,799 /User/Month

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Teknovate CRM

Teknovate CRM

Brand: Teknovative Solution


4.8 out of 5

(12 user reviews)

Teknovate CRM is one of the best online CRM software for B2B as well as B2C businesses. It helps with the tracking & automation of sales and marketin... Read More About Teknovate CRM img

₹500 /User/Month

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Focus 9

Focus 9

Brand: Focus Softnet


4.2 out of 5

(8 user reviews)

Focus 9 is a fully integrated ERP software designed to maximize the output for various types of operations. Focus 9 software analyses the inputs of diffe... Read More About Focus 9 img

Price On Request

Real Estate CRM Software Product List Top Banner - 1
Real Estate CRM Software Product List Top Banner - 2


Brand: Technobase IT Solutions Pvt Ltd


4.1 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

ezeeCRM is a popular online CRM software used by sales, service and marketing teams in SMEs and large enterprises for converting leads into clients. For h... Read More About ezeeCRM img

₹900 /User/Month

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Brand: San Software


4.6 out of 5

(7 user reviews)

SAN CRM is a customer relationship management software helping start-ups, SMBs, and enterprises with contact and sales pipeline management. SAN CRM optimi... Read More About SAN CRM img

Price On Request

OrgGen CRM

OrgGen CRM

Brand: Orggen Technologies LLP


4.6 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

OrgGen is a CRM software that is industry-specific in nature and helps you with lead management, workflow automation, call tracking, whats app integration... Read More About OrgGen CRM img

₹350 User/Month

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Brand: Retainuser


5 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Retain user is an emerging global software company leading in the field of business process automation and CRM ( Customer relationship management ). The co... Read More About Retainuser img

Price On Request



Brand: StrategicERP


4.8 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

StrategicERP is an ERP software designed for the construction and real estate industry for project lifecycle management. The construction ERP software pro... Read More About StrategicERP img


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Last Updated on : 18 Apr, 2024

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Software listed

Best Real Estate CRM Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

The best sales-focused and easy to use real estate CRM are: Zoho   Rethink CRM   AgileCRM   Nutshell   LionDesk   Apptivo   Bitrix24   Market Leader   EzeeCRM   Solid Performers   Real Geeks

The most user-friendly CRM for real estate are Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Agile CRM, etc. These real estate CRM solutions offer modules for tracking call histories, managing contacts, web forms for list management, sales analytics, and key business metrics. You will find their online videos and demos to get started easily.

The most effective real estate CRM that helps automate workflows and offers valuable insights for lead management are Zoho CRM, EzeeCRM, and Soldi Performers. These CRM solutions offer customized modules for running drip campaigns, managing marketing campaigns, file sharing, reviewing sales and performance data, and more.

Kapture and HubSpot the best real estate CRM with a mobile app. The CRM helps create detailed property listings & database syncing in real-time. Lead management or assigning, creating quotation templates, saving project brochures, raising tickets, customer profile management can be done with their real estate CRM apps.

Individual realtors and real estate agencies prefer these CRM software solutions to manage their property buying and selling business: Zoho CRM  Kapture CRM  LeadSquared  Freshworks

Real Estate CRM Software Reviews


Leadrat CRM


“Powerful analytics and reporting tools that provide valuable insights into sales performance, helping businesses make informed decisions.”

- Amit Pandey

See all Leadrat CRM reviewsimg



“Easy to use, amazing tool for realtors. Build with lots of passion as it includes key features for CP and developers.”

- Ragini

See all Buildesk reviewsimg


“The integration of pre-sales, call center, and team collaboration within the CRM enhances overall efficiency.”

- Radhika

See all reviewsimg

Teknovate CRM


“The Teknovate CRM software fits sales process perfectly for our SME. It will carefully capture the leads from all available sources and automatically assign to my sa...”

- Solar Bull Energy

See all Teknovate CRM reviewsimg

Focus 9


“the software is intuitive and easy to navigate with industry-ready templates. It matches perfectly and fulfills my business need.”

- B Neeraja

See all Focus 9 reviewsimg

Real Estate CRM Software Price List In India

Real Estate CRM Software Cost
Top Real Estate CRM Software Starting Price Rating
Leadrat CRM₹400.00 /User/Month4.5
Buildesk₹12000.00 4.9₹1799.00 /User/Month4.1
Teknovate CRM₹500.00 /User/Month4.8
ezeeCRM₹900.00 /User/Month4.1
OrgGen CRM₹350.00 User/Month4.6
StrategicERP₹400000.00 4.8

Buyer's Guide for Top Real Estate CRM Software

Found our list of Real Estate CRM Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is CRM for Real Estate?
  • What Does a Real Estate CRM Do?
  • Why Do You Need a Real Estate CRM Software?
  • Most Common Features of Real Estate CRM Software for Lead Generation and Tracking
  • Benefits of Using Real Estate CRM Software
  • Samples of Real Estate CRM Software for Agents
  • Real Estate CRM Pricing
  • Who Can Use Real Estate CRM Software?
  • Real Estate CRM Software Integrations With Other Modules
  • How Real Estate CRM Affects Lead Conversions?
  • How to Use CRM for Real Estate Sales?
  • Relevant Real Estate CRM Software Trends

What is CRM for Real Estate?

Real estate CRM software is a great tool for property agents, realtors, and real estate agencies to manage property leads, bookings, loans and registrations, and customer relationship management activities.

Real estate brokers and developers rely on real estate lead management software for attracting new clients, closing deals, and automating routine tasks, such as tracking inquiries and creating to-do lists. CRM for real estate helps with deal management, document management, sales follow-ups, buyers and sellers management.

What Does a Real Estate CRM Do?

The real estate CRM software helps with lead generation through campaigns, document and contracts management, automated billing, and invoicing.

Why Do You Need a Real Estate CRM Software?

Property dealers and realtors use real estate CRM systems to manage their property-related leads & inquiries. Real estate agents can fully control their deals and ensure higher revenue and customer retention rate with CRM software.

The real estate CRM software makes it easier to manage all the stakeholders of your property business, be it your prospects, vendors, or buyers. You can communicate with different groups through multiple channels and ensure higher revenue.

Most Common Features of Real Estate CRM Software for Lead Generation and Tracking

Real estate CRM is a perfect tool for tracking marketing campaigns and collaborating with the team on real estate leads.

Contact & Lead Management: Categories contacts according to their real estate preferences. The software also ensures effective lead management by grouping them into cold/hot leads, high-satisfaction/low-satisfaction leads, and current/old leads.

SMS & Email Collaboration: Vendors and property buyers consider emails and SMS to be a more professional and preferred mode of communication. In real estate, CRM provides pre-set templates for designing newsletters, brochures, and marketing materials.

Sales Target Tracker: Use real estate CRM to track the sales, analyze sales performance and check for new and upcoming sales targets. The module is also effective in monitoring revenue growth.

Loan Management: Managing loan amounts, bank details, and agreement values for individual clients is easy with software. Information regarding loan valuation, loan disbursement, approval status, and client details can also be viewed with CRM for real estate.

Track Registration Status: CRM software for real estate categorizes registrations based on categories like overdue, pending, scheduled, and done to give you a clear view of registrations done. In this module, you also get access to payment receivables, additional charges incurred, loan amount and purchaser details for easy registration management.

Receipt Generation: Prepare receipts of payments received with the receipt generation module. The realtors CRM software also allows you to view receipts generated so far, specify payment mode and perform a quick search of receipts available.

Prepare Quotation: In a few simple steps, CRM real estate software lets you create quotations for multiple properties. It is also easy to add tax details, tags, terms, and conditions. Quotation reports let you check policy details, status, and expiry date of quotations sent.

Builder Details: Add builder details and categorize them using the builder management module. The feature comes in handy to check the details of other builders and view the tags associated with them.

Project Management: Add details of several projects, assign a project code to them, attach images and specify the area of a property using this module. Assigning the right sales agents is easy, too, with the project management system feature.

Interactions with Potential Buyers: You can track all your interactions with potential buyers in the past and share a personalized property pitch with them.

Real Estate Inventory Management: CRM for real estate helps with commercial and residential inventory mapping, completion status, maintenance needs, etc.

Report Management: Track inquiries, property status, invoices, your income, and expenses with residential and commercial real estate CRM.

Proposal Management: The software helps create customized proposals for property buyers based on their budget and preferences.

Benefits of Using Real Estate CRM Software

Faster response to customer inquiries: Real estate CRM software often comes with auto-responses to customer inquiries. This helps in responding to leads in just a few minutes and increasing the chance of a conversion.

Integration with multiple property listing channels: With the help of realtors CRM, property owners can list their inventory on multiple online marketplaces and derive more leads.

Generate more leads through targeted campaigns: Through social media, website, and online marketplace integration, residential and commercial real estate CRM ensures higher lead generation and tracking.

Better customer profiling: You can run targeted marketing campaigns based on customer profiling. CRM for real estate helps segregate customers based on demography, purchase history, and other parameters.

Faster approval workflows: The software helps real estate agents get quick approvals on contracts. You can set specific guidelines, such as the number and types of documents required to close a deal with a buyer.

Simplified document generation: Real estate agents can ensure faster documentation for contracts, registration papers, loan papers, and more to close a deal. All important customer-related data can be derived from the CRM software to ensure faster documentation.

Samples of Real Estate CRM Software for Agents

Here is the list of popular CRM for property and lead management that would help you get a complete overview of sales and inquiries.

Zoho CRM for Real Estate: Pre-built email templates for lead nurturing & project management.

Solid Performers: Shows all property-related inquiries at a single platform and ensures quick auto-replies.

EzeeCRM: Makes it quite easy to search for property-related details, track leads, and manage proposals.

Wise Agent CRM: for Realtors: Helps create a communication flow with prospects with email automation.

Pipedrive CRM: for Commercial & Residential Property: Helps manage the real estate pipeline like a boss.

Real Estate CRM Pricing

Real estate CRM pricing varies depending on the deployment type (on-premise or cloud-based), available modules, and customization.

In order to select the right CRM, a diligent assessment of your business requirements is necessary so that you can select the software with appropriate features within your budget.

There are many real estate CRM solutions available in the market designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses. These offer a good number of modules to kick-start your property business and reach the targeted goals even if you have a limited budget.

Who Can Use Real Estate CRM Software?

Real estate CRM can be used by individual realtors or big real estate firms.

Real estate CRM for agents: Agents use this platform for automating processes related to property sales, commission, contract approvals, documents management, etc.

Real estate CRM for teams at real estate firms: Real estate CRM offers a centralized repository for all deals and leads so that everyone in your team is in sync with the latest updates and developments.

Real estate CRM for brokers: Brokers depend on the real estate CRM platform for its intelligent reports and predictive sales features. It helps manage inquiries, bookings and assist in building a lasting relationship with customers.

Real Estate CRM Software Integrations With Other Modules

Real estate CRM IDX integration: Real estate CRM and IDX integration offers detailed client insights and helps create sales follow-up workflows for higher lead generation opportunities.

Real estate CRM with text messaging: Real estate CRM with text messaging integration makes it easy to handle marketing campaigns, contacts, clients inquiries & leads.

Real estate CRM with MLS integration: MLS database and CRM integration make it easy to track leads through online marketplaces and property listing sites.

Real estate CRM with drip campaign: Real estate CRM with drip campaign integration is useful in creating a communication workflow to engage with leads and convert them into deals.

How Real Estate CRM Affects Lead Conversions?

Real estate CRM is used by property dealers, individual real estate agents, and real estate firms to run marketing campaigns based on customer segmentation, track enquiries from multiple channels like social media, websites, and third-party listing platforms. With CRM for real estate, all contacts can be managed at a single platform to run targeted promotions and derive referral traffic.

Realtors CRM software also equips the sales teams to categorize the needs of every prospect. Accordingly, a personalized proposal can be shared to in case of the chance of a conversion. The documentation and registration process also gets easier, as the data of any customer can be extracted from the CRM’s database.

How to Use CRM for Real Estate Sales?

Real estate CRM software allows you to connect with your target audience through multiple channels. Once you know your prospects and understand the latest trends of the real estate market, you can sell smartly. CRM software provides advanced analytical reports that make it possible to act as per your leads’ expectations. Sales reports with CRM software will also allow you to understand what worked for you and what new strategies can be implemented to increase the conversion rate.

A large number of real estate businesses is derived through referral leads. CRM software helps you stay connected with your existing customers and provide incentives for referrals. By nurturing your existing client base, you can generate valuable referral leads that are easy to convert.

Relevant Real Estate CRM Software Trends

AI & Machine Learning to Forecast Real Estate Market Trends: Such forecasts will help real estate agencies in planning their marketing campaigns for maximum output.

Virtual Reality in Real Estate for a Virtual Walkthrough the Property: AR and VR technologies will help real estate agents quickly take their prospects virtually through a property or site and ensure faster deal closure.

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