Tech Bandhu App: How to Earn Money Quickly with Zero Investment

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Having just one source of income these days is a thing of the past. People believe in having multiple sources to earn money. Afterall, you can’t really rely on one fixed income to make money, that too in this time of downturn.

Fortunately, there is an emerging stream of mobile applications for earning money online through referral, online selling, reviews, etc. The opportunity to earn money online any time and from anywhere is equally utilised by the ones already working 9 to 5, studying or taking care of the household. After all, who doesn’t want some extra income, without having to make any investment!

One such application to earn money online is the Tech Bandhu app. Tech Bandhu is a mobile application which works on all android devices and is one of the best ways to earn money online. This app lets you earn bonus and commissions by selling products online, at your own convenience.

About Tech Bandhu App – Make Money Online

Tech Bandhu is an earn money app from where people can share the product links with potential customers and earn commission accordingly. All you need to do is download the Tech Bandhu mobile app from play store. Next, share product links given on the Tech Bandhu app with your customers through WhatsApp or social media.

If they show interest in buying any software, pitch them the product and make a sale! If that’s too much for you, just share their details on the money earning app – Tech Bandhu. Techjockey will take care of the rest. As soon as we close the deal, you will earn your commission!

How to Earn Money Online with Tech Bandhu App

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There are several ways in which you can earn through the Tech Bandhu mobile app. Let’s elaborate on every possible opportunity to earn money online.

  • Commission on Sale

You will earn great on every deal you close. Simply pitch software to small businesses and professionals in your acquaintance as per their need.

  • Bonus on Qualified Leads

You can get a bonus if you share leads on the app, provided the leads are qualified. By qualified, we mean that the lead should be a potential customer and he/she is looking for a software available in the Tech Bandhu app.  If you share 10 qualified leads on the app in a week, get ready for a huge bonus.

  • Referral Bonus

You can even earn by referring Tech Bandhu app to your contacts. You can share the app link to your friends and family members who are interested to become a Tech Bandhu.

Once they become a Tech Bandhu by enrolling themselves after paying a registration fee of ₹ 149, you will get ₹ 50. Well bingo!

You can even recommend people to join as a Tech Bandhu gold member as they would get higher commission. Once they join as a gold member by registering with Rs. 3000, you will earn an amount of Rs. 1000 right away.

Example on How to Earn Online Quickly with Tech Bandhu App

Meet one of our star Tech Bandhus, Taran. He is a software professional and has joined Tech Bandhu a month ago. As he is already employed with a company, he needed an additional source of income that doesn’t involve much time. Hence, joining Tech Bandhu was the optimal decision.

He closed his first deal within a few days of enrolling as a Tech Bandhu, with the help of his network. But the most important trick that he applies while selling is to understand the business requirement of his potential customers. Every software solution solves a problem, and that is all you need to figure out. You can talk to your potential clients about the problems they are facing and provide them with the right software.

Tech Bandhu App

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Taran got his commission within two days of his first sale and so will you. We want to build a transparent relationship where we can trust each other in building a better community that is software driven.

How to Get Started with Tech Bandhu App

As a Tech Bandhu, you need to sell as many software as possible from the Tech Bandhu app. There are over 15,000 software applications to choose from along with hot deals and product discounts to help with easy selling. Here’s the ways to earn money with Tech Bandhu app:

Step 1: Download the Tech Bandhu app.

Step 2: Share software links with customers via Whatsapp, Facebook or any other platform.

Step 3: Check for product deals & discounts on different software, which you can pitch to your customers.

Step 4: Update qualified leads on Tech Bandhu app on a daily basis and TechJockey team will take it further.

Step 5: Earn huge commission on every qualified leads and successful sale.

Those who register as Tech Bandhu get specialised training and workshops. You will also get access to a knowledge base containing various videos on how one can sell a software easily without any prior software knowledge.

What’s Unique About Tech Bandhu App

Becoming a Tech Bandhu implies that you are starting your own part-time business with zero investment. The more software you sell, the more commission you will get. Working as well as retired professionals, housewives and in fact students can become Tech Bandhu. For students, the experience as Tech Bandhu will be considered as professional work experience as all the participants will be provided with performance certificates. What else are you looking for? Download Tech Bandhu app today. It’s time to refer, sell and earn!

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