10 Best Real Estate CRM Software for Real Estate Developers in India

Real Estate crm

As a real estate agent, it is crucial to manage the multiple tasks that are required to sell, buy and lease properties while also monitoring finances. Apart from these core tasks, it is also important to generate leads and take your clients’ individual requirements into consideration.

Real Estate crm

All these tasks require a lot of time, effort and rapport building. Fortunately, technologies like real estate CRM software helps manage all these tasks along with customer relationship management.

Must-Have Real Estate CRM Features

The best CRM for real estate agents needs to have some essential features to make the multi-faceted processes run smoothly. Given below are some of the core features of the best CRM for real estate:

  • Database Management System: Retail CRM software provides spreadsheet to keep a record of transactions and clients.
  • Automated Marketing Tools: Real Estate CRM helps in sending various marketing materials, such as brochures, offers and emailers to the potential client database. 
  • Document Management System: This feature in Real Estate Software ensures that you keep all the important legal documents and customer details organised and safe.
  • Website Monitoring Tool: It helps understand which properties are most in demand among your prospects and offer them customized options.
  • Nurturing Existing Relationships: This is important to create loyal clients who bring in more business through referrals.

List of Top 10 Best Real Estate CRM Software

For efficient management of all the different modules of real estate, you need a robust real estate management solution. Hence, we bring 10 best real estate CRM software which are especially equipped to cater the needs of real estate developers:

  • Zoho Real Estate CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho's real estate CRM software helps you complete your sales cycle by enabling your team to create and store quotes, invoices, price books, and bills in their account. Manage all your post-sales processes using powerful inventory management features and share your quotes and invoices to prospects through custom email and invoice templates.

Features of Zoho Real Estate CRM:

  • Capture Leads: With the help of this CRM for real estate agents, you can easily capture leads from social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook along with other websites.
  • Case Management: With Zoho real Estate CRM, you can segregate individual deals and keep all its details at one secure place.
  • Marketing Analytics: It provides you efficient tools for analysing the different marketing verticals so that you can understand, the potential client-base and which platform do they prefer most.

Pricing: Its Standard Plan costs ₹ 720/user per month, Professional Plan costs ₹ 1200/user per month while the Enterprise Plan costs ₹ 2100/user per month.

  • Propertybase

Property Base

Propertybase is an efficient real estate CRM software especially designed for the management of contracts and marketing. It is ideal for both residential as well as commercial real estate agents and realtors.

Features of Propertybase:

  • Document Management: It provides all the necessary tools for the management of legal and property related documents of individual clients.
  • Email and SMS Marketing: Propertybase provides some of the most well organised SMS and email marketing tools to make property listings more visible to the potential clients.
  • Lease and Maintenance Management: The CRM software for real estate provides a robust lease and maintenance management mechanism for seamless transaction between sellers and buyers.
  • Mobile App: This real estate CRM software has a responsive mobile app for efficient management of processes on the go.
  • Property Alerts: It provides useful property related alerts such as any new interest shown in buying or selling residential or commercial spaces.

Pricing: Its Company Plan costs ₹ 5214/user per month while the Enterprise Plan comes for ₹ 6534/user per month

  • Bitrix24

Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 is one of the most popular CRM software for real estate developers and agents available in the market. It offers a platform for seamless management of clients and data. In addition, it also provides a collaboration space so that all the involved members are on the same page.

It provides more than 30 dynamic and practical tools to ensure that business processes to be completed effectively and on time.

Features of Bitrix24:

  • Lead Management: Helps in tracking, capturing and assigning leads to dedicated agents
  • Call Tracking: Provides call tracking tools for increasing efficiency in sales.
  • Email Marketing: Provides dedicated tools for email marketing such as sending brochures and emailers.
  • Supports iOS and Android apps: It is mobile responsive, which helps real estate professionals to stay connected anywhere and at any time.

Pricing: Bitrix24 provides free CRM for real estate developers, and limits to 12 agents. It also provides unlimited contacts for free.

Bitrix24’s Plus Plan costs ₹ 2574 for unlimited users per month and Standard Plan ₹ 6534 for unlimited user per month. It also provides a free real estate CRM demo.

  • FreshSales


FreshSales is a resourceful CRM software for real estate developers from Freshworks. It provides an intuitive UI with an array of practical features to help realtors and real estate developers execute projects with minimal efforts.

Features of FreshSales:

  • AI-based Lead Scoring: The Real Estate CRM Software provides an intuitive real estate lead scoring which automatically catches, complies and sends leads to the sales.
  • Intelligent Workflow Automation: It provides all the necessary tools to help in automating workflows of the team at various stages of a project.
  • Visual Deal Pipeline: FreshSales provides a graphical user interface with visual deal pipeline to seamlessly monitor the progress of individual projects.

Pricing: Its 21-day Sprout Plan is for free. While its Blossom Plan costs ₹1299/user per month and Garden Plan costs ₹2299/user per month.

  • RealOffice360

RealOffice360 is a useful real estate CRM designed for comprehensive management of different processes in a real estate project. It provides tools for tracking and monitoring of different stages so that the time taken for completion of projects can be minimised.

Features of RealOffice360:

  • Client Management: RealOffice360 provides systematic tools for client management to organize clients and keep their details systematically.
  • Deal Tracking: It lets realtors track the progress of the procedures in deals for each customer and seller.
  • Time Organisation: It helps in efficient time management by project members to help expedite the project in the pipeline.
  • Lead Generation: It provides miscellaneous tools for generating leads which includes marketing modules and social media and website monitoring.

Pricing: While it offers a lifetime free version, it also comes with a premium version for ₹1364.

  • B2B Bricks

Real Estate Software is an ideal real estate CRM software for both individual real estate agents as well as organisations. It offers assistance in providing customisable tools to help realtors in managing their real estate projects.

Features of B2B Bricks:

  • Lead Capturing: B2B brinks helps capture relevant leads from different online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, intuitively. It then forwards all the leads to relevant sales members for conversion.
  • Geo Tracking: It comes with advanced geo tracking capabilities to monitor activities of all the field agents for review to increase productivity.
  • Task Automation: It enables automation of various tasks such as lead generation and sending of mailers to move processes smoothly, down the sales funnel.
  • Unlimited Property Listing: It provides the option of unlimited project and property listing and response capturing for seamless leads-to-sales transition.

Pricing: Its Web Plan comes for ₹10,000/ user per annum, while Business and Corporate Plans come for ₹18,000 and ₹30,000/ user per annum, respectively.

  • PlanPlus


PlanPlus is one-stop solution for all real estate CRM software needs and includes a plethora of tools for real estate agents and realtors. This cloud-based software enables all the field agents and other team members to stay connected on the go.

Features of PlanPlus:

  • Client Management: It helps in categorising different clients based on the stage of the deal and date of completion. It also helps in keeping the client records, schedule reminders and helps in invoicing.
  • Lead Management: With the help of its intuitive algorithm, it can efficiently capture leads off various platforms including Website, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Email Marketing: It comes with efficient tools for email marketing such as sending brochures and mailers to potential leads in a single click.
  • Document Management: It provides a systematic document management module which helps keep all the critical and confidential documents of clients secure and at one place.

Pricing: PlanPlus provides free demo. Its Single Agent Plan comes for ₹ 1977/user per month while the Team Edition costs ₹ 2636.7/user per month

  • DaeBuild CRM

DaeBuild CRM is a systematic real estate CRM software which automates various processes in a real estate project. Simplifying the different tasks of real estate professionals, it also provides tools for following up with clients for impeccable client service.

Features of DaeBuild CRM:

  • Lead Management: It offers tools for automatic lead capturing and assigning leads to sale professionals.
  • Cloud Telephony: It helps connect with buyers, sellers, and potential clients and provides tools for telephonic sales and call recording.
  • Document Management: It comes equipped with critical tools for efficient document management so that all documents are stored securely and systematically.
  • Client Management: It helps real estate enterprises to efficiently manage processes related to clients such as invoicing, payment processing, and information management.

Pricing: Daebuild provides Real Estate CRM demo. However, pricing plans are available on request.

  • Cratio

Cratio CRM provides an all-encompassing real estate CRM software which helps in personalising the whole transaction process for clients, such as providing support and efficient documentation.

Specifically curated for real estate professionals such as property developers and real estate agents, Cratio’s tools help in execution of different stages of projects.

Features of Cratio:

  • Lead Automation: It helps in automating the process of lead capturing from various platforms such as Facebook and property portals to maximise the lead database
  • Leads: Once the leads have been captures, it curates a list of all potential clients and assigns it to the sales personnel.
  • Bookings to Sales Closure: It provides tools to manage bookings by clients and provided constant assistant from the booking to the closing of sales.
  • Telephonic Monitoring: It provides targeted tools for managers to monitor calls of agents to provides insights and suggestions.

Pricing: Cratio comes at ₹ 360/ month, per user. It doesn’t provide a free plan however it does provide free trial for limited days.

  • HubSpot CRM

Although HubSpot CRM, is a not specific to real estate, however it provides all the tools necessary for an efficient real estate CRM management. It provides all the tools including lead generation, document and client management and much more and minimises the procedural delays with the help of its state-of-the-art modules.

Features of HubSpot CRM:

  • Lead Management: It provides efficient lead management tools for capturing, managing and assigning leads to the agents.
  • Project Management: HubSpot CRM helps in building an effective project ecosystem under a single platform so that all the dedicated members of the project can track the progress through project management tools.
  • Email/SMS Marketing: The CRM Software helps in employing efficient marketing strategies through email and SMS.
  • Document Management: It helps in keeping all the critical legal property related client documents secure and confidential.

Hubspot provides free real estate CRM demo and signup. It has three plans, Free, starter for ₹ 3300 per month and Basic for ₹ 13200 per month


While different solutions on our list come with unique features and functionalities, it depends on the users; both individuals and enterprises to choose the best real estate CRM software which suits their requirements. As most of these solutions provide free demo, we suggest to first try it, before buying the one that fits your business requirements.


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10 Best Real Estate CRM Software for Real Estate Developers in India

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