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Identity Access Management Software

What are Identity and Access Management Tools?

identity and access management tools ensure the security of enterprises by restricting that only authorized users have access to sensitive information and applications. IAM tools assure that the appropriate people and positions within your company (identities) are able to access the tools needed. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Identity Access Management Software

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Cisco DUO

Cisco DUO

Brand: Cisco Systems

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Cisco Duo is a cloud-based multifactor authentication (MFA) and cloud-based secure access solution designed to enhance the security of various types of sys... Read More About Cisco DUO read review arrow

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Brand: GoTo


4.4 out of 5

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LastPass is a password management software that helps store all your passwords and your family member’s password at a single place, secured with a mast... Read More About LastPass img

$36 /Year

VMware WorkStation Pro

VMware WorkStation Pro

Brand: VMware


4.6 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

VMware WorkStation Pro is a virtual machine software used as a building and testing solution for operating numerous operating systems as virtual machines... Read More About VMware WorkStation Pro img

₹18,819 /quantity

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VMware WorkStation Player

VMware WorkStation Player

Brand: VMware

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VMware Workstation Player is a desktop visualization software that allows students, faculties, and businesses to run multiple operating systems from a sin... Read More About VMware WorkStation Player img


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VMware Fusion 12 Pro

VMware Fusion 12 Pro

Brand: VMware

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VMware Fusion 11 Pro is a virtual machine monitoring solution for mac users. It enables intel-based Mac systems to run on different types of operating sy... Read More About VMware Fusion 12 Pro img


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Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery

Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery

Brand: Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd.

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Quick password recovery from protected PST files and then accessing the PST mailboxes within Microsoft Outlook email client become easy when you use our PS... Read More About Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery img


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Microsoft Azure Active Directory MOLP

Microsoft Azure Active Directory MOLP

Brand: Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Azure Active Directory MOLP works on proving safety to the core to its users. It helps form a seamless connection between customers and service p... Read More About Microsoft Azure Active Directory MOLP img

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OpenIAM Access Manager

OpenIAM Access Manager

Brand: OpenIAM

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OpenIAM Access Manager is a robustly designed, scalable solution built with service-oriented architecture identity access management software. OpenIAM Ac... Read More About OpenIAM Access Manager img

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Saaspass Identity & Access Solution

Saaspass Identity & Access Solution



4.5 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

SAASPASS manages user identities and allows them to navigate those identities access applications, sites and services. Users may organize and implement ide... Read More About Saaspass Identity & Access Solution img

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Instasafe Secure Access

Instasafe Secure Access

Brand: Instasafe


4.7 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

InstaSafe Secure Access(ISA) gives identity based and restricted access to the data. A particular person can access a device to a certain extent only. All... Read More About Instasafe Secure Access img


Last Updated on : 06 Jun, 2024

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Software listed

Best Identity Access Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

IAM software helps in managing an identity lifecycle, creating role-based permissions, providing access to the company’s resources through authentication, etc.

IAM stands for Identity and Access Management. There are various IAM solutions such as OpenUnison and Passly that help enterprises manage user identities and security passwords.

The key characteristics of the IAM system include identity lifecycle and authorization management, user's directory, data analysis, report generation, etc.

There are different types of IAM solutions such as Customer Identity and Access Management Software, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) Software, Password Manager Software, Customer Identity and Access Management Software, and more.

IAM solution can help you with forming and implementing security policies for all the devices, setting role-based permissions, revoking application access, identifying security breaches, etc.

Identity Access Management Software Reviews


VMware WorkStation Pro


“As an entrepreneur I just love VMware WorkStation Pro’s flexibility to virtualize various operating systems. It seamlessly integrates with my network setup.”

- Harsh Pahwa

See all VMware WorkStation Pro reviewsimg

Saaspass Identity & Access Solution


“The capacity to run the 2FA application on 2 gadgets so in the event that I reset a gadget I don't lose all passages ”

- Abdullah Communication

See all Saaspass Identity & Access Solution reviewsimg

Instasafe Secure Access


“It's an entirely standard VPN apparatus utilized when I telecommute, I like that it for the most part is quite predictable and has a decent association ”

- Pradeep kamal Mandal

See all Instasafe Secure Access reviewsimg

Identity Access Management Software Price List In India

Identity Access Management Software Cost
Top Identity Access Management Software Starting Price Rating
LastPass$36.00 /Year4.4
VMware WorkStation Pro₹18819.00 /quantity4.6
Instasafe Secure Access$8.00 4.7

Buyer's Guide for Top Identity Access Management Software

Found our list of Identity Access Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?
  • What are the Key Features of Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?
  • What are the Benefits of Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?
  • Who Uses Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?
  • Challenges with Identity and Access Management Solutions
  • How to Choose Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?

What is Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?

Identity and access management software enables organizations to create user identities and manage role-based permissions to access organizational assets, applications, and data. This helps in saving your business assets and data from unauthorized access.

IAM tools are used to provision and deprovision user identities and restrict access to the company’s assets. Through this software, user identity is created on a job role basis and access is provided via multiple authentication methods.

IAM software ensures that only authorized users have access to the company’s resources including sensitive data and applications. Additionally, this software helps organizations protect their assets from unauthorized users, prevent data leaks, tampering, and loss, and ensure data integrity.

What are the Key Features of Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?

Here are some key features that you will find in every identity and access management system.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Organizations can use MFA methods to get access to any organization’s assets. Employees or customers can authenticate via password, one-time passcodes (OTPs), fingerprint sensors, hardware token, biometrics, iris scanning, etc.
  • Identity Lifecycle Management: Easily manage the entire identity lifecycle including provisioning, de-provisioning, access permissions, and more.
  • Control Permissions: Ensures permission-based access to different systems, data, assets, etc., based upon the roles and designation.
  • Directory: Maintain all the details of employees, clients, and customers on a single platform. Also, record the details about identities and passwords used by your employees to access the company’s assets.
  • User Activity Monitoring: IAM software enables senior authorities to monitor employees' activities to identify any anomalies in users’ behavior. It will help administrators to alter permissions for a specific user or identity if any unusual behavior is detected.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): This enables users to sign into different applications and access the company data through a single, unique login credential.
  • Automated Access Control Recommendations: Get automated access control recommendations through AI-based users identities filtering and security credentials verifications.

What are the Benefits of Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?

  • Improved Security: The IAM Solution enables organizations to manage access permissions, permitting only authorized and valid users to access the organization’s assets. This prevents any unauthorized use of the company’s data and assets, thereby improving its overall security.
  • Better Work Productivity: Employees of an organization need not log into multiple applications through different credentials. Instead, they can access data and different company assets through a single sign-on (SSO) password that saves their valuable time and improves their work productivity.
  • Advanced Tracking of Anomalies: IAM software comes with various advanced technologies such as machine learning, AI, and risk-based authentication to easily recognize and block any kind of anomalous activity like sharing the confidential data without permission, accessing restricted applications, etc.
  • Helps in Eliminating Weak Passwords: Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions use the best practices such as MFA methods and public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption for users' credential management. It eliminates the risk related to employees using weak and default passwords.
  • Manage Access Requests: The IAM solution manages bulk access requests in real time. It automatically approves access requests through multiple MFA (Multiple Factors Authentication) methods.

Who Uses Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?

IAM software is very beneficial for the following group of people such as:

  • IT Professionals: They use this software to provision and deprovision users' identities. It further helps them in analyzing all the stored identities and recognizing any unusual activity of a specific user.
  • Information Security (infosec) Professionals: These professionals use IAM tools to ensure that only authorized users have access to the company’s sensitive information and assets. It also helps them in identifying and eliminating any threat to company 'security through various security protocols.
  • Employees: Employees use this software to get access to all the companies' assets to perform their job.

Challenges with Identity and Access Management Solutions

Here are some challenges organizations can face with identity and access management solutions:

  • Vulnerable MFA Methods: Currently, IAM solutions do not have effective multi-factor authentication methods and generally use OTP, email, or risk-based authentication that are not free from vulnerabilities.
  • Identity for Both Cloud and On-Premises: Depending upon the type of organization and resources, an organization might require a cloud-based or on-premises IAM system. However, not all the IAM solution providers sell solutions for both types of deployment. This does not prove beneficial for end-to-end security management organizations with hybrid deployment of its infrastructure.

How to Choose Identity and Access Management (IAM) Software?

Consider the following factors to buy the right identity and access management (IAM) software:

  • Ease of Use: The solution you want to purchase should be easy to use and navigate through multiple modules.
  • Authentication Methods: Choose software that offers multiple MFA methods such as OTP, email, mobile sign-in, biometrics, etc., to access company assets.
  • Integration: The integration with existing software such as HR solutions can help in maintaining all the user identity data in a digital repository.
  • Deployment: The identity and access management (IAM) software should offer both on-premises and cloud-based deployment to compliment your organization’s requirements.
  • Pricing: Select an IAM solution that best fits in your budget and has all the features to improve the organization’s management of all identities and access permissions.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Accessing identity and access management software through your smartphone will help you to manage data and tasks even from remote locations.
  • Scalability: A scalable IAM system can manage many identities and access control for a growing organization.


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